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It's safe to conclude that everyone needs money to survive and by that looking for ways to make money are considered as our action plan. Indeed, it would be better to make that additional money from the relief of your home, and nowadays the internet makes it possible.

Timebucks Review Summary

Name:  Timebucks


Founders:  Australian Clearing Pty Ltd

Product Type:   Get-Paid-To (GPT) Site

Price:  Free To Join

Quick Summary:  Timebucks is an online reward portal that could earn you money from doing various tasks like taking surveys, browsing social medias, clicking ads, inviting friends, watching videos, viewing contents, playing games, downloading apps, solving captchas and participating to daily bonus and weekly give aways.

But, the question is, does it really pay you? If yes, would it be good enough for your expenses?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

By sharing your point of views and having the initiative and patience to complete different tasks you'll eventually earn money in return.

One of these services that allows you to use their platform to continually earn money by doing work at home is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website namely Timebucks.

However, before you make a decision for yourself, you need to consider the ins and outs of this website in order to grasp its workings to attain full awareness.

That being said, I am going to review Timebucks just to walk you through the detailed information to help you decide whether it's the one you're looking for or not.

What Is Timebucks About?

An online reward portal, namely Timebucks offers you several ways where you can earn money from. This is likewise known as a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site. It is available across the world which is owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd that was established way back in 2014.

Cost per acquisition, Timebucks uses an affiliate marketing technique.

It only implies that the company gains revenues prior to your actions when you complete tasks. 

These companies enable the payment for Timebucks users in the attainment of valuable datas. Such information plays a significant role in shaping marketing strategies and for the development of products and services.

TimeBucks doesn't use a points system. Every successfully completed tasks does pay in dollar amount which is way convenient in terms of tracking down your earnings and up

All surveys and tasks display a dollar amount, making it easier to track your earnings and the moment you reach the minimum threshold, you can request for a payout.

How Timebucks Works?

Timebucks offers different earning opportunities, such as the following:


You'll be matched to an appropriate survey based on the demographic details that you've provided in your profile. You’ll see the approximate time it should take and what reward is offered before you'll start taking a survey.

There are instances that surveys take 20 minutes to be completed and the expected earning ranges from $0.30 to $1.


Using your Instagram account, you can be able to earn additional money on Timebucks. 

Usually, the involved tasks here are to follow certain people that will accumulate you a few cents each. Hence, it's still a nice way to boost your earnings if you're into browsing Instagram in your free time.

Clicking Ads

With simply clicking on ads you'll eventually get paid on Timebucks. It also indicates the specified period that is usually 1 minute. In every click you'll get to earn $0.006, yet, it's a simple activity.

Invite Friends

For every person that you refer to, you can earn 15% of their earnings. The number of referrals you can make on this platform is limitless and for every successful referrals you've made you'll receive $1.

Watch Videos

It's the most passive task on Timebucks. You'll only receive between $0.001 and $0.005 per video. It is an easy way to earn extra cash, if you enjoy watching videos.

Viewing Content

It includes a simple task of clicking on links from advertisers. You'll get paid after viewing the website for a specific time.

Playing games

You’ll absolutely love this earning opportunity, if you're a gamer. Within a certain time frame you'll get to choose the game you opted to play and complete the offer then you'll obtain your rewards if you win afterwards.

Download Apps

In downloading, playing, and interacting with apps, you'll obtain earnings. It may not be a typical high paying activity, yet it can be a fun way to explore new apps.

Post on TikTok

There is a whole section in the earning area for TikTok tasks. Be reminded to follow the rules and to agree with the conditions before you start. There is a tutorial video for every option that you can qualify for. 

The quality of your calculated score when you connect your TikTok account will be the basis of how much you can earn.

Solve Captchas

Even if it is a small task, Timebucks tends to review comments highlights that could be a little tricky in the beginning. The number of times that you can participate is limitless. In solving 20 captchas, you can earn $0.003.

Daily Bonuses

Each day, the top five earners on TimeBucks will receive a bonus. First place receives $20, while fifth place gets an extra $1. This is a good bonus for completing various tasks that you can add up to your earnings.

Weekly Sweepstake Prize Give Away

You'll likewise receive free entries into the Weekly Sweepstakes on top of the daily FREE Money that offers you an opportunity to win up to $250 as cash prize.

There's a total prizes allocation of $500 here on Timebucks per week which will be awarded to 30 lucky winners.

Is Timebucks A Scam?

No. Timebucks is a legitimate website. It is even a part of the LK International group which has been around way back 2014 and through the years it has garnered an excellent reputation within the online community. 

There might be complaints regarding account closures and low earning potentials. But there are also reviews that commends and supports this platform.

In addition, it attained excellent ratings on Trustpilot and acquired more than 980 reviews. There are also a bunch of payment proofs online that indicate its legitimacy of paying you real money. So, there is no solid evidence to point it as a scam and it seems that it showcases a genuine register towards its users.

Timebucks Compensation Plan

TimeBucks offered different ways of earning money in which every time you successfully do it, you will get paid in dollars and they also provide you options as to how you can avail the payout procedure including as follows:


Upon reaching the minimum payout of $10, you can opt Bitcoin as your payment processor. Yet, take note that there is a cut off pay period of 23.59 New York Time on Tuesday. Your earnings will roll over to next week’s pay run, if ever you miss this pay period.

There's a need for verification of your identity to receive your earnings, before you can claim your first $10. Uploading ID documents is necessary, which are instantly and permanently deleted from the TimeBucks servers. You can then expect to obtain your earnings by Thursday.

AirTM/ Skrill/ Neteller

The minimum payout and pay period for these methods is the same as BitCoin. But, AirTM gives you the chance to receive funds into your PayPal account so you can use PayPal on the AirTM platform in order to quickly redeem your cash within 48 hours.

Bank Transfer

The minimum balance is likewise $10 and the same  Tuesday 11.59PM cut off period applies

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How Much To Join Timebucks?

You can join Timebucks for free without the need to spend a dime. You only have to take surveys and complete small tasks, then you'll begin earning money.




Timebucks give off a mobile-friendly approach since it is optimized for mobile use, which makes it as a promising website. 

Available Worldwide

Being an Australian-based company didn't hinder worldwide members to avail and join on this platform. Many websites tend to have target countries that limits other people from not included countries to access and acquire an additional earnings from this sites, but its clearly not the case here on Timebucks.

No Approval Process

TimeBucks won't require you to undergo an approval process. Unlike some survey websites that ask you to comply in answering multiple questionnaires as a form of pre-screening.

It only signifies that anyone can join the panel without much hassle.

Low Cashout Threshold

TimeBucks is one of those websites that requires the lowest cashout threshold. With only $10, you can be able to cash out your money. 

Excellent Referral Program

Partaking in surveys isn’t the only way to earn money through this website. 

By referring others to the website, you can earn additional money on the side. 

A 15% commission of your referrals earnings will be given to you as well as 5% on all kinds of advertising deposits they make.


Instagram's Gray Hat Marketing

Many people think that Instagram activities like mass following and unfollowing is unethical. There is a risk Instagram will ban your account if your activity logs are terribly inappropriate. 

Limited Tasks

Your location will be the basis of the tasks availability so you might encounter unavailable tasks due to that factor. Sometimes, emptiness of certain categories remain in a week based on some users experiences. Therefore, you can't expect to earn anything.

Risk Of Being Disqualified

There's a pre-qualification for a survey in order to be able to take it and earn money afterwards. There’s a chance that you'll end up spending much of your time but end up unqualified. 

Your time is precious enough just to be wasted on things like this, you can allocate your time on better alternatives that will gain you productive outcomes at the end of the day. 

The supplies and demands and issues across the survey industry are the factor of often survey disqualifications.

Low Earning Potential

Making large amounts of cash isn't applicable here. It only compensates you pennies for most of the tasks. 

It could potentially take you a long time to even earn anything just to cash out. There's even a user's statement that it took him 2-3 months just to cash out $20. 

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Who Is It For?

Timebucks is  good for those who want to make additional money using their spare time, especially stay at home parents, students, or even retirees.

Training Tools/Support

You can reach the customer support team through their provided contact form available on their website if ever you need further assistance.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Timebucks is a legitimate site that is simple to use, and offers people various ways to esrn extra money.

This includes taking surveys, browsing Instagram, clicking ads, inviting people, watching videos, viewing contents, playing games, downloading apps, posting on TikTok, solving captchas, and joining daily bonuses and weekly sweepstake prize give away.

It has been around for quite a while, so it garnered a decent reputation within the online community.

It does offer multiple ways to access withdrawal of your earnings either via

Bitcoin, AirTM,  Skrill, Neteller or Bank Transfer as long as you comply with the minimum threshold. 

It is a trustworthy website that welcomes anyone as long as they adhere to the registration process without spending a single cent. 

It contains a user-friendly vibe that encourages users to be comfortable in using this platform.

But, be reminded that there are unpleasant factors that you must consider

It's not a surprise that GPT sites won't earn you that much even though there were several earning opportunities being offered to you.

Given that various offers are unavailable at times and there might be pre-qualifying questions so you might end up spending a lot of time before you'll match prior to the target demographics.

Another thing is the unethical activities on social media platforms that earn you money on Timebucks might as well led to banning of your account.

In summary, Timebucks indeed has several benefits to extend. However, there are also disadvantages that you needs to weigh carefully before making decisions.

If you wish to earn substantial income, clearly it's not what you're looking for.

Instead, you can try better alternatives that could give off better compensation plan.

So, I don't recommend you joining Timebucks. Stay hopeful yet be mindful in your decision makings.

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Thank you for reading my Timebucks review. If you have questions or opinions, it would be appreciated if you share them below.

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