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Is Reward XP A Scam? Is It A Legitimate Website That You Can Join Or A Plain Scam That Will Disappoint You By Wasting Your Time?

Welcome To My Reward XP Review!

Given that we're in the era where technology and internet usage are rampant, these Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites became another source of income stream for people, especially during this pandemic

GPT websites, btw, are platforms that reward their members for completing various online tasks

Reward XP Review Summary

Name:  Reward XP

Website:   www.rewardxp.com

Founders:  Unknown

Product Type:   Get-Paid-To (GPT) site

Price:   Free

Quick Summary:  Reward XP is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site that provides you an opportunity to complete simple tasks so you can earn a digital currency called XP Points.

But the question is, can you turn these points into cash, or is it just another survey site that rewards gift cards.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

Due to its zero cost to join and no requirement for any working experience or certification, it became well known to everyone, particularly to those who were willing to work within their spare time.

One of these GPT Sites, which I'm going to review is Reward XP to let you grasp the facts about this website to help you make an informed decision whether to give it a shot or not. Let me help you gain a clear understanding regarding Reward XP as I'll begin my review right away!

What Is Reward XP About?

RewardXP is a relatively new GPT site that allows you to complete easy online tasks like watching videos, completing paid surveys, paid offers, engagement, playing games, and from their referral program.

In order, members earn their digital currency known as XP Points. 

A United States-based company, XP Interactive LLC operated it and has been active since 2019.

Their revenue generation for their business was based on the cost per acquisition business model. 

It serves as a business model for their clients and for every action that is completed to a satisfactory standard that will pay them. Reward XP users in return were likewise paid for their relevant contribution of completing tasks.

Reward XP uses a point system in which they give rewards to participants with points called XP Points. With a certain amount of points depending on your preferred reward, you can then successfully request a reward redemption.

How Reward XP Works?

RewardXP offers various ways to earn additional money or to successfully purchase gift cards including the following:

Play Games

If you're into playing games, this site could be ideal for you to join. There is a separate section where you can play games and earn XP points. It has a point system so these XP points are the currency on the Reward XP platform.

Two different options for games are present here according to the devices: 

  • Mobile

You can further search for games by choosing Android, iPhone, or iPod In this section.

  • PC

You will see all the available PC games you can play to earn rewards If you happen to click the PC section. 

Paid Offers

Another channel of accumulating money is through completing simple tasks such as signing up to a website, playing games, answering quizzes, downloading apps, and more. 

Paid Surveys

Be reminded that you won't qualify for every survey you attempt to take if you happen not to fit the target demographic of a certain survey like your current location. Your gender, age, hobbies, and other factors on which you get selected will likewise be taken into consideration.


By engaging with people on Reward XP's discord channel, you can earn prizes or rewards. Likewise, there are contests and giveaways that you can take part in. Either way, it will take you to the Reward XP Discord Channel. 

Watch Videos

It is one of the famous features on PTC & GPT sites. 

You wouldn't just earn quick cents but you'll also have fun along the process.  

Indeed, you won't make a substantial amount out of it but if you're into watching advertisements then it's a good choice.

In general, watching a minimum of 3 videos is a must and will eventually give you 85 points for every video. Therefore, watching 3 videos will earn you 255 points.

There are minimal ads per person which makes it a convenient and immediate paying alternative. You'll be opening another window when you click on an ad and will have to solve for a captcha just to confirm that the advertisement has been watched. Afterward, you'll be paid for it.

Refer A Friend

You'll get to share your referral link with others, and the moment someone joins through it, a 5% commission out of their XP Points is credited to your Reward XP account.

Is Reward XP A Scam?

No. Rest assured that Reward XP is a legitimate website. You can even see lots of positive reviews online and users seem to get paid without occurring issues. 

There are instances that you will not acquire points even after completing various offers, it is due to companies' failure to track them. So as a precautionary measure, take a screenshot of the page as proof that you completed all the tasks. 

It even garnered a score of 4.4/5 at TrustPilot. All in all, there are more satisfied users of this platform than those who are unhappy to use it.

Reward XP Compensation Plan

Since Reward XP uses a point system, in every completed task you'll be rewarded with points. For every 10,000 XP Points, it is equivalent to $1.

Fortunately, Reward XP offers a variety of payout options. 

It includes the following as follows:

● PayPal Cash – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

● Bitcoin – 220,000 XP ($20 USD)

● Amazon Gift Card – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

● VISA Pre-paid card – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

● Mastercard Pre-paid card – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

● Steam – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

● Riot Point (Riot Points are only valid on the North American server) – 100,000 XP ($10USD)

● Nitro Classic (1 month) – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

● Reward Link – 50,000 XP ($5 USD)

● Nintendo eShop – 100,000 XP ($10 USD)

Good thing, they offer PayPal as an option that doesn't charge you any fee. In just a few hours without taking a whole day, you'll be able to get your payment into your PayPal account.

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How Much To Join Reward XP?

Joining Reward XP is 100% free. Therefore, spending a single dime isn't a thing here.




Even though there's no mobile app for iOS or Android available for download at this moment, their website is programmed for an optimal experience across different devices and resolutions. 

Beginner Friendly

It’s free and it won't be a problem if you're not aware of the technical stuff because this platform is for anyone who wants to earn extra income from newbies to experts.

Low Payout Threshold

Upon attaining 50,000 points equivalent to $5, you can request a payout to your preferred payment processors including PayPal, Amazon gift card, VISA Prepaid Card, Mastercard Prepaid card, Steam, Reward Link, and Nitro classic.


Low Earning Potential

Even if it offers various ways to earn money, GPT Sites in nature won't earn you many earnings. So if you opt for a substantial income then it doesn't fit you.

Given the low earning potential of this website, then it only made sense that it will potentially take you quite a while before you can earn a certain amount of money and avail a payout.

Lack of Log In Options

It only has Google and Facebook, which some people are not comfortable linking towards paid surveys sites. So it must have been better if they provided more login options to choose from.

Limited Surveys

There is a limit of 10 surveys daily when you complete surveys from Dynata and YourSurveys.


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Who Is It For?

It’s for anyone looking for a way to make a small amount during their free time. It’s not for those who want a stable source of cash as Reward XP can’t provide that.

Training Tools/Support

The only way to reach them is by visiting the support page they have on their website.

H2 Headings

Reward XP is a genuine site that is very simple to use and provides opportunities for people to earn additional money just by doing various tasks out of their free time. 

Likewise, it is a legitimate and trustworthy website that persuades people as long as they are obliged to the signup procedure without the need to spend even a single cent. 

It offers multiple payment processors and has a low payment threshold of $5. You can also opt for gift cards in case you don’t want to exchange your rewards for cash.

However, just like similar websites, it’s barely enough to cover even minor expenses. 

If you sign up to Reward XP, you should only see it as a way to kill time. If you want to earn decent cash online, just continue reading.

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my Reward XP review. Please feel free to ask questions or share your opinions in the comment section below

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