Is Rewards1 A Scam? Can You Make Money In Your Free Time With This Program?

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Have you ever wondered if you can earn valuable money online? Did you know that there are many opportunities to choose from? The challenge, however, is finding the company that’s 1.) not a scam or 2.) won’t waste your time.

And if you’re looking for one, you’re in luck!

Rewards1 Review Summary

Name: Rewards1


Founders:  Unknown

Product Type:   Get Paid To (GPT) Site

Price:   Free

Quick Summary:  Rewards1 is a get-paid-to site that offers different opportunities to earn some extra income from paid offers, paid surveys, daily polls, playing games, inviting friends, and much more.

However, can you make substantial earnings or only gift cards?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

Today, we’re going to discuss a company called Rewards1 and it claims to turn your spare time into cash.

But what’s the truth about this program? Can it really help you make money or is it just a scam?

Let’s find out!

What Is Rewards1 About?

Rewards1 is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that has been around since 2002. It gains revenues from various companies that need reliable data from relevant consumers to further develop their offered products and services.

It’s almost the same as, GPTHub, and Xpango.

This platform has been paying people to take surveys, complete different tasks, persuade others to join this website, and more, making it an excellent reward site ever since it gives its users a chance to earn additional money. 

Rewards1 used a points system in which every point is equivalent to $0.01 or 1 cent. Once you have earned 100 points, you'll have $1. Upon reaching the minimum threshold of your opted reward, you can then request a payout.

How Rewards1 Works?

Here on Rewards1, you can be able to try different earning opportunities that could earn you points including the following:

Paid Surveys

You can access multiple survey routers that offer a decent amount of paid surveys on the platform.

The aforementioned survey routers are absolutely legitimate and likewise present on most GPT Sites. 

Paid Offer Walls

You can find multiple paid offer walls on Rewards1. It involves sections with offers from their partners such as signing up for free trials, downloading games, signing up for contests, and a whole lot more. There are also paid surveys included in these sections.

Watch Videos

Given the several topics, there are videos that you can watch to earn on Rewards1.

At first, you might encounter difficulties in finding it since there's no dedicated section for videos, yet you can check the "earn" tab present in the main menu and just click on offers.

Daily Polls

You can find a poll on Rewards1 daily, involving only a short question. Upon answering it, you'll acquire 1 point which is equivalent to $0.01. That is not that much of a reward but will only take a short period to take.

The Daily Quest

There is a daily quest to keep yourself motivated here on Rewards1. By achieving a certain amount of earnings in a single day you may acquire an extra reward. It includes several stages with higher bonuses. 

Play Games

Earn money by playing games. The amount you’ll get depends on the game itself; some have big rewards while others can only give you a few bucks.

Invite Friends To Join

Earn rewards by inviting people to join Rewards1 and another commission when your referral makes money on the program.

Free Contests

There is a free contest on Rewards1 every week. You will automatically participate as an active member. The highest earners on the platform in the USA and even internationally will be reflected on the leaderboard.

The top 20 people with the highest earnings at the end of every week will get a percentage of 2%-10% of their earnings as a bonus.

Promo Codes With Free Points

There is a way to find Rewards1 promo codes and eventually achieve some free points.

Their Facebook and Twitter page contains these promo codes. Then, after you logged in you should put this code into the field on the website.

Given that rewards are small, it won't accumulate you lots of money but rest assured that it is very convenient to do so gaining additional points is a plus.

Is Rewards1 A Scam?

No. Rewards1 is a legitimate website. In fact, plenty of positive feedback is found on the internet by satisfied users and also there are payment proofs that show that it is indeed a paying website. 

Likewise, the fact that it is free to join platform somehow points out that it's hard to scam people without the involvement of money. 

There are also claims of experiencing excellent support from their team which is contrary to what defrauding sites usually do which is to escape in a blink after betraying their members.

All in all, there's no suspicious stuff about Rewards1, however, one still needs to be cautious enough in handling websites like this. After all, it's a matter of smart decision-making.

Rewards1 Compensation Plan

For every completed task, you'll gain a point and each point is equivalent to $0.01 therefore it is very convenient to earn side money out of your spare time.

Rewards1 offers different rewards in different categories which you can choose from.

The options that you might prefer include purchasing gift cards and game codes or you can opt to get paid in cash through PayPal.

You’ll need 1000 points or $10 in your account to request a payout via PayPal.

The payment procedure usually takes between 1 to 5 days to complete until you receive your payment. But, if you are an Elite member or higher level of membership then you’ll receive your payment immediately as your perks.

Usually, upon earning $5, you can request a reward which should not take too long. However, for the game codes, you can request a reward already when you have earned 125 points which are equivalent to $1.25.

Likewise, it offered a custom reward that other platforms don't have, which is interesting. 

If you happen to want something unavailable to their offered rewards, then you can be able to request for them to get it specially just for you as long as it is accessible at an online vendor.

Take note that your points must cover the price of the item plus shipping costs. Custom orders take up to 5 days while standard requests are processed within 24 hours, 

It gives off an engaging idea that you may try if ever you encounter the same scenario. But if you just prefer cash payment then there's no need for availing yourself of a custom reward.

In summary, it's an advantage that they offer such options for their users that definitely makes them unique from other websites.

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How Much To Join Rewards1?

Joining Rewards1 is absolutely free. So you won't need to spend your money just to join. You can instantly signup and begin earning.



Free To Join

There's no need to spend even a single dime. All you need to do is to sign up free and you can start earning.

Several Earning Opportunities

There are several earning opportunities that Rewards1 provides to help you save up to reach the minimum threshold and avail the payout procedure like exploring and completing surveys, offers, micro-tasks, and doing referrals.

Mobile Friendly

Given that a survey and GPT site is so simple to use on mobile, therefore, it's possible to use this platform on the go. Since it is optimized for mobile use, you can expect a less hassle experience in using this website.

Live Chat Section

They provide you a section wherein you can reach their admin and fix any problems that you have with offers or payments.

PayPal As A Payment Processor

You can be able to request a withdrawal of your rewards via Paypal payment with a fast procedure in just within a day.

Affiliate Program

If you opt to build on this business, they offer you a generous referral program that could earn you a commission of 30% up to 40%.

Worldwide Opportunity

No matter where you live, you are eligible to join this platform. 


Low Earning Potential

Even though Rewards1 offers multiple earning opportunities, the fact remains that it won't earn you a decent income that is enough to replace a full-time job. Therefore, if you opt to take part in a well-paying site, you wouldn't be happy to join this one.

Time Consuming

Due to the low earning potential of this platform, it would require you ample time before you can reach the minimum threshold even if it's not that high. So having patience is a must.

Frequent Disqualification

Because of the inappropriate answers, mismatched demographics, lacking profile, and other conflicts, you might end up being disqualified even before finishing a certain task. 

It might take you quite a while until you qualify for something that could earn you.

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Who Is It For?

Rewards1 is ideal for those who opt to make an extra income out of their spare time, especially stay-at-home parents, students, or even retirees.

If you're likewise the type to share your opinions, watch videos, and just into browsing the web most of your time, then Rewards1 matched you and would be a help in earning you money while you're at it. You'll gain interesting experience at the same time you can boost your financial aspect on the side so you can make the best out of it.

Training Tools/Support

There are several ways to reach Rewards1 in case you need support or you have inquiries, such as by filling out the contact form on their website and through their social media accounts.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Rewards1 is a legitimate site that is easy to explore.

It gives people an opportunity to earn additional money only by doing various tasks even just in their free time. The fact that it is free to join the platform with promising features attracts people who opted to sign up on it. 

The signing up process is straightforward, which is convenient to complete then you can begin earning points that you can later on convert as cash, gift cards, or game codes.

It is a worldwide privilege to make money online and you can as well encourage people to join for them to gain the same benefits as you've gained, at the same time you're boosting up your earnings through your acquired affiliate program commissions.

It also gives off a comfortable learning experience for its users since it is optimized for mobile use so you can do it anytime and anywhere that fits your schedule.

Hence, if there are good things that it could proudly offer, there are likewise unpleasant things that interested users must be wary of. 

Not because it's a legitimate online earning opportunity doesn't mean it will be the right option for you. If you want to acquire a sustainable income, then joining GPT Sites like Rewards1 isn't for you. It is only as good as an additional income but is far from being able to replace a full-time job due to its low earning potential.

What's Next?

Here’s the thing, making money online is possible but just like regular jobs, you need time, effort, and patience if you want to earn more. While platforms with menial tasks may pay you, it’s usually not enough to cover expenses.s

So if you’re looking for a way to make decent money online, I suggest that you join my #1 recommended program.

It has everything you need, including the best tools and support, such as:

  • Training resources
  • Webinars to help you start your business online
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my Rewards1 review. I would appreciate it if you share your opinions or questions below.

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