Is Xpango A Scam? The TRUTH About This GPT Platform

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 Welcome to My Xpango Review!

Have you ever heard of Get-Paid-To (GPT) websites?

These are sites that come with an offer to reward you for accomplishing a task. It’s a legit business model and over the years, we’ve shared similar companies that are worth your time.

Similar programs include OfferNation, Send Earnings, and Keep Rewarding.

Now, here comes a similar opportunity that rewards you with game codes and other gaming stuff instead of the usual cash or gift cards. As I mentioned above, this could be a good catch if you are into gaming. Why? You’ll find out later.

Xpango Review Summary

Name: Xpango


Founders: Undisclosed

Product Type: GPT Platform

Price:  Free

Quick Summary:  Xpango is one of the GPT sites that pays you for every completed task or by inviting other people to join. Well, if you are into gaming, then this could be a good catch.

However, despite sounding like an interesting opportunity, there are drawbacks to watch out for before you sign up. What are these cons though? Is it purely a waste of time or is there a chance that it’s worthwhile?

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

However, some questions need to be answered to come up with a wise decision, such as:

Is Xpango a scam or a legit GPT program?

How does it work?

Where will it take you?

 Find out everything you need to know about this platform in this honest Xpango review.

What Is Xpango About?

Xpango is a “Get-Paid-To” (GPT) website where you can have an online opportunity to make some side income by accomplishing tasks, such as app installs, surveys, trials, games, videos, and more. Members can also get extra pay by referring people to also join Xpango. Yes, they have a referral program. 

Just like most GPT, you rack up points and redeem them for rewards. 

The only thing that makes it different, perhaps is that it rewards users with gamer essentials including game codes, gaming platform currency, gaming accessories, and even PC components. 

I believe it’s a great market strategy because people of today’s generation are pretty much into gaming. 

According to the WhoIs domain, Xpango was created way back in 2005. Yes, it’s been around for a couple of years and it boasts its millions of members. However, it's hard to figure out who is the definite owner or founder of Xpango since there are little to no details online. Xpango is a UK-based site but it is available globally.

How Xpango Works?

There are many ways to earn money in this GPT opportunity and like most GPT sites, you have to accomplish a task, some of which were already mentioned above. 

As you accomplish a task, you will gain what they called XP points, which will be accumulated in your account and can be swapped for rewards. 

Xpango Product Line

What they market here is the opportunity to earn rewards through their GPT platform, which can be done by accomplishing tasks.

This includes responding to surveys, watching videos, installing apps, games, and many more. You’ll see a lot on their offer wall. It also markets its affiliate membership as it has a referral program. 

Other than that, a GPT platform like Xpango is an avenue that brands utilize as a tool for them to gain insights from consumers or a way to market their product. 

So, other than its rewards program or earning opportunity, it also offers its services to these brands.

Is Xpango A Scam?

Xpango appears to be a legit GPT site. It does offer an opportunity that enables people to gain exciting rewards they can enjoy and benefit from. 

It’s also an established company that’s been running for years and boasts of its million users. But because it can only give some income, it’s best as a side income opportunity.

To learn more about Xpango, you can watch the video below:

Is Xpango A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Xpango is indeed a legit GPT. It is not a pyramid nor a Ponzi scheme. It’s one of those GPT platforms that offers its services to brands and others. 

Besides that, it also offers a way for users to earn some income and enjoy rewards. It does offer a referral program but it’s just one of the ways to earn rewards in the app. It’s just basically an online opportunity where you accomplish tasks and get rewarded by doing it. 

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Xpango Compensation Plan

You’ll earn in a couple of ways.

One is through their referral program and mainly by accomplishing tasks because it is indeed a GPT platform where you are rewarded by doing such tasks. 

Ways To Get Rewarded In Xpango:

Referral Program or what they call the “affiliate program”. Yes, you can invite other people to join the site and earn rewards. All you have to do is share your referral code/link with the person you want to invite. 

Once they sign up using your code or link, they will become your referral but before you can receive the credit for inviting them, your referral must earn at least 1000 XP points on the site. 

This is probably to ensure that you will not earn from fake referrals. So once your referral has earned this amount, you will receive your bonus points.

Offerwalls - You can earn rewards by completing offers. These offers will come from offerwalls. They are third-party advertising networks and the offers you will find on these offerwalls are geared towards promoting sites and mobile apps. 

In general, the offers you will see on the offerwalls of Xpango will range from App installs, surveys, trials, games, videos, and more. Each will show you what you need to do to complete it, as well as the number of points you will receive for completing it.  

When you complete an offer from any of the offerwalls, your account will automatically be credited points.

There is sometimes a delay in receiving your points. Normally, they are credited within a few minutes or even hours. In rare cases, it takes a few days or more and it’s because the advertiser or the provider has to check their system to make sure you have indeed completed the required action honestly. 

Daily Points - You can also earn additional points by claiming your daily login bonus by simply clicking the “Collect Free Points” button on the member dashboard. 

After you’ve collected your points, the button will show a timer of when you will be able to claim your next free points which can be collected once every 2-12 hours. 

Random Giveaways - From time to time, Xpango will hold random giveaways of gaming products, gadgets, or gift cards.

Sign Up Bonus - As of the moment of this writing, signing up with Xpango enables a user to gain 25 XP points.

By the way, you can swap the XP points for gaming rewards, such as accessories, console games, PC games.

Other than gaming stuff, you could also get gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Spotify, and many more. You could even get gadgets, like a free iPhone, iPad, or Kindle.

How Much To Join Xpango?

Joining Xpango is free and just like most reward apps, you just have to register and log in.




It’s great to find an opportunity that is free joining and you can even gain exciting rewards. It’s nice to gain a little something for your spare time. 

Unique Rewards

It’s great that Xpango offers unique prizes other than the usual gift cards, it also offers gaming stuff and even gadgets. 

Variety Of Rewards

I like the fact that Xpango offers so many choices for rewards. If you’re into gaming, you could have the perks of choosing a reward that you could enjoy for your gaming ventures. 

It’s also nice that they offer cellphones and gadgets, which can be something new and motivating. I also like that they offer many ways to earn rewards other than just the usual “task thing”.


Still Limited

Yes, it’s available globally and for all. Yet, the tasks may not always qualify everyone. 

No Cash Rewards

Yes, you’ll have many options for the rewards but mind you, there’s no cash in here. So if you want to make money online, Xpango is not an option.

Delayed Rewards

There are instances that the rewards came in delayed and this can a little be frustrating for those who want to be immediately gratified. 

Browser-Based platform

Well, Xpango is only available on a web browser. It would have been nice if it’s made handy through a mobile app. The website also always goes on security check which is a little bit of a hassle for users.

No Founder Or Owner Information

The website may be packed with a couple of things but it’s quite disappointing that they don’t provide founder or owner information which I believe is vital in any online opportunity.

Spare-time Opportunity

It’s not an income opportunity because you won’t gain cash here but rather, it’s just best as a spare time opportunity if you would want rewards for gaming, gift cards, or gadgets. 


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Training Tools/Support

The website is pretty much equipped with FAQs and information valuable for someone who would want to know more about Xpango and how it works. For support, they provided an email address on their website domain. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Xpango is not a scam. 

Yes, it's legit but the fact remains that you won't get money out of it. Well, it could be a good deal for gamers because I even think that it's specifically made for gamers. So, if you aren't a gamer, it’s not the best opportunity out there. 

It would still take time to earn your points and redeeming them into rewards. It could be a side opportunity but far from being a regular source of income. 

So, if you’re finding an income opportunity that would reward you with substantial income, this is a No, No opportunity.

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Thank you for reading my Xpango Review!

I hope you’re enlightened with this post and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to put it down below.

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