Is Send Earnings A Scam? Where Will This GPT Website Take You?!

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Welcome to My Send Earnings Review!

Given the situation of today’s era, people opted to do online jobs. But even before it was not as mainstream as today, the world was already filled with online jobs, even these GPT sites started a long time ago. 

Send Earnings Review Summary

Name: Send Earnings


Founders: Cotterweb Enterprises, Inc.

Product Type: Get-Paid-To (GPT) Website

Price: Free

SendEarnings logo

Quick Summary: Send Earnings is a “Get-Paid-To” (GPT) website where you can make money online by accomplishing surveys, reading emails, and doing other things or tasks. Members can also participate in activities, such as shopping, and be able to receive cashback on the tasks they complete.

It’s an opportunity that can give some extra income. However, Send Earnings is already permanently closed just this year and this review will tell you why.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

For those who don’t know, the concept behind GPT sites is simple- as its acronym implies, “Get-Paid-To”, you just have to accomplish something for them and they will in turn compensate you. 

Over the years, a lot of GPT sites were launched and it had been already everywhere. Well, advertisers utilize these platforms to offer trials, surveys, videos to watch, and more and as well as offer an earning opportunity to those who would accomplish such tasks.

Making money by taking surveys and accomplishing tasks online sounds enticing and easy, right? But most of the time, it’s too good to be true. 

Often, these platforms only give you pocket money or extra income or worse, it might scam you by not paying you back. 

But then, it’s not just about whether you can make money or not, but it’s really also about how much you can make. 

In this post, we will talk about a GPT Website called Send Earnings. At the time of this writing, this brand is already close and we’ll find out why in this review.

What Is Send Earnings About?

Send Earnings is a GPT website that allows members to earn money by accomplishing tasks online, such as accomplishing a survey and shopping. It operates similarly to Opinion Outpost, Keep Rewarding, and Remotasks

Apparently, Send Earnings is a branch of Inbox Dollars, which is legit and is still a popular online rewards club that was founded in 2000 by Cotterweb Enterprises. 

Inbox Dollars acquired SendEarnings in 2005 and also launched two sister companies: InboxPounds in the U.K. and DailyRewards in Canada. Same as Inbox Dollars, Send Earnings was operated by CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc. and it was based in 1295 Northland Dr Ste 300, Mendota Heights, Minnesota USA. 

Send Earnings may have been a legitimate online opportunity but upon further research, I have known that the GPT website already closed permanently on July 2, 2020. In fact, if you go to their website domain, it will redirect you to Inbox Dollars’ website. Well, it goes to show that indeed the website is already down and has ceased to exist.

what is send earnings about

But as we continue with this review, we will now be discussing how Send Earnings works, how to join, and how to make money in it. 

Signing up with Send Earnings is easy and free. You can check your country's eligibility if you can join the community and if so, you can log pertinent details needed and start earning cash every time you accomplish the tasks given. 

The particular tasks included are:

  • Using Coupons – Find hundreds of printable grocery coupons specific to your area and earn additional cashback when you use them!
  • Playing g Games – Play dozens of different types of games – casino-style, Bejeweled, etc. and earn cashback.
  • Shopping Cashback – Visit the SendEarnings website and get cashback for your purchases from merchants including Walmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and more.
  • Answering Surveys – Answer online surveys as they become available and earn cash every time you complete a study.
  • Reading E-mails – Receive emails with special offers and earn cash.
  • Referring Friends – Refer friends and earn 10% of what they earn for life. Banners and your unique link will be provided in your account.

How To Make Money With Send Earnings?

To make money with Send Earnings, all you have to do is complete any of the tasks mentioned above, and here’s a brief explanation of your compensation.

$5 Sign Up Bonus

Upon signing up, Send Earnings automatically reward members with a $5 bonus. Unlike other GPT sites, members earn cash and not points for every activity completed, and it is a good thing. 

But to redeem that $5 sign-up bonus, members should have accumulated at least $30 worth of earnings. Once your account reaches a balance of $30, you can request a check or a Visa Cash Card. 

Payments are issued in US dollars, regardless of where you live. For Gold members, payments are processed weekly while for non-Gold members, it takes about 2 weeks. 

Well, like most GPT sites, you’ll not earn that big. You can get around $0.20 per email or $0.50 per survey. With that, you can probably picture how long would it take you to gain a lucrative income. It will probably take forever. 

Becoming A Gold Member

Upon receiving payment the first time, the member's account will automatically be upgraded to Gold. Gold members enjoy additional perks including faster payments, additional sweepstakes entries, more loyalty rewards, and more lucrative referral rewards.

To learn more about Send Earnings, you can watch the video below:

Is Send Earnings A Scam?

Send Earnings seemed to be a legit GPT site before it was closed. It was an opportunity that enabled people to earn extra income. It’s even owned and run by an established company. 

They’ve never really mentioned why they have closed but I’ll share a screenshot below from their website:



Joining Send Earnings is free. All you have to do is create an account by entering your email address, name, location, birthdate, etc. 

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Send Earnings has already closed so I guess it’s NOT worth discussing its pros as I’m not recommending this to anyone.


Not For Full-Time Income

You could probably make a bunch of money if you work on a lot of tasks but that would seriously take you a lot of time and effort. So, it would not be easy and it would really not suit you if you would want a job that guarantees high income. 

Yes, it may be a legitimate opportunity that you could earn money from. However, it’s not meant as a source of full-time income. It’s good as pocket money, something only for an extra income. Indeed, the income potential is not that good in Send Earning. Guess, probably one of the reasons it had closed is that people realized it couldn’t give much income and so they stopped working on its tasks and that there were no more additional members who joined it.

It’s Already Closed!

One definite reason that would really make me not recommend you Send Earnings is the fact that it was already closed just recently. 


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Who Is It For?

It’s probably intended for those who have spare time and would want to make extra income by accomplishing tasks, such as reading emails, taking surveys, online shopping, and more. It’s for those who would want to have an earning opportunity in the comforts of their homes or in the convenience of everywhere they are. Well, basically it’s good as a part-time job.

Final Opinion/Verdict

revenue it generates from advertisers with its members. Members earn cash, not points for every activity completed. 

Yes, it was a trustworthy GPT site before it was permanently closed for good this year. 

So where will this GPT Website take you? 

It will take you nowhere. It permanently closed in July of 2020. As you know and as mentioned above, SendEarnings is very similar to InboxDollars and it was even run by the same company that operates Inbox Dollars. 

I can’t see much reason online on why it closed so soon but I have a theory that it probably closed with the purpose of convenience for the operating company, as you can see it operates like InboxDollars. It's basically with the same site template but just with a different logo and separate earnings.

So, I guess, to make things easier for them, they might have opted in closing SendEarnings and just incorporated all of it now in InboxDollars. Well, Inbox Dollars is quite popular and is even Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited with an A rating in BBB. It’s also been in the business for 15 years. 

And maybe one reason is that people realized it couldn’t give much income and so they stopped working on it and that people also stopped signing up or there were lesser numbers of those who were involved in it. 

So the verdict will be, of course NOT RECOMMENDED! And even if it’s still operating now, there are much better ways to make money online than to work a lot with platforms like this. Income potential is low and it looks like it is a lot of work for something very little in return as compensation. 

Don’t waste your time and effort!

What’s Next?

But if you still insist on opting for GPT sites, you could switch to InboxDollars as an alternative since SendEarning is now closed. Well, it can give some income but if you’re looking for a full-time source of income job, better skip these kinds of platforms.

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I hope this honest Send Earnings review has helped you. If you have questions or comments or you just want to share your personal experience, please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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