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Welcome to My Remotasks Review!

Given the situation of today’s generation plus this pandemic, people opted to do online jobs. But even before it was not as mainstream as today, the world was already filled with such opportunities. 

With that, imagine opportunities sprouting more than ever as before. So given the situation, it would be hard to find which one to take right? Because you’ll have to check if it’s legit and reliable plus considering the aspect that it could be financially rewarding.

Remotasks Review Summary

Name: Remotasks


Founders: Scale AI Inc.

Product Type: Crowdsourcing/ Microtask/ Get Paid To (GPT)

Price: Free To Join

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Quick Summary: Remotasks is an online income opportunity where members or whom they refer to as “Remotaskers” can get paid for doing and completing simple tasks or what they call micro-tasks that are requested by clients. Well, it can be a part-time job but not for a living because income potential is low!

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: No

And that’s why you’ve probably landed on this page to inquire of an opportunity you’ve heard or someone might have recommended you.

Heard of an income opportunity that you’ll get paid with once you’ve accomplished a task? Heard of these micro job GPT sites? Now, we will be discussing one and it’s called Remotasks. 

You’ll know essential details about this opportunity as you go through this review. So stay tuned and finish this and tell me what you think in the comment section below. Will you push through or not? Without further ado, let’s now start and probe more about Remotasks!

What Is Remotasks About?

Remotasks is relatively new crowdsourcing and microtasking platform which was created in 2017 and was developed by Scale AI Inc.

However, it’s not a unique opportunity. In fact, we’ve reviewed similar programs in the past, such as Keep Rewarding and PrizeRebel.

Scale Al Inc. is a company that designs and develops artificial intelligence, provides various solutions to Self Driving Car and Robotics companies and is known as having as well famous social media platforms as their clients such as Uber, Google Alphabet, Procter, and Gusto. 

Scale Al Inc. is currently based in San Francisco, California USA but their jobs for Remotasks are available online to people globally.

Remotasks’ site provides a platform for their clients and workers or whom they refer to as Remotaskers. Yes, that’s how they term the people who complete the tasks. About the tasks, these are provided by their clients which are generally small startups and public companies such as self-driving car companies. 

So how does it work? Basically, Remotasks clients would post tasks and the workers would have to complete those tasks to get paid. Tasks in Remotasks include categorization, image annotation, comparison, OCR/image transcription, audio transcription, and data collection. It may be an opportunity who has been up for about 3 years but it’s reliable and professional. 

what is remotasks about

How Remotasks Work?

Sign Up

Just like any other opportunity, joining in Remotasks income opportunity, you will first have to sign up as a tasker and it’s totally for free. You only need to sign up with your Facebook or Google account and verify it with the verification code sent through your mobile number. 

Remotaskers should be fluent in English. You’ll also need a computer or laptop with at least 4GB of RAM to carry out the tasks. You may not use smartphones to login to Remotasks because the majority of the tasks are 2D and 3D annotation and these should be done in your computers.


Once the registration is complete, you will then have to take the exams which can be found on the Dashboard under Exams. Taking these exams will be the basis of what tasks will be given to you in the future. This will make you eligible to take on various tasks in different categories. 

Based on the exams you took, these are the tasks that you’ll be seeing on your dashboard:

  1. Image Annotation/ Image Tagging – These tasks include drawing a line around an object in an image. Most of the time they ask to draw lines around vehicles on the road. 
  2. Categorization – These tasks are about categorizing different websites depending on their service or categorizing different products, content, and so on. For example, categorizing different websites according to what service they offer such as Bookkeeping, Personal Service, Property dealers, etc. or it can be categorizing different objects such as shirts, jackets, etc or moderating content.
  3. Image/Audio Transcription – It involves typing what is written in the image or what the person in the audio is saying.
  4. Comparison – These tasks include comparing different objects shown in the image. This vs That selection jobs.
  5. Data Collection – Tasks involve browsing the web and collecting different information.

And the more exams you pass, the more tasks are made available on your Dashboard. Once you select a task, you’ll have to complete it. Follow the instructions and submit it before the deadline. 

how remotasks works

Well, they are not after how fast you could accomplish tasks but they are more concerned with accuracy. So follow instructions well and better not quit halfway or you’ll end up getting banned if you make errors or if you withdraw on tasks. 

Because you don’t get second chances for doing tasks, so better do them properly the first time. Make sure before submitting because once you click the Submit button, you can’t go back and edit your tasks.

Get Paid - As said, in this kind of platform, you’ll get paid after you have completed a task. As of now the online mode of payout is through PayPal. So you have to have a PayPal account to receive your remuneration. 

In Remotasks, payments are made automatically every week. There’s no minimum payout threshold required, so whatever you earn for that week is what you’ll receive on Friday morning. However, PayPal charges a 2% fee for payouts.

how to get paid at remotasks

How To Make Money With Remotasks?

Basically your earnings are based on the tasks you’ve completed. However, your income potential is affected by a couple of factors and the biggest ones would be:

  • Kinds of tasks done
  • Time devoted to these tasks every week

Since income is dependent on your tasks, the more tasks you do, the more money you can make. On average, people earn anywhere between $30 and $50 for average tasks such as data collection, image tagging, etc.

But taskers could earn bigger through higher-paying tasks such as segmentation, writing reviews, cuboid tasks, and lidar but the premise here is that you have to pass the exams to be eligible to work on these tasks. 

You can also get a $10 Bonus if you hit a milestone of $10 within 2 weeks from your joining date.

To learn more about Remotasks, you can watch the video below:

Is Remotasks A Scam?

No, it’s far from being a scam. Remotasks is a legitimate income opportunity where you could gain income if you work hard and correctly and it's one of the most decent GPT sites out there. It also has a reliable payment system. 

However, it can’t be an income for a living. So, if you’re looking for a full-time income job, thereby, I’m not recommending you to this one. 


Joining Remotasks is FREE but you should have a Facebook or Google account to sign up and as well as a PayPal account to get your payments. 

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Remotasks is reliable and highly professional. They always make payments on time. As they are even commended for having a reliable payment system. It’s also a great avenue for professionals to practice various skills as they provide courses and exams.

Wide Range Of Tasks To Choose From

As mentioned, the exams will be the basis of what tasks will be given to taskers and this will make them eligible to take on various tasks in different categories. So the more exams you pass, the more tasks you can choose from. 

Well, this could not only let you practice certain skills but there’s a possibility that you could make hundreds of dollars but if you do and accomplish a lot of tasks.


Not For Full-Time Income

You could make a hundred dollars if you work on a lot of tasks in Remotasks but that would be seriously a huge amount of tasks to work on. So, it would not be easy and might take its toll on you. Yes, it may be a legit opportunity that you could earn from. However, it may not be for a full-time source of income. Income potential is not that high. So, it’s only good for a part-time job. 

Not For All

Joining in Remotasks, you’ll have to go through tough examinations that you need to pass before doing tasks. That part alone is already challenging plus the fact that you have to do tasks well because they do take accuracy very seriously. So, that will be another pressure to take on.

So, this opportunity may not be for all. It is best suited for those who are skilled with the tasks and those who are competitive and careful as well.

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Who Is It For?

It is an income opportunity intended for those who are skilled and are at least familiar with the tasks mentioned above. They should be as well competent enough to carry out these tasks, doing it accurately and before the deadline. 

And also, Remotaskers should be fluent in English. It can be for those looking for a part-time job.

Training Tools/Support

Signing up into their website, Remotaskers are provided with courses. The training will take taskers through some sample tasks to teach them with Remotasks’ tools. 

They provide as well Guides, Onboarding & Tasking Tools, 2D & 3D Tasks Instructions, Language Tasks Instructions, and others. On their website, they also provide announcements and support through a Community in which one can ask questions and share ideas.

Final Opinion/Verdict

To cap off this review, I can say that Remotasks is a legit income opportunity and is far off from being a scam. Yes, it’s a company that is reliable and professional. We haven’t seen any complaints about their platform or their payment system. 

And some Remotaskers are as well satisfied with their part-time job. However, income potential may not that be good. 

Yes, you could earn but you’ll have to work yourself a lot. It may be possible that you could make a heap of money here but it would take a lot more work and a lot more time. It would be very challenging as well. 

So, to answer the question, where will being a Remotasker take you? Well, it would probably depend on you. It will take a lot of energy and effort from you.


Yes, it can be a part-time job but may not be enough to support a living. So again, for those looking for a full-time income job, this is a job I’m not recommending you. So better skip this platform.

What’s Next?

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It’s an exciting opportunity you should not miss if you want to earn and grow professionally at the same time.

Thank you for reading my Remotask review and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it down below.

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