Is Offernation A Scam? Legit GPT Website Or Another Waste Of Time?

offernation scam review

Welcome to My Offernation Review!

GPT or Get-Paid-To websites come with an offer to reward you with money as you accomplish a task. But where will it really take you? 

Today, we will review a similar platform that offers an earning opportunity for you by letting you mainly do surveys. 

Offernation Review Summary

Name: Offernation


Founders: 99 Ventures

Product Type: GPT (Get-Paid-To) Site

Price: Free

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Quick Summary: Offernation is a “Get-Paid-To” (GPT) website where you can have an online opportunity to make a side income by accomplishing small tasks, such as downloading apps and mainly by doing surveys. 

Members can also get extra pay by referring people to also join the program.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Offernation, a GPT website is one of the many sites you can join for free and earn some income. But is it a legit platform or another scam? And if it’s legit, is it worth your time and effort? Can you earn enough from this program?

Well, before rushing to join this opportunity, I suggest you continue with this review and read a bit more as I reveal important details about Offernation.

What Is Offernation About?

Offernation is one of those GPT sites that offer paid surveys and other minor tasks for money. 

It claims that you can earn money “for the things you need in life” right in the comforts of your home.

Apparently, Offernation is owned by 99 Ventures, a company based in London, the United Kingdom that provides worldwide online advertising and opportunities to earn money online. Besides Offernation, it is also the company behind other GPT sites, such as SuperPay.Me and RewardingWays.

Upon checking the WhoIs domain, Offernation website was created in 2008 and it was recently updated this year (2020), which goes to show that it’s legit and still working. However, the site still looks quite off and not that enticing. 

The IP location shows also that it is in the United Kingdom, specifically in the city of Hayes. 

As we know, GPT sites and online survey platforms are now also available in mobile apps; however, OfferNation does not have an app yet but you can still use it on mobile devices by going to the website in your browser.

Unfortunately, the site is not optimized for mobile devices. That being said, it’s better to use a laptop or desktop instead of a phone to answer surveys.

what is offernation about

How To Make Money With Offernation?

Just like most survey platforms, joining Offernation is free. You simply have to register and as they claim, it will only take you 60 seconds (a minute). 

All you have to do is log important details, such as your name, username, password, email address, and location. You also need to be at least 18 years old to be qualified.

Offernation may be available worldwide and you can join no matter where you are from but you have to be particular in putting your right address because the surveys you’ll receive in the future will be dependent on your location.

Also, if you try to login abroad, they will know because it will be detected and your account will be labeled as a cheater and you’ll probably end up getting banned. So, it’s best not to use this program if you’re traveling. 

The platform offers several ways to make money, such as:

Answer Paid Surveys - The main way to make money with this GPT site is to answer surveys and Offernation has a good amount of such opportunities. If you click on the “make money” tab in the menu, a long list of different portals will come up and it is dominantly about surveys. You just have to be aware that all these are third party providers, so in most cases, you’ll have to fill out some personal information again. 

Like usual survey platforms, there’s a chance that you are not qualified for surveys because of your demographics. 

Offernation pays between $0.80 and $5.00 for every questionnaire.

Sign Up For Offers - There’s this “offerwalls” on OfferNation and it’s where you can earn in several ways, such as signing up for free trials for a service. Most of the time, their “offers” provide amazing rewards but see to it to read that you have fully read and understood their conditions, as they might require credit card information. 

Download Apps - You can get paid just by downloading an app or a game on your phone and these can be found in the “offerwalls” section. 

Refer Friends - Offernation has this referral program that promises to pay you 25% of whatever a person you invite earns.

Welcome Bonus - When you join Offernation, you’ll get a $0.25 welcome bonus. 

Promo Codes - Sometimes, you can get free cash by finding promo codes and it usually gives around $0.20. OfferNation posts these promo codes on their Facebook or Twitter page but it seldom happens, so do not expect to make a lot of money in this. 

Contest - As a member, you'll get automatically entered into their quarterly cash contest with a prize worth $1,000. The top 20 earning members will share this prize. The top earner will get $350. 

When you accomplish a task in OfferNation, you’ll earn either cash or points and these can be paid out in a couple of ways, such as through PayPal, Payza, Tango, Skrill, or as Bitcoins.

offernation payment platform

Offernation claims to have a low cash out threshold which I could say places them at an advantage compared to other online survey platforms and GPT sites.  

Payout through PayPal and Skrill, only requires you to have made at least $1. As for Payza, it is $10 while it is $40 for Bitcoin. 

With regards to the points, it can be used for Amazon gift cards. You can as well convert your points into cash in the withdrawal section option. You’ll get 1 cent for 1 point.

Is Offernation A Scam?

Offernation appears to be a legitimate GPT site. It does offer an earning opportunity that enables people to gain extra income. It’s also even owned and run by an established company. 

Perhaps, the only problem with Offernation (and this is the usual dilemma with all paid survey sites and GPT platforms) is the amount of cash you’ll earn. It’s not enough to buy “the things you need in life.”

Therefore, I don’t recommend this to you unless you just want to make a few bucks in your free time.

is offernation a scam

H2 Headings

Joining Offernation is free. All you need to do is sign up and log the pertinent details needed. 

To learn more about Offernation, you can watch the video below:

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Low Cashout Threshold

With regards to the cash-out or payout threshold, it’s low with Offernation because it only requires at least a dollar to withdraw it on PayPal. This is one of its advantages over similar websites.

Available Worldwide

It’s good that it can be accessed anywhere in the world as most survey and GPT platforms are limited to a few locations. However, the surveys will be dependent on your demographic and you can’t transfer from one country to another and open this site as you might get banned.


It Doesn’t Come Handy

Unfortunately, unlike other GPT sites that are advancing with mobile apps, Offernation doesn’t have a mobile app, which is quite a frustration considering the domain has been even created a long long way since 2008.

It would have been better if they would have a mobile app that could make things a lot convenient, better, and easier. 


Aside from the reality that you’ll have to take a lot of patience to qualify for the tasks especially in surveys, you’ll also have to do a lot of tasks first so you can earn a decent income. I don’t think it’s worth your time.

As you can see, accomplishing tasks in Offernation would only compensate you with some amount of money. It barely even gives out a dollar. Yes, you could opt-in recruiting others to join but that would also even take a lot. It’s even low paying as compared with other GPT sites. So income potential is low. So why jump at this opportunity if it even can’t pay you that good?

Pays Little Compared To Others

Offernation works a lot like the GPT sites- and RewardingWays which are also owned by the same company that owns Offernation . However, compared with the two, Offernation pays less.

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Who Is It For?

It is an opportunity for those who are looking for some income but it’s definitely not for those finding a stable source of income. It’s good as a side income opportunity for people who are 18 years old and up. 

Training Tools/Support

FAQS and “how to dos” are available on the website. Support is also available for members if they have any account issues and concerns as they can submit a support ticket on OfferNation and can also use the chat area for faster response from other members or the moderators. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

OfferNation is legit. It may have a lot of different opportunities offered but you’ll definitely have to take a lot of patience to wait on tasks and do more of it so you could earn more. However, that would definitely take a lot of work and it might even probably take its toll on you as they only pay out some amount of money. 

Yes, they do have a low cash out threshold but what good is it if you’ll not be earning enough? 

The site needs improvement for better user experience and I hope that they will consider having a mobile application, too.

Yes, it can be good as a side income but compared to other GPT sites, it pays less. So my verdict is NO for this opportunity. Don’t waste your precious time on this unless you’re okay with earning a few dollars every month.

What’s Next?

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Thank you for taking the time to finish this Offernation review. Hope this was insightful and helpful. If you have questions, comments, and testimonials please feel free to place below.

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