TheoremReach Review – Another Survey Scam To Watch Out?

is theoremreach a scam

Welcome to My TheoremReach Review!

We’ve already reviewed a couple of survey sites and the list goes endless. Some of these include in Nicequest App, Surveys On The Go, and Mobrog.

Now, another survey website is in review and it’s called TheoremReach.

Like the usual survey websites we have today, it comes with a mobile application for convenience. Users can easily answer surveys anytime and anywhere they are, assuming that there are questionnaires available for them.

TheoremReach Review Summary

Name: TheoremReach


Founders:  Tom Hammond and Garik Goldsheyd (COO)

Product Type:  Survey Platform

Price:  Free

Quick Summary: TheoremReach is not your typical survey site. It’s more of a survey router, which means that it will redirect you to another survey website.

It comes with a mobile app for more convenience but with tons of complaints online, is it worth your time? Can you make money here or is it just another scam?

Find out what you need to know in this honest TheoremReach review.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

However, before signing up, you need to consider a few things to make sure that it’s worth your time. This includes how it really works, terms and conditions (if there are any), its drawbacks, and more. So let's cut to the chase and begin with this TheoremReach Review!  

What Is TheoremReach About?

TheoremReach is an online survey platform that comes in a mobile app. It offers and provides an opportunity for people to make a bit of money by answering surveys. 

As mentioned, it is not a typical survey site because it rather acts as a survey router. Yes you will earn in TheoremReach but you will not answer on the site or the app directly but instead, it will redirect you to other third-party surveys. 

But just like most surveys, your demographics will be used to know your chances of being qualified for questionnaires.

 TheoremReach was founded by Tom Hammond, who is currently the CEO, and Garik Goldsheyd, the present COO. 

Other names mentioned on the website include Adam Perkins (Chief Technology Officer), Ariel Henderson (Head of Revenue & Strategy) Mike Moran (Head of Growth Marketing), and David Jenkins (Senior Developer).

 According to the WhoIs domain, the website was created way back in 2014 and is addressed in California, USA. 

On their website, they claim that TheoremReach is the leading survey monetization company in the digital space. They provide useful insight and monetization services for app developers and website owners.

They claim that market researchers rely on them to provide an audience of users to take surveys; app developers and website owners rely on them to monetize their users with these surveys, and users depend on them to get free virtual currency in their favorite apps and games.

Their mission is to make every voice matter and that they aim to delight users with a rewarding survey experience. 

TheoremReach Product Line

Apparently, what TheoremReach market is their mobile app and the opportunity to be rewarded by answering and accomplishing surveys. The App is available for download for both Android and iOS users.

 I do like that they give users the liberty to choose based on the length and rewards from the surveys matched for them to take. 

Basically, a user will earn coins for each survey completed. As mentioned, they will not take the survey on the app directly but they will be rerouted to another site. 

Is TheoremReach A Scam?

Some of the previous users may call it a scam and we can understand that because probably these people did not get rewards for the efforts and time they’ve provided.

The good news though is that they won’t lose money since the opportunity is free; however, it’s a complete waste of time.

TheoremReach is a legit survey platform and it has been operating for such a long time to be considered a scam. It’s also a pretty trusted platform that does market research and it also enables users to earn just a bit of income. 

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Is TheoremReach A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

It’s a legit survey site/ app that offers a way to earn money from. There’s also no referral program in this opportunity, so that washes it off from the list of Pyramid Schemes and Ponzi Schemes. It’s just apparently another survey platform where you could gain some income. 

TheoremReach Compensation Plan

Just like most survey platforms, you will be rewarded as you accomplish surveys. Unlike other survey platforms that usually have a point system to accumulate earnings and redeem, TheoremReach’s surveys come with coin earnings. 

Yes, in TheoremReach, each survey has corresponding coin earnings and is categorized based on length and rewards you could have the liberty to choose from. 

And just like most survey sites, the earning potential in TheoremReach is pretty low. 

While most survey sites can’t make more than $100 - $200 a month, TheoremReach is the worst. Let’s take, for instance, a qualified user who accomplishes a survey and estimated can earn about 10 -15 cents in 20 minutes and up to half an hour. 

You can hardly earn a dollar here yet, it’s good that it will reward you even if you don’t qualify for the survey.

How Much To Join TheoremReach?

It’s basically free to join TheoremReach. You just have to log into the website or simply download the app and sign-up. 

Take a qualifying survey, filling out a short demographic questionnaire to get matched to the best surveys suited for you. TheoremReach is available wherever you are located. However, surveys’ availability still depends on your location. 



Unique Survey Platform

As mentioned, TheoremReach is a unique survey platform because you will not directly answer the survey site on the app; rather it provides you with their partnered third-party survey sites that are the surveys that are matched with you. 

So for people finding a place to find the surveys, this can be a good catch for them. It can help them save time and it can be convenient. 

I like the fact that TheoremReach surveys are also easy. 

It’s always great that survey platforms can be in mobile apps for convenience.

Categorized Surveys

I like that they organized their surveys according to length or rewards. At least, it would be easier for users to toggle their survey of choice that would be most convenient for them. 

Give Rewards Even If You Don’t Qualify

It’s nice that you can get something in return even if you don’t qualify for the survey. At Least you get something for the effort. 


I also like the thought that TheoremReach is transparent. All the people behind the program were even laid bare on the website. They’ve also packed the website with a couple of information. 


Not Enough Surveys

Not only that you get a tiny income for each survey but it’s also limited. It will be dependent on your location and demographic details. 

Disqualification Issues

Just like most survey platforms, TheoremReach is not exempted from disqualifications and rejections. Yet, you do get something for being disqualified though and in TheoremReach, a high rejection rate is probable. 

Poor Customer Support

TheoremReach may claim that their support team works around the clock but apparently, I’ve seen users complaining that it’s not useful. So what’s the point in providing support when it’s not even helping or benefitting users?

Low Income Potential

Yes, TheoremReach pays but it will definitely take time to earn substantial income here. It’s not even consistent. It can be a spare-time opportunity but it’s not even the best spare-time opportunity out there. 

It pays less. It’s worse compared to other survey sites when it comes to earnings. It is of low-income potential.

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Training Tools/Support

The website is packed with resources for training including blogs, ebooks & tools, videos, and more. 

With support, they claim that they handle all user support on their behalf. Their support teams work around the clock to resolve all tickets, as they claim.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Without a doubt, TheoremReach is legit but it’s clear that you can’t make a consistent income here. It’s really of low-income potential and it’s the worst compared to other survey sites when it comes to this matter. 

They also have bad reviews and many users claim that this is NOT the best survey site or online income opportunity for you. While TheoremReach is legit, this is definitely a red flag!

For me, I am not recommending this to you. It’s just a waste of time. There are definitely way better survey or GPT sites for you. 

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Thanks for checking out my TheoremReach Review!

If you have any comments or if you have any experiences with TheoremReach yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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