Surveys On The Go Review – Earn Real Cash Or Just Another Scam?

is surveys on the go a scam

Welcome to My Surveys On The Go Review!

Here goes another survey app called Surveys On The Go. 

Well, we’re no stranger to survey platforms because surveys just keep on poppin’ all over social media. Most of them come in as a mobile application to make them more convenient, such as the one we’re going to talk about today.

Surveys On The Go Review Summary

Name: Surveys On The Go


Founders: MFour Mobile Research, Inc (Chris St. Hilaire)

Product Type: Paid Survey Platform

Price: Free

surveys on the go logo

Quick Summary: Surveys On The Go is one of those survey platforms that is made easily accessible through a mobile app. It’s basically just like most survey apps where you get paid as you take part in surveys and share your opinion. 

But what makes it different from other paid survey platforms? Does it even pay cash or just give rewards? Will you even get anything at all from this site or is this just another scam?

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Just like most survey platforms, Surveys On The Go claims to be an app that pays you as you share your opinion. 

Is it true to its promises or is it just another survey app that is a waste of time?

Is it even good as a side income opportunity or is it just another app that dismays its users? 

What’s the truth behind the complaints against them online?

Let’s answer all these questions in this honest Surveys On The Go Review!

is surveys on the go a scam

What Is Surveys On The Go About?

Surveys On The Go is basically a mobile market research tool that pays users for their opinions. It comes in a mobile application that could be downloaded by iOS and Android users. 

Upon joining as a survey responder, you’ll have opportunities to share your views on many subjects including products, shopping, entertainment, sports, media, and technology.

Surveys On The Go is one of those survey platforms that companies hire to do market research for them. The information shared by respondents will be then shared with those companies who can get quick market research through Surveys On The Go. 

It’s almost the same as Nicequest App, QuickThoughts App, and LifePoints.

Typical survey platforms will let you accumulate points first before redeeming them in cash but in Surveys On The Go, they claim to be different.

As a respondent, you will earn cash (not points) and cash out is through PayPal or by applying earnings to a Virtual Visa account and through gift cards, such as Amazon Gift Card or Starbucks Gift card.

Surveys On The Go is owned by MFour Mobile Research, Inc., which is founded and spearheaded by Chris St. Hilaire.

Surveys On The Go Product Line

 Apparently what they market here is the Surveys On The Go mobile app, which basically is a mobile market research tool that companies pay for doing market research for them.

They also gave an opportunity that allows respondents to earn some income by responding to surveys. The pay is around $1 to $5 or $10 if they qualify, as Surveys On The Go claimed. 

Is Surveys On The Go A Scam?

Surveys On The Go is not a scam. It is a legit survey platform and mobile app that also provides a legit money-making opportunity that pays. However, you can only gain some income, which is typical among survey platforms. 

That being said, if you’re looking for a substantial full-time source of income, this is not the best option. 

As a mobile app, I’ve seen that they have good ratings and a lot of likes since it can give you some extra cash. However, they’re minimal complaints, such as some technical glitches with regards to submitting surveys and the common issue of not being qualified in surveys.

Surveys On The Go is indeed legit and safe to use but there are no guarantees that you will make lucrative income here.

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Is Surveys On The Go A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Surveys On The Go is not a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme. 

It is a legit survey platform that offers its services by doing market research for companies so they can gather opinions to help improve their products.

They also provide a way for respondents to earn some extra cash. 

There’s no recruitment hype here as it's basically a survey app that offers a way to earn extra income as you take part in the surveys they give. 

To learn more about Surveys On The Go, you can watch the video below:

Surveys On The Go Compensation Plan

Unlike most survey platforms where you need first to accumulate points before cashing out, Surveys On The Go claims to pay you cash or through gift cards.

 As a respondent who takes part in their surveys, they claim that most surveys will pay $1 to $5 with some surveys paying more than $10 if you qualify. 

Once you reach $10 in earnings, you could already redeem it and cash out via PayPal, or by applying your earnings to a Virtual Visa account, Amazon Gift Card, or Starbucks Gift card. 

With regards to earnings being credited, it will typically take about 3-5 business days after you’ve completed the survey as this is the review process. 

To maximize earnings and get high-paying surveys, a respondent should fully enable notifications an

Typically, Surveys On The Go send about 1-2 new surveys a week.

what is surveys on the go about

How Much To Join Surveys On The Go?

Joining Surveys On The Go is free. You just have to download the app and install it. 

Signing up will require you to share details, such as an email address or you could log in using your Facebook account.

The next step is to review the terms and conditions and agree and get started. Be sure to enable notifications and location services as this will enable you to earn more money and increase your chances of getting more surveys. 

Notifications can also be sent through text and this is convenient and can help you receive an alert and enable you to respond to a survey immediately. 

Logging into the app, you will be faced with an introductory survey, which is basically about yourself, basic demographic questions, such as ethnicity, gender, country and state residing in, annual income, type of job, employment status, etc.

An initial survey will be provided and will be used as a basis for upcoming surveys or surveys that you’re eligible for.

You do submit personal information as you take part in the surveys but as Surveys On The Go claim, companies only use this information for research purposes and that individual responses remain anonymous and confidential. 




It’s good to find an opportunity to join for free and earn something from accomplishing it as you partake in surveys.

It’s also good that this opportunity is available in a mobile app, which comes in handy and easy. Well, it’s nice to gain a little extra cash for spare time. 

Secured Personal Information

Since your survey sites require personal information, you should answer truthfully but no need to worry about your personal data since Surveys On The Go upholds respondent’s confidentiality. 

They only use data for research purposes and individual responses remain anonymous and confidential. 

Good Ratings

It appears that Surveys On The Go has good ratings at Google Play. It can also be seen that a lot of users like it as there are as well a lot who have already installed the app.


Some Technical Glitches

As a mobile app, Surveys On The Go is no excuse for some technical issues. Some complaints raised were with regards to the glitches in submitting surveys. 

Limited Surveys

Surveys On The Go was pretty transparent that they only send about 1-2 surveys a week. Yes, the app has great ratings and it really pays. However, if you’ll only receive 1-2 surveys a week, or about 4-8 in a month, would it give you substantial earnings? 

Considering, you’ll only earn about $3-$5 or about $10 a survey. Well, definitely not a great earning opportunity if you asked me.   


Just like most survey platforms, you will not be exempted from disqualifications in Surveys On The Go. The qualification issues are also a thing in this platform. 

So make sure to answer truthfully, enable notifications and locations to qualify and be eligible for more surveys. 

Take Time To Earn

Yes it pays and the payout threshold in Surveys On The Go is at $10 only, which is not that high but it would basically take you a while to accumulate those earnings. 

It can be a good opportunity to earn an extra income but that’s just it. It’s only good as a side hustle.

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Training Tools/Support

Their website is packed with information and FAQs are readily made available. You could as well contact them for support and queries at [email protected]

Final Opinion/Verdict

In conclusion, no doubt that Surveys On The Go is a legit paying survey app. It’s even praised by users, with over 1 million installs. However, as an income opportunity, it’s not the best option. 

It only gives you some dollars and it will take time to cash out. 

Yes, it’ll definitely take time to earn money and it can’t be substantial to sustain for a living. 

Income is potentially low so unless you’re not only looking for some paid tasks to kill free time, it’s best to look for another option.

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