Nicequest App Review – Legit Survey Platform Or Just A Scam?

is nicequest a scam

Welcome to My Nicequest Review!

There are so many ways to make money online these days and one of these is by taking surveys during your spare time.  

There are many survey opportunities available and we’ve already discussed more than a dozen, such as:

Nicequest App Review Summary

Name: Nicequest


Founders: German Loewe

Product Type: Online Survey Platform

Price: Free


Quick Summary:  Nicequest is an online survey platform that offers rewards to users for providing feedback to brands and hiring people to do market research. 

Those who take part in these surveys or the users can have the chance to gain rewards, such as gift cards or gifts but before redeeming any of these, they have to collect reward points. 

Users also have the option to donate their earnings.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Most of these opportunities either reward customers with cash, gift cards, and gifts like the one we’re going to talk about in this review.

The company goes by the name of Nicequest, and it is a survey platform that comes in handy with a mobile app. 

You can complete these surveys anywhere you go using your smartphone and even get paid to download them at You have probably seen other reviews about Nicequest online, checking if what you can earn in this opportunity. Could it give substantial compensation? 

Well, in this review, I will state everything you need to know about Nicequest, so, let’s get started! 

what is nicequest about

What Is Nicequest About?

Nicequest is one of those survey platforms that brands utilize to do market research for themselves. 

In turn, Nicequest releases these surveys to users and pays them for responding surveys through cash, gift cards, or gifts. 

Basically, brands collect valuable insights for their products and services through surveys. 

As mentioned, users are rewarded as they take part in the surveys. For every survey they accomplish, they will gain Nicequest’s currency called “Korus” (KR). 

They could then exchange this Korus for a corresponding reward such as gifts, vouchers, credits, and sweepstakes entries (prize draws). 

nicequest values

 Nicequest has a mobile app where you can answer surveys at your convenience anytime anywhere. It can be downloaded for free on your Android or IOS device.

Founded in 2005 by its CEO, German Loewe, the website is registered within the United States. 

It is apparently owned by a market research company called Netquest. 

Nicequest claims to have 1.7 million members spread across five continents. 

As for its Nicequest app, it can be used in a few other countries outside the United States and is available in the following language options: French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

nicequest countries

Nicequest Product Line

What Nicequest offers is a market research service to the brands.

It provides survey opportunities to help companies gather necessary information and a way for people to make money during their free time.

Is Nicequest A Scam?

Though not Better Bureau Business Accredited (BBB), we could say that Nicequest is a legitimate survey platform. However, its mother company, NetQuest is BBB-accredited with an A+.

Nicequest appears to be a legit online survey platform that enables you to gain rewards as you accomplish their surveys. 

But basically, you won’t earn cash here, just gifts or gift cards, so as an earning opportunity, it’s definitely not the best fit for you.

To learn more about Nicequest, you can watch it in the video below:

Is Nicequest A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Nicequest is a legitimate online survey platform. It offers services to brands and it does offer a legit rewards opportunity where users can gain rewards such as gift cards or gifts.

It’s basically just an online opportunity where you answer some surveys, gain some points (in their case currency called Korus), and redeem rewards.

They also don’t have a referral program so this takes it away from being a Ponzi or a pyramid scheme. 

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Nicequest Compensation Plan

Apparently, Nicequest doesn’t reward you with real money for taking their surveys. As mentioned above, you can only receive gifts, vouchers, credits, and prize draw gifts.  


These are the gift categories you can redeem as rewards:

nicequest gifts

Here are some of the gifts and the corresponding Korus to redeem them:

nicequest rewards

Prize Draw Gifts

As discussed, every survey accomplished will credit users with their currency called Korus. Korus accumulated can be then exchanged for merchandise, vouchers, and sweepstakes entries (for prize draws) or the gifts mentioned above. 

The sweepstakes usually consist of prizes like mobile phones, tablets or it can be more Korus.


The Korus you accumulate can also be converted into donations. There are a few non-government organizations that Nicequest supports which you can choose from to donate. 

Sign Up Bonus

Joining Nicequest is free but apparently, you need to be invited to join. And joining with gives users a signup bonus. 

As to how much Korus you’ll earn from each survey, it’s uncertain. In some surveys, you can earn 20 Korus, while in others you can earn a lot less. 

The problem is, you can’t really find much information about their reward system but it's nice that when you exchange your Korus for the reward you choose, they will ship it to you free of charge. 

It would have been better if they explained it a bit more on their website. It would have been a more attractive way to persuade you to become a member. But as to what we could see, membership is limited but as they claim, they now have over millions of users. Well, most survey sites claim that as well. 

I’ve seen in some reviews that users get 3 surveys the most a month and that’s not any good. 

Korus Does Not Expire

The Korus you earn from Nicequest does not expire, so if you decide to join, you do not have to worry about losing your earnings if it takes you a while to save for a gift or item desired from their reward list. However, though gifts are in variety, the gifts in their catalog can change all the time. 

So, there is no guarantee that the same gift you would want will be available at the time of redemption.

How Much To Join Nicequest?

Joining Nicequest is absolutely free. All you need to do is sign up and log pertinent details needed. 

It’s apparently a pretty secured community because you just can’t register on your own. New users can join by invitation from existing users. 

Yes, you need to get an invite from a current user to sign up. You also have to be at least 14 years old to join and will need to verify your email address before you can take their surveys. 

Registration is easy and quick, you could as well use your social account or email to sign up and answer a series of questions so that their specialized engine will set you up for the surveys suited for you.

Though the surveys in this kind of platform are uncertain, one thing Is for sure - it can definitely take some patience to earn enough to get any proper rewards.



Easy To Use And Free

It’s good that Nicequest is easy to use and it’s free to join and download the Nicequest app. 

Other than that, I like that the rewards redeemed such as the gifts also come with a free shipping feature. 

Nice Gift Selection

I also like that they do have a wide array of merchandise you can exchange your Korus for. You can redeem Korus for nice gifts in several different categories. 

There are even home appliances, wall art, gift cards, and electronic devices; however, the list can change all the time. 

With that, there is no guarantee that the same gift you would want will be available all the time.

Gives To A Charity

It’s nice that there is a reward redemption option to donate to a charity and it’s good that survey sites like Nicequest have the initiative like this to help charities. 

At least, as a user, you could also help take part in a noble cause.


Invite-Only Survey Site

As discussed, you could only join the community if you have an invitation from an existing user. 

It’s also limited to certain countries.

They do accept younger users who are 14 years old and over, which is quite good as compared to other survey sites that only qualify users who are over 18 years of age.

No Referral Program For Extra Earnings

It’s nice if a survey platform can have a referral program as it paves the way for more chances of earnings but unfortunately, it doesn’t have one.

Limited Surveys

Just like most survey platforms, there are not enough questions or surveys available; probably because of the number of users they have. As mentioned above, you could even roughly have 2-3 surveys a month. Not only that it’s really a no income opportunity, chances of even redeeming a reward could be so hard. 

User Complaints

We can’t really avoid complaints in businesses however, if the negative feedback outweighs the positive ones, it can be alarming.

As for Nicequest, there are bad reviews about their reward redemption and the struggle to cash in.

No Real Money Opportunity

Reality speaking, Nicequest doesn’t offer a real-money opportunity. It’s not even close to an income opportunity. 

It’s just a rewards program where you could earn gifts or gift cards and not cash. 

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Training Tools/Support

You can contact Nicequest in the Help Center tab at the bottom of their website. There you could also see a comprehensive FAQ and other Nicequest related topics that could help give answers to the most common issues and queries about Nicequest.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Nicequest is a legitimate survey site or platform that is a good way to get products or vouchers as a gift or reward; however, it’s not an income opportunity. 

It’s a good way to kill time and acquire gifts but not as a regular source of cash or even a side hustle.

Nicequest’s prize draw feature can be enticing but there are even bigger paying sites compared to them. 

It’s also limited when it comes to the people who can join them. Also, as a survey platform, the number of surveys you can take still depends on your demographics.

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Thank you for taking the time to finish this Nicequest review!

I hope this has enlightened you. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below. 

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