What is Prediqt? What’s The Truth With This Blockchain Survey App?

is prediqt a scam

Welcome to My Prediqt Review!

We’ve already seen a couple of survey platforms and Get-Paid-To (GPT) apps through friends or all over the web. 

And now, we will talk about a similar app called Prediqt, which claims to give an earning opportunity by answering surveys and accomplishing online tasks.

Prediqt Review Summary

Name: Prediqt

Website: www.prediqt.co

Founders: Henry Chan

Product Type: Survey Platform

Price: Free

prediqt logo

Quick Summary: Prediqt is a survey app that enables you to earn cash for taking surveys and completing other minor tasks online.

Prediqt claims to process quick payouts by using blockchain technology, and can be redeemed via PayPal and various gift cards. 

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

The question is -- is Prediqt legit in the first place?

What makes it better than similar apps?

How does it really work?

Find out everything you need to know in this honest Prediqt review.

what is prediqt about

What Is Prediqt About?

Prediqt is a survey and GPT platform that comes in handy with a mobile app. 

Just like most GPT, opportunities like this will pay you when you accomplish an online task -- it may be a survey, watching videos, and more. 

There is a corresponding point or QT (as they call it) per task, which you can gain and accumulate and can then be redeemed once you reach the payout threshold.

Prediqt claims that the app can process quick payments because it is using blockchain technology, which is a digital record of transactions. 

Blockchains are used for recording transactions made with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, and have many other applications. It was in 2016 when Henry Chan founded Prediqt, a blockchain-enabled platform that addresses the mismatch in value that is being exchanged for consumer data. 

They say that they monitor, analyze, and report mobile activity to provide market research firms and brands with actionable consumer insight. 

Prediqt is a mobile-only platform. So, you will really need to use a mobile device to earn from it.

Learn more about how Prediqt works by watching the video below:

Prediqt Product Line

What they market here is the Prediqt mobile app that allows users to earn some income by accomplishing tasks, such as responding to surveys, watching videos, testing apps, and more. 

Basically, Prediqt is also a platform that brands utilize as a tool for them to gain insights from consumers or market their product. 

As mentioned, it also markets its rewards program or earning opportunity that comes with its app.

Is Prediqt A Scam?

Predict is not a scam. It is a legit blockchain survey platform/GPT and mobile app that also provides a legit money-making opportunity that pays. However, you can only gain some income. 

So if you’re looking for a lucrative full-time source of income, definitely not recommending this to you. 

It does have bad reviews and complaints that you should take note of, such as users losing their points and the delay in payment.

Yet, some users are pretty happy with the app. A lot of reviewers rated Prediqt 5 stars and said they received their payments without any issues. Prediqt is indeed safe to use but there is no guarantee that you will make substantial money here.

Is Prediqt A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Prediqt is indeed a legit survey/GPT app. It is not a pyramid nor a Ponzi Scheme. 

It’s one of those GPT and survey platforms that offers its services to brands and others. And besides that, it also offers a way for users to earn some income.

 It does offer a referral program but it’s just part of the many ways to earn rewards in the app. 

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Prediqt Compensation Plan

So just like most GPT platforms, you’ll gain rewards if you accomplish an online task, may it be a survey or watching videos, and more.

Here are some ways to earn with Prediqt:

prediqt compensation plan
  • Daily Check-In - You’ll get 15 QT daily just for checking in.
  • Offerwalls - One way to earn in this opportunity is by working on their offer walls. As the name implies, Offerwalls are in-app/ site advertising platforms designed to promote specific websites or mobile apps through their offers. The app has 3 offer walls and each offer comes with a corresponding point or QT to earn. Once you’ve completed the task, you will then receive the reward and it will be credited to your Prediqt account balance.
  • Paid Surveys- Another way to earn is by answering their paid surveys. Take note, that the availability of surveys will depend on the user's location and it’s most likely that people who live in the US, UK, and Canada will receive more surveys. Just like the other survey websites we’ve reviewed in the past, such as  SurveyMonkey, QuickThoughts, and LifePoints, it will depend on your demographics.
  • Cashback Offers - Prediqt also has cashback where you earn back a small amount of what you’ve spent when you shop online. Burn cashback offers are limited and are not that many as compared to other apps that are specialized in cashback offers.
  • Watching Videos - You can also earn additional rewards by watching videos, which are just ads of other mobile apps. 
  • Idle Rewards - You could also earn uniquely by doing their so-called “Idle Rewards”. All you have to do with this earning opportunity is to let the timer run and for every 60 seconds, you’ll earn about 2 QTs. 
  • Referral Program - You’ll also be able to earn more rewards by inviting others to join the app as well. 

As for the payout, you can redeem it through Paypal or gift cards. The number of QTs required to redeem a reward will depend on the actual reward wanted to redeem. 

For example, if you want to earn cash, you can convert your QTs via PayPal. A $5 PayPal withdrawal will require 5,000 QTs. 

Basically, this QT can also be converted to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. And the lowest payout threshold is Ethereum. 

Here are the equivalent QTs for each crypto minimum payout threshold:

  • 900 QTs - $1 Ethereum
  • 1,000 QTs- $1 Litecoin
  • 5,000 QTs - $5 Bitcoin 

As mentioned, you’ll have the option to redeem various gift cards on Amazon, Sephora, iTunes, Google Play, and more. They have a variety of gift cards available. 

The minimum amount threshold required for PayPal is 5,000 QT ($5) while it’s 10,000 QT ($10) for Amazon gift cards. 

The challenge here is the amount; as you can see the QTs that can be redeemed are not that big. Most of the paid offers on their offerwalls will pay you around 100 to 500 QTs. So it really may take a while to request for a payout.

How Much To Join Prediqt?

Joining Prediqt is basically free. You just have to download the app; however, it’s only available on Android devices.

Also, just like most reward apps, registration is simple and straightforward, you just have to provide your email, set up a password, and agree to the Terms Of Service.



Free And Available Globally

It’s good that this app is free and is available globally. It’s good that this opportunity is available in a mobile app that comes in handy and easy. It’s nice to gain a little something for a spare time. 

Plenty Of Ways To Earn Rewards

It’s great that Prediqt provides a couple of ways to earn rewards and that they offer multiple payout methods. With this, users can have a lot of options to choose from.

Low Payout Threshold

The lowest payout threshold in Prediqt is $1 and that is for Ethereum redemption but apparently that would take several QTs. Also, $1 Ethereum is not that substantial.


User Complaints

As mentioned, there were a couple of users who had a bad experience with the app, including losing their points. Others are also terminated for no reason and one common complaint is that the app constantly crashes while being used that they have to close and open the app many times. 

Only Available To Android Users

Yes, the app may be available globally but apparently, one drawback is that it’s only available to android users. It would have been good if it’s also available for ios users. 

Not Enough Resource For Users

You can’t communicate with Prediqt’s support team using their app but it’s good that they have now a contact option on their website. But substantial resources are still not made available for the consumers. It would have been good if they’d also placed a FAQs section.

Limited Surveys

Yes, they may have claimed that it’s available globally but apparently, due to the survey's dependency on location, surveys can only be limited to several countries. 

Most likely, users residing in the US could avail themselves more of the surveys. 


Just like most survey platforms, Prediqt is not exempted from disqualifications and even random account terminations. They can terminate your account at any time and for any reason. 

Besides that, advertisers can deny your payment if they are not satisfied, at their own discretion, that you didn’t comply with their offer requirements. 

Prediqt may be safe to use but there are no guarantees that you will make real money. It can always be uncertain.

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Training Tools/Support

As to Support, a Contact option is available on their website where insight users and consumers can come and place their questions. 

However, I’ve not seen any FAQs page that could be a valuable resource to users. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Prediqt is indeed a legit blockchain GPT app that will pay you for completing different tasks it offers. It has a lot of good features to offer but it also has some drawbacks that you need to be aware of (as you can see in the cons we’ve discussed). 

Well, it’s good that they have a referral program that you could earn a little more. 

Prediqt is most likely similar to many other reward apps we’ve discussed, especially when it comes to complaints.

Some of the bad feedback includes the odds of losing your account for no reason. It may be available globally but apparently, the surveys are only available to users in the US and it’s only for Android users. 

It’s still limited and you could only earn some income or worse nothing.

So if you’re looking for a substantial income, this is not the best opportunity for you. 

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