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Welcome to My Crowdtap Review!

Easy and simple ways to earn aren't what everybody looks for and desires for a job, investment or even to pass the time. However, in numbers, only a few people would have thought that answering surveys could be it. 

Participating in research and/or studies is long stigmatized as something non-profitable, hassle, waste of time, and difficult. That is why it is voluntary and often seen or associated with pop-up ads on the internet. So companies like Crowdtap that profit their viewers by simply accomplishing a poll might be the new get-go, but is it really? 

CrowdTap Review Summary

Name: Crowdtap 


Founders: Matt B. Britton 

Product Type: Marketing Research 

Price: Free

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Quick Summary: Crowdtap is an online company that does market research. The platform gives users compensation for answering online surveys and other related services to improve a product. Founded by entrepreneur, Matt Britton located in New York, USA.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Well, only you can decide for yourself but this review will help lay out important details and unbiased opinions regarding Crowdtap. 

Do you need help thinking about whether it is right to join Crowdtap? Let me help you out.

what is crowdtap about

What Is Crowdtap About?

Crowdtap is a marketing research company that works closely with well-known brands like Verizon, Kraft, Sony, and eBay to provide improvement and or development to their products and services.

It’s almost the same as SurveyMonkey, QuickThoughts, and LifePoints.

To simply explain, it is a type of online community designed to reward their participants for basically just sharing and expressing their opinions, taking part in testings or trials, and helping the company spread the word. 

In detail, the tasks they can complete to earn money through Crowdtap are the following: online discussions, survey Q&A, reviews or polls, joining programs, submitting photos, drawings, or other content and product testing. 

The company was founded by entrepreneur and consumer trend expert Matt B. Britton in 2009. Its main office is located in New York, USA. 

The founder, Britton is known for being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and creator of various marketing groups. Some of which are MRY, Magma Group, and most recently Suzy, which is a real-time consumer intelligence software. A software is closely related to IOS’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. These companies cater to popular brands like for example, MRY’s clients include Visa, Coca-Cola, and Bayer. 

Associates of Crowdtap grow in numbers as years go by as stated in, the year 2011. In which the company disclosed to have around 150,00 members and is calculating to have five thousand more every week. 

Crowdtap Product Line 

The company does not offer any products, as it is a platform that is intended to provide legit reviews for several company’s merchandises. 

However, users of Crowdtap may receive, enjoy and experience goods and services from different companies they have a partnership with. For example, Sony and Pepsi products may be given out for a trial. 

If the associate will participate, Crowdtap on behalf of the company like Pepsi will send the sample product to their homes in agreement to give honest and as much possible detailed feedback. 

crowdtap review

Is Crowdtap A Scam?

A scam is defined as a deception and or cheating technique to gain something, most commonly money.  

Crowdtap offers no products but promises revenue or something in return for answering surveys. Reviews and testimonies of those who already join the company say that they really get rewards for the online surveys.

So based on this solely, it can be ruled out to be legit and not a scam

crowdtap reviews

Is Crowdtap A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Recruitment in Crowdtap is optional and or not necessary. The main source of a user's gains is by completing missions that were assigned when they join. These missions include answering surveys, participating in discussions, and product testing. Completion of a task garner points. These points when accumulated are equivalent to a certain amount of reward.

Referring other people to become a member as well gives off bonus points.

Pyramid and Ponzi schemes both rely on people investing their money to an organization promising to make it double and triple just by simply bringing more people in, not by the actual sales of items they promised they have to offer. In contrast to MLM, they have direct sales to support their funds and recruitment is just an additional way of generating higher returns. 

About their way of paying their associates that rely on mission accomplishment, in which referrals and added members are just an additional way to get points and taking into account the definition of pyramid and Ponzi strategies, Crowdtap can considerably be noted as not a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

Also, Crowdtap is labeled as a marketing research company not a multi-level type of business.

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Crowdtap Compensation Plan

The only way to thoroughly know and understand how the associates of Crowdtap are compensated and the plans how they will be able to get and earn it is by joining or signing in.

 The facade of the website only shows testimonies and the steps on how to join.

 According to members of the company, rewards are given out by a point system. Points are earned whenever they complete a task given out to them when they sign up. Bonus points are given when they successfully refer a friend. 

In order to have earnings, their points should add up to a certain amount. For instance, one thousand points are equivalent to five dollars. These five dollars could be exchanged for gift cards equivalent to the amount of any of the various stores that are associated with Crowdtap. Shops such as amazon, kraft, and eBay. 

Before, the company automatically sends out a five dollars worth gift card when the user reaches a thousand points. At present, members now have the freedom of what to do with their points. They can either check it out immediately or save it up to have a higher payout. 

Anyhow, prospects should take into account that they can only redeem payouts on the website. Although they can complete missions on their mobile phone application.  

To learn more about Crowdtap, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Crowdtap?

It is definitely free to join Crowdtap. All they require for a member to get started is their basic demographic information and email address or any social media account like Facebook. These details are necessary for the website to be able to match an appropriate to-do list.  

Once the account is verified by email or by a message sent thru the phone they can now start completing missions.



Founder’s Reputation

Crowdtap being created by a well-known developer of marketing research groups and software has a great edge over other paid survey sites. 

Accessibility and Convenience

Certainly, the number of people who do not own a mobile device or any gadget would only account for two out of ten people. The same portion applies to having access to the internet. 

In regards to this amount, the emergence of these kinds of sites, applications, groups, and or companies on the world wide web is readily accepted and entertained by users. Not only that they can easily access and gain profit but also they can do it in the comforts of their own home. 

Requires Less

Since it is voluntary and does not bind its members into some contract agreement, certain hours to spend or quota to be attained a day. Requiring less gives Crowdtap an appeal to those who are looking for an additional job on top of their permanent ones.  

Social media users who are also looking for some productive way to spend their free time would also be encouraged to try.    

Brand Affiliations

Individuals who are avid fanatics of the products supported or catered by Crowdtap would easily join or be attracted to be connected with the business. They would be more willing to try or participate in product testing and give concrete and criticized reviews. 


BBB Ratings

Better Business Bureau is a well-respected and trusted organization that accredits, rates, and regulates online business.

 Crowdtap according to the BBB website is not accredited by them with twenty-eight filed complaints against their services. Rendering the company a very low BBB rating. 


In addition to the reports filed in DDB, the internet also swarms with tons of complaints regarding the poor service, system updates, and payout problems active and former members of Crowdtap have encountered. 

Location Biased/Sensitive

It may be easy and can easily be accessed on the internet but those who are residing in the US are the only ones who can sign up for Crowdtap. Limiting their target market to more than half of the world population. 

Locks Out Users

The majority of the bad feedback says that they have been banned easily by Crowdtap just because they have requested a payout.  

Many protests that when they ask for a reward all they receive in return is an email that they have been banned from the site because they have violated the company’s Terms and Conditions.    

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Training Tools/Support

Review articles do not indicate or state any detail regarding training tools or support Crowdtap provides for their user. 

It can be deduced that since it requires honest opinions of the members, the necessity of training, tools, support, or seminars is not likely needed and or prioritized by the company.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Crowdtap is considerably a good way to earn extra if you have some spare time to kill. It can also be a good experience to be able to participate in research trials of products in development. Plus you can get to have a voice in the improvement of known brands' merchandise. 

All the same, considering the bad comments the members are spewing to them especially regarding the way they compensate. Prospects or those who are considering signing up for Crowdtap should rethink about a couple of hundred times before clicking join. Numerous other paid survey sites are available and have better reviews. 

Some of these are Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, My Points, and Inbox Dollars

Nothing is ever free nowadays, but time being more precious than money should be spent wisely. Spend it well on something that will give you your time worth.

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Thank you for reading my Crowdtap review.

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