Is Swagbucks a Scam or Legit? How I Earned $165 Without Taking A Single Survey

Welcome to My Swagbucks Review!

This is one of the first websites that I ever tried when looking in to online surveys back in 2015. Quite honestly checking now in 2021 it hasn't changed that much and is still a more reliable survey suite compare to so many other ones that we reviewed here.  

First of all here is my honest view on online surveys and still a way to earn a substantial income

If you want to give online surveys a shot then you want to join few most respectable ones, but even then you can't make a killing living by taking online surveys. Here is a list of other survey companies that look promising: 

Swagbucks Review Summary

Name: Swagbucks


Founders: Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson, Ron Leshem, Eron Zehavi

Product Type: Online Surveys

Price: FREE

Quick Summary: Swagbucks is an Online Survey program that allows anyone to earn Swagbucks (SB) points performing various activities online and exchange them for gift cards or even cash via PayPal. I personally earned $165 without taking a single survey. Find out how I did this in my Swagbucks review: 

Overall Rating: 7/10

Recommended: Yes

What is Swagbucks About?

Swagbucks is online survey website where you can earn real rewards through online activities such as: playing online games, taking surveys, do online shopping, watching videos, browsing Internet.

You get credits for all your activities in form of swag bucks (SB) which can later be redeemed for gift cards and even cash through your PayPal account.

This is one of not many websites which actually works and does pay for all the activities you do online. Swagbucks website is organized fairly well with everything broken down in to different categories. You can quickly figure out what works best for you and start earning your (SB) rewards.

You can always keep track of your (SB) rewards at the top of the browser. Every time you complete a survey or buy something online it will update real time. And you can even set your daily goals to maximize your rewards and have an idea when you can be earning your next gift card or cash money.

My Swagbucks Results

I do have a Swagbucks account that I played around with in 2016 and guess what happened? Somehow I accumulated 16,500 SB as you can see below:

Isn't that cool? I even have 4 referrals from 2016. And this is without doing anything at all. 

So not even doing anything on Swagbucks I earned $165. I have redeemed my SB points for 2 Amazon gift cards:

I have done further analysis and it turns out I have some constant clicks on my Referral Link which led me to earn all those SB points without taking any surveys. Below is my traffic report: 

So imagine if you really put in some work in promoting Swagbucks you can really earn some side commission. It's amazing to have a website where you can promote different programs and earn commission from multiple sources. And in this case I don't even promote Swagbucks and still earning some commissions. 


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These are Different Ways You Can Earn with SwagBucks:

Search Engine

One of the easiest ways to earn (SB) credits is to get Swagbucks search engine installed in your browser and use it instead of Google. I don’t know how many people would agree to change Google for something else but if you end up doing that you can start earning points just for browsing internet which I think is pretty cool.

Online Shopping

Another great way to earn (SB) credits is to do most of your online shopping through swagbucks – this is where you earn the highest points. I would say everyone should have swagbucks account which can get very useful if you already doing something online: like buying some products on Amazon, Ebay or Walmart, shopping for Auto Insurance and much more.

Answering Surveys

If you focus mostly on answering surveys it will take you I would say the longest to get your points since they don’t pay that much and many times you will simply not qualify for most of the surveys. I even found it very annoying where they ask 4-5 pages of questions and then tell you that you didn’t qualify and try another survey. After all I still was able to find surveys to take and earn (SB) credits.

Watching Videos

Watching videos may sound like fun but only if you are really in to this. It doesn’t earn you much but you can just open videos on your computer and have them play continuously. Just to give you an example you will have to watch 20 videos to earn 3-4 (SB) credits – doesn’t sound like much, but on the other hand if your computer is playing them and you don’t have to do anything then it can accumulate slowly.

Playing Games

These are not Video Games These are your favorite Solitaire card games and different puzzles which are also fun to play. They are filled with ads which all trying to sell you something.

Affiliate Program

Swagbucks Affiliate Program is probably THE MOST AGGRESSIVE way to earn money. You can refer all your friends, blog on Social Networks, make your videos on YouTube and simply spread a word of mouth. 

You saw my results above and I didn't do anything and still earned $165.

Whenever someone installs Swagbucks on their computer you earn 10% of their (SB) credits and moreover these are recurring commissions. There are examples online where people gather huge followings with 10,000 people and earn commissions from them. This can get pretty substantial.

Swagbucks is also available on your IPhone and Android – you can even earn your (SB) credits while waiting for your flight in the airport.

How Much Money Can You Really Make with Swagbucks?

This is the ultimate question you are probably most curious about. Well, I would say anywhere from $25-$200 per month without referrals.  

Don’t expect to earn more than that unless you promote Swagbucks to others and earn 10% commission and hopefully your referrals actually taking online surveys.

However, If you are are looking online to make extra money or potentially full time income then taking online surveys is definitely not a way to make real income that you can live off.

Most people start taking surveys hoping to earn fast money, but after 1-2 months realize they simply wasted their time and were compensated very low. 



  • Absolutely FREE to join and even get 30 (SB) sign-up credits
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • Many different ways to earn (SB) credits
  • Appealing partnership program
  • Can be useful in daily online activities you already do
  • One of not many websites which actually works


  • Need to spend enormous hours to earn (SB) credits unless you do online shopping
  • Hard to find many surveys where you qualify
  • Can’t be considered as an additional income

Swagbucks will be most useful to do online shopping, use search engine if you don’t like Google for some reason and if you promote Swagbucks to others you can earn 10% commission. 

For all other stuff is more of a time passer when you have nothing else to do, like you are riding in a train, sitting in the classroom for 1 hour or waiting for your flight and so on.


Swagbucks has video tutorials to guide you through different categories of online activities available to you. Besides you can email them. Otherwise it’s pretty straight forward and no skills or learning is required to start earning (SB) credits today.


It is Absolutely Free to Join. You are not required to buy anything in order to earn (SB) credits including their partnership program, therefore you have nothing to lose.

Final Thoughts

Does Swagbucks really work? – My answer is Yes. It is a legitimate site which actually works and pays for your online activities.

It is fun especially in the beginning and can get pretty addictive especially when you set your daily/weekly goals in order to earn $25 gift card. However don’t expect any huge earnings as it’s unlikely to happen it is more of a time passer rather than real earning potential.

You can however earn higher income if you have Social Media following or a website like mine where you can write about Swagbucks or if you simply make YouTube videos promoting them. 

I hope you liked my review. You can drop me some comments below: 

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