How to Write an Article with Low Competition Keywords

One of the techniques to create organic traffic to your website is to write articles with “Low Competition Keywords”. If you have a fairly new website it would be really hard to get high ranking for popular keywords. Your website needs to mature and build trust in order to get popular and show at the top of Google rankings.

I will show you a great visual example how you can write an article targeting low competition keywords and start attracting visitors to your page through search engines.

I have recently wrote my review on the product called: “Affiorama“. Before writing this article I checked what people were searching for online for Affilorama. You can use Free Keyword Tool within Wealthy Affiliate to generate results. This is what it looks like when you look up results for: “Affilorama Review“:


There are only about 112 searches per month and if your website ends up being on the first page you will only get 20 visitors on average per month. Now if we click on: “View Results” we will see how many competing sites with this particular search result:


This shows there are 381 websites you will have to compete against. You want to target anything below 300 websites and ideally with higher monthly searches. This type of keyword will not help you much with organic searches since your website will show up somewhere on 4th-5th page if you are lucky.  And this is where I found lower competition keyword: “Affilorama Review 2015“. Let’s look at the results:


As you can see number of searches per month are 352 and if you end up on the first page you will attract about 60 visitors on your web page per month. And here is also how many competing sites for this keyword:


There are only 31 websites who target this particular keyword, therefore you have a very high chance to end up on the first 2 pages of the search engine.

When you write your article it may take few days for Google to index your page and show up in the search results. It depends in many ways on the trust factor of your site, overall quality of your content and most importantly user engagement with your site.

When I posted my article and published it on my social networks within few days It already showed up on the 2nd page of the google search results:

Affilorama Review Screenshot 2nd page

After this it all depends how actively you can promote your post to gain more user engagement and have visitors leave comments on the website.

So here are the rules again:

  • Look up most popular search queries
  • Find keywords that have higher search results and less competing sites
  • Write good quality articles and use relevant keywords
  • Promote your article on social networks, PPC, YouTube etc..

An important aspect is to make sure you don’t just focus on keywords and blindly fill in the page with bunch of keywords. You have to write good quality articles and use keywords where they are relevant. You want your audience to like your post and talk about it – this is the best way to build trust and popularity in search engines and your audience.

I hope this helps. Feel free to leave any comments below:

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