Is The 1Q App A Scam? Get Paid For Answering Just One Question?

is 1q app a scam

Welcome to My 1Q App Review!

It’s amazing how technology is maximized in today’s generation, not only that we benefit from it but we could also use it as a platform to earn income. 

Surveys have been useful for ages, it’s a way to improve businesses and systems, from the pen and paper method ages ago to the ease of answering it these days through our computers and social media platforms. 

It’s now even accessible through mobile apps and text messages.

The 1Q App Review Summary

Name: 1Q App


Founders: Keith Rinzler

Product Type: Survey App

Price: Free

1a app logo

Quick Summary: 1Q App is one of those mobile applications where you get paid as you share your opinion. 

It is a kind of platform that companies hire to do market research for them and 1Q will then release a multiple choice question related to those topics via their mobile app or through a text message. 

The information shared by respondents will be then shared and within a few minutes, the user/member will get paid per question poll via Paypal.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

In this post, we will talk about a similar platform called 1Q.

We’ve already discussed a couple of survey websites -- from those that use the usual web platform to those that take advantage of mobile applications; what I find amazing in1Q app is that it uses text messages to send updates and questions to users. 

It says to pay you for every question you answer but would the pay be substantial?

Is it better than any other survey platform? 

What are the pros and cons? Is it legit? 

That and more in this 1Q App Review! 

what is 1qapp a scam

What Is 1Q App About?

1Q is a survey platform that pays for every question poll you answer. As the name implies, 1Q stands for “1 question” and that's because this is not the kind of survey app where you spend long hours answering lengthy questionnaires. 

In 1Q, it’s as simple as 1 question and then you get paid. 

With a single multiple-choice question, you’ll probably earn about $0.25 or $0.50.

1Q is a mobile research platform hired to do market research. 

These companies pay 1Q to gather information from polls answered by members and exchange, the brand compensates these respondents that they call “Askverts”.  

1Q charges the companies $1 per question and pays consumers/ survey respondents per response. 

Both clients and consumers have the option to conceal their personal information from the other party. 

As a respondent, you will earn a small portion of that money to answer polls. Pay is done through PayPal or you could choose a charity from their list to benefit it. 

Data has been called the oil of the digital age and advertisers are eager to get their hands on it. 

Atlanta-based 1Q wants in on the data boom and so they aim to disrupt market research by connecting companies directly with consumers, allowing them to ask questions about their interests, preferences, and inclinations. 

1Q was founded by 1Q founder and CEO Keith Rinzler and was launched in 2015. 

According to Rinzler, the problem with current consumer engagement in most survey platforms is that consumers are often undervalued. Market researchers should, “stop bothering people,” he said. 

“Stop treating consumers like zero-value commodities. 

If you want five seconds or five minutes of a consumer’s time, you should pay them; not in points, teddy bears, or sweepstakes, but in cold, hard cash.” 

Probably why the thought of “radical simplicity” rose with 1Q’s model. They also live by Radical Transparency.  

1Q has also received a couple of rewards and here are some presented to them: 

1qapp product

1Q is available for download on iOS or Android or you can also earn through their website.

1Q App Product Line

What they market here is the mobile app that allows respondents to earn some income by responding to question polls.

Basically, 1Q is a tool for them to gain insights from consumers or respondents. So vise versa, 1Q also markets its service to these brands or companies that are paying them to gain insights from consumers or respondents through these question polls.

Is 1Q App A Scam?

1Q App appears to be a legit money-making opportunity that pays. However, you can only gain some amount of money and it’s just about $0.25 or $0.50. 

Yes, that’s easy and good for just one question poll but the problem is that there are not enough questions. So if you’re looking for a substantial full-time income opportunity, definitely not recommending this one.  

Is 1Q App A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

1Q App is not a pyramid or a Ponzi Scheme. It is legit! 

It’s one of those survey platforms that offers its services by doing market research for brands and companies and besides that, they also offer a way for survey respondents to earn some income. 

It’s important to take note that there’s no recruitment hype here; it’s just an online opportunity where you take part in some surveys.

All you have to do is complete a multiple-choice question poll and get paid to answer it. 

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1Q App Compensation Plan

1Q is just like most survey platforms, such as:

As a member, you’ll be rewarded by taking part in a survey but unlike most survey platforms where you need first to accumulate points before cashing out, 1Q pays immediately.

There’s no need to reach a minimum threshold before getting paid.

You’ll earn around $0.25 or $0.50 per survey. 

You could then choose to get it cash from PayPal or choose to donate it from their list of charities. 

How Much To Join 1Q App?

Apparently, joining and signing up with 1Q App is free. 

You just have to download the app, fill in pertinent details, and get started. 

Be sure to fill in your profile completely as this will enable you to earn more money and increase your chances of getting more surveys.

When you have already downloaded the app, don’t forget to also place the location setting on because it will enable you to have more chances of receiving surveys.

You also have to verify the app with your phone so you could avail of its feature to receive questions and updates on surveys through text. These can help you receive an alert and enable you to respond to a poll immediately.

how to sign up with 1qapp



It’s Free

It’s great that joining the opportunity is free and you could earn instantly from answering surveys. The downside is that it will still cost you your effort and as well as your cell phone battery and memory when you're using the app.  

Not Lengthy Surveys

Unlike other survey platforms, I like that the 1Q app is as easy as the name implies.

You only have to answer 1 question poll and then get paid instantly. You don’t have to waste a lot of time answering several questions and redundant surveys.

Text Message Update Feature

I like the feature that you can get updates through text. 

It’s pretty convenient because not all the time you could be connected to the internet. 

No Minimum Cash Out Requirement

Unlike most survey platforms that require you cash out threshold, 1Q App doesn’t require much because you’ll immediately get paid after every response. 


Not So Many Questions Available

Founder and even the 1Q website says that there are over millions of users of 1Q; this probably explains why there are not enough surveys and questions available for users. 

This is also one of the most common complaints you’ll see from users. Yes, the app has great ratings and it really pays; however, if you’ll only receive 3 questions for 2 months (as to what happened to the user below, that’s definitely not a great earning opportunity.  

1qapp reviews

Some Technical Issues

As a mobile app, 1Q is no excuse for some technical issues.

One common concern is about the missing verification codes. 

When signing up for 1Q, you are supposed to accomplish a verification process via text; however, there are complaints about not receiving any code at all.

There might be an explanation for this, including the wrong phone numbers provided or their geographic location (in case 1Q is not available in their country).

Good As Side Income

Just like most survey platforms,1Q is only good as a side income opportunity or as a way to kill time. 

It’s barely enough to buy a meal, therefore it’s best if you have another side hustle or a better source of regular income.


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Training Tools/Support

Their website is packed with information and resources. You could as well contact them for support. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

1Q app is not only legitimate but also an opportunity that really pays out even for just one question that you’ll answer. 

It pays immediately and there’s no minimum threshold required to cash out. It’s a good platform to consider if 1.) you want a side hustle and/or 2.) you’re looking for another way to donate.

But then again, it’s barely enough so it’s best if you have another full-time source of income. 

There are many limitations, such as income, geographic, and the number of surveys.

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my 1Q App review!

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