Is GPTHub A Scam? Legitimate Website But A Waste Of Time?

Welcome to My GPTHub Review!

Are you familiar with Get-Paid-To (GPT) websites as a sort of income generation? Can you really make money out of it? Most importantly, are these websites even legit or a scam?

GPTHub Review Summary

Name: GPTHub


Founders:   Unknown

Product Type:  Get-Paid-To Website

Price:   Free

Quick Summary:  GPTHub is a Get-Paid-To website that offers different opportunities to earn some extra money from paid offers, paid surveys, quizzes, games, online shopping, referral programs, and so on. 

It’s legit but is this website worthy of your time or not?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

In case you didn’t know, GPT is one of the convenient ways to earn money online. You just need to comply with their requirements, answer and complete given tasks, and they will compensate you in return. It’s a legit business model just like other opportunities, you should check out the brand that offers it before signing up.

In this post, we will talk about GPTHub and whether this is worth pursuing or not. 

I’m not an affiliate of the site so rest assured that all I’ll do is provide details to help you make the right choice. So sit back and learn as I discuss my GPTHub review.

What Is GPTHub About?

GPTHub is a PTC (Paid to Click) site where you can make money from the completed tasks. This site offers many opportunities on how to make money including quizzes, paid surveys, clicking on ads, games and they also have a referral program. 

It is a website that caters to two markets. The first market is the advertisers. If a company wants to increase its brand exposure. It can use the GPTHub platform to advertise its services or products. The other market is the folks that want to earn money by completing simple tasks.

GPTHub site was registered back in 2018 but, there is no real owner to stand responsible for this business. Usually a sign of a no-owner means that one should tread carefully, yet, based on prior investigations, they have real payment proofs which I'll be going to tackle afterward.

GPTHub pays out through various methods such as Skrill, Payeer, Bitcoin, FaucetPAY, and Neteller. With a certain amount of points and money, you can request a payout.

So, can anyone join?

Fortunately, yes. Everyone can join regardless of where they live. 

All you have to do is fill out their sign up form and once you’re done, you can log in and start earning right away. 

GPTHub Product Line

There are several earning opportunities in the following forms:

Paid Offers

Similar to other websites, it offers different activities where you can join and earn for watching videos, online shopping, and games. Likewise, it has simple tasks like playing games, answering quizzes, signing up to websites, downloading apps, and so on.

It is one of the simplest ways to accumulate money online. You only have to follow all the given procedures. Avoid getting charged from some offers that are requiring you for bank details so cancel your subscription beforehand.

Paid Surveys

Only specific people are qualified for paid surveys, unlike paid offers where you can join in almost everything. For instance, there are surveys having age and location restrictions. There is a screening procedure to determine whether you qualify or not.

Honesty is needed whenever answering surveys. Take note, that surveys are provided by third-party apps websites so sometimes you will be directed to another website.

View Ads

It is one of the most popular ways of earning money from PTC sites. It doesn't pay that much, but still, it's a good option if you are not fond of filling up forms.

It simply works by watching an Ad for at least 10 seconds before closing it. In return, they will compensate you through cash points and GPT points. These points are important so you can withdraw your earnings.

Refer a Friend

By sharing referral links with other people, you can earn around 15-20 points every time someone successfully signs through it.


It also offers contests for all the members. However, it happens occasionally. Even writing contests are not available on the website.

GPTHub is almost the same as these websites:

Is GPTHub A Scam?

GPTHub is a legit website. It is not a scam, however, it has very limited earning potential. After all, GPT, PTC sites, and surveys are not meant to make you a big sum of money, but at least they should pay you a decent income.

People that commit their time passionately are rewarded with success in the end. Even with online activities, there's no limit to how much one can make. But, if you opt for a more sustainable income, there are better alternatives that could make you generate consistent earnings – the drawback is that it requires time and effort. So it's up to you what direction to take.

Is GPThub A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

GPTHub is neither a pyramid scheme nor a Ponzi scheme. It is a legit site. 

Thus, as an eye-opener to everyone, schemes are rampant nowadays, and I will define what these two kinds of schemes are.

But for awareness to everybody since schemes are common online, I will explain what these two schemes are.

A pyramid scheme is a scam where members will pay a membership fee and be given products that they can sell. Given products are costly and of low quality, it becomes rare to sell. The company offers another way to earn money through referrals. The moment they successfully refer it to others, they will receive a commission for it.

A Ponzi scheme, on the other side, has no products. It is a scam in which members invest money with the promise of a higher return. 

Likewise, they have recruitment of members, because of this technique, newer members' fees are given as payment to older members.

GPTHub Compensation Plan

Every completed activity on this site will earn you a certain amount and this will be credited to your GPTHub account balance. Once you've reached the minimum threshold of $2, you can request a payout. It also offers different payment methods. You can select one by simply providing your address for the payment method you opt to use. 

Another thing about GPTHub, you have to earn a specific number of GPT points before you can withdraw your earnings. As being stated, you can attain these points by viewing ads and also by completing almost any activity on the site. 

The needed number of GPT points to make a withdrawal differs depending on the level of your membership. For instance, for a basic member, you will need 1500 GPT points to withdraw your earnings.

Therefore, despite its low payout threshold, it will still take you ample time before you can payout. You'll approximately take 1500 ads/surveys/offers to complete. Payouts could be possible in various methods such as Skrill, Payeer, Bitcoin, FaucetPAY, and Neteller.

Based on their terms and conditions, your second payout will only be processed after you've posted the proof of your first payment into the community forums.

So if you want an easier and faster payout procedure, I suggest you try the dastst paying sites instead.

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How Much To Join GPTHub?

You will not pay for anything to join GPTHub. It is free.



Free To Join And Accessible

There’s no need to pay for a signup fee or anything. All you have to do is to sign up and be a member.

Anyone across the globe can be a part of GPTHub regardless of where they live.

Low minimum withdrawal amount

You can be able to payout when you reach the minimum threshold of $2.

Many Payment Options

There are different payment methods such as Skrill, Payeer, Bitcoin, FaucetPAY, and Neteller.

Plenty Of Earning Opportunities

GPTHub offers several earnings opportunities for you such as taking quizzes, paid surveys, clicking on ads, games and they also have a referral program to help you earn points and money. 


Low Earning potential

Completing a certain task or activity will only earn you a small sum of money and low points accumulation.

Website has a lot of Ads and Commercials

Many ads and commercials are appearing that might cover the actual content and cause distraction.

Requires High GPT Points To Withdraw Earnings

Despite the minimum threshold of $2, you also need to have 1500 GPT points or depending on the level of your membership before you can withdraw your earnings.

Site Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Unfortunately, GPTHub doesn’t have a mobile app that you can download, and their site is not optimized for mobile use.

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Who Is It For?

GPTHub is available for anyone who wants to earn extra cash online. It’s straightforward and it offers menial tasks that beginners can take advantage of.

Training Tools/Support

GPTHub has a FAQ page that discusses most of the common topics you need to clarify, yet it’s not as comprehensive as you expected. It is better to read facts about the site to be knowledgeable enough about its workings.

Luckily, if you can’t find the answers you are looking for, you can always submit a support ticket to get in touch with their support team.

Final Opinion/Verdict

GPTHub is a PTC site that will pay you for completing the activities they offer. It has good qualities to offer, but it also has downsides that need to be thoroughly considered.

Earning potentials of GPTHub is affected by its low reward redemption. So, even if there are many earning opportunities and a low payout threshold, it will still take you a long time to earn and withdraw.

I would only recommend you to join this site if you don’t have any other secondary sites to earn from. But if you are looking for sustainable income, I would suggest you not join GPTHUb and check out the top survey and GPT sites in your country instead.

Whats Next?

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Thank you for reading my GPTHub review. If you have questions or opinions, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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