What Is Surveyeah About? Is This A Legit Online Income Opportunity Or A Scam?

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Are you aware of the possibility of earning money online through answering surveys? In that case, do you know how a survey really works? 

Do you want to try this opportunity?

How would you know if the platform is a scam or a legit one?

These days, people prefer simple and more convenient ways of earning money. In that sense, many opt for online opportunities, such as survey sites that offer easy ways to make money online.

Surveyeah Review Summary

Name: Surveyeah

Website:  : www.surveyeah.com

Founders: Nicolò Fisogni

Product Type:   Paid Survey Site

Price:   Free to Join

Quick Summary:  Surveyeah is a paid survey website where you get paid for filling out surveys and doing other small tasks.

It looks legit but some drawbacks need to be recognized. That being said, is Surveyeah worth a shot, or is it just like other survey websites that will waste your time?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

But still, it is something that needs to be catered to seriously and through my review, I will assist you in aiming for the best decision whether to give it a go or not. Keep reading and be ready to find out about this website as I begin to discuss it right away. 

What Is Surveyeah About?

As the name implies, Surveyeah is a paid survey site that will make you say “yeah” because it claims to use your opinions to help industries by offering you to answer surveys on a wide range of topics in line with your profile and your preferences. 

Acquired survey results will be used by clients or a third-party organization to address business issues, services, and offerings. 

As for the compensation, they will let you earn a certain sum of money after successfully answering a given survey. It provides a win-win situation for the members of this platform and to its allied businesses. 

Surveyeah has been active on the web since February 2014 and is currently present in 123 countries around the world. 

Located in Milan, Surveyeah was founded by Nicolò Fisogni. It is a market research company that partners with Cint Surveys, which gives Surveyeah some added credibility. Therefore, despite being known as a new online survey market, it is still a rapidly expanding global company.

Upon reaching the minimum threshold, you can payout through various methods such as: via PayPal, conversion to Amazon gift cards, buying and downloading eBooks directly from Surveyeah, and lastly, donating to a charity of your choice.

It’s almost the same as QuickThoughts App, NiceQuest App, TheoremReach, SurveyPronto, and SurveyMonkey Rewards App.

So, can anyone join and be a part of Surveyeah?

Fortunately, yes. Surveyeah is open to people from many different countries. The age requirement isn't that strict, 15-17 years old can join only with legal parental authorization. If ever you wanted to sign up, I will tell you more about this website. 

How Surveyeah Works?

Signing up with Surveyeah is convenient and they are known for valuing privacy. You just need to provide your email address and fill out a more detailed profile for yourself. However, it might affect your chances of getting more surveys emailed to you. 

Surveyeah Product Line

The following earning opportunities include:

Paid Surveys

It is the main way to make money here. You can answer and complete an offered survey only after being qualified based on the questions being asked before the actual survey itself.

In return, you will earn money however, the survey you can get depends on your demographics.

Paid Offers

It likewise offers several activities present on other websites, such as video watching, online shopping, and games. It also has simple tasks, like playing games, answering quizzes, signing up to websites, downloading apps, and so on. 

Student Research

Occasionally, you will be invited to cater questions for undergraduate and graduate students to help them complete their thesis. In exchange, you will receive compensation for your help.


Although there's an ongoing debate whether referrals are present in Surveyeah, one thing is for sure, you will only get low earned points when sharing it with other people unlike attending to surveys and offers at the very least.

Is Surveyeah A Scam?

Surveyeah is a legitimate website. 

Since it is an Italian company, it doesn't have BBB accreditation, but it has a decent reputation within the online community.  

They even partnered up with Cint Surveys, which somehow gives them credibility, and they always provide interesting yet simple surveys for their members to complete.

In fact, it would be hard to scam people when something is free. The only way this would be a scam is if they didn't let you withdraw your money for the work you do but that's not the case here. 

The problems are low earning opportunities because of the limited offered surveys and an ample amount of time you've spent to complete it.

So, survey sites aren't for everyone. It's a matter of choice that deals with patience and hard work. 

Surveyeah is truly not a scam but if you prefer sustainable income, then there are better alternatives than this. After all, you decide to make.

Surveyeah Compensation Plan

Once you have finished answering a survey, you are starting to earn money. Usually, you'll get 2-4 surveys a month via email and it ranges from 6 to 20 points per survey and they can take up to 20 to 30 minutes to fill out. 

Depending on the length, expect to earn anywhere between $0.50 and $5.00 per survey. 

The payment threshold depends on the country you're from and it can be anywhere from $10 to $30+. You can check their website under the 'Rewards' tab for the payment minimums in your country.

Their point threshold is very similar to the money threshold. 50 points are equivalent to $5.00.

After which, you can either get paid through Paypal or Amazon gift cards. To get $40 sent to you via Paypal or to get a $40 Amazon card you will need 320 points. Also, by sending an email to customer service, you can opt to receive your cash via Skrill, Western Union, or Moneygram. 

You can either purchase an eBook directly from Surveyeah or you can donate money to your chosen charity.

Surveyeah likewise gives you the option to get straight cash. Many other survey sites do not do this. They will only give you gift cards or merchandise. So choose your payout method wisely. This implies that Surveyeah offers great payout methods no matter what are your preferences and no matter what country you live in. 

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How Much To Join Surveyeah?

Joining Surveyeah is free. It will not cause you anything to start with. 



Free To Join

There's no need to pay for anything. It is free, to begin with.

Easily Accessible

Anyone all over the world can sign up at the convenience of their own home since there's no training required to join.

Several Payment Options

You can select your preferred way of paying out through PayPal, Straight cash payout, amazon vouchers, and other ways to redeem it either by purchasing eBooks or charity donations.

Globally Available

They don't have a strict adherence to who can join as long as you're 18 years old or older or even if you're aging 15-17 years old, you just need parental authorization and you're good to join.

Site Is Mobile Friendly

Surveyeah is available on your mobile phone. So, you can take surveys on the go and whenever it fits into your schedule. When you receive an email with a link to a survey, you just click the link, and you can take the survey. So there is no app you need to use.


Low Earning Generation

Even if you are qualified for a survey you're not going to make a lot. Your earnings aren't that much compared to other income resources. It can potentially take a while to earn.

Limited surveys

There are approximately 2 to 4 surveys given in a month. There's nothing more to expect since there are many users who are also taking up surveys.

High payment threshold

You need to reach the minimum threshold, which ranges from $10 to $30 depending on which country you're residing before you can payout.

Time Consuming

Most surveys on the platform are worth a dollar or less. Since it is considered a low-earning opportunity, you will need to spend ample time to reach the threshold. 


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Who Is It For?

Surveyeah is available to people living across the globe, including Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Philippines, and many more!

I won't mention it one by one but it's a high possibility that Surveyeah is also accessible in your country if ever you wanted to be a part of it. 

It even has specific survey panels for many countries where it can sometimes be difficult to find legit survey sites to join.

Only you must be 15 years old to sign up, but if you are below 18 years old, you need your parents’ consent. This can differ from country to country, so you just have to check for your specific country if you are below 18. 

Training Tools/Support

If you need any questions or clarification about your account, Surveyeah does have a support function. You can write through a contact form on their website. They will respond to you within 24 hours on working days. 

Based on their service to people on Email and Facebook they are indeed fulfilling their duty to be of help within a day. So you can also reach them via email or Facebook if you need assistance.

Overall, Surveyeah offers great and fast support which is a commendable act for a survey site making it as reliable as it can be.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Surveyeah is definitely a legit survey site as you will get paid without problems, and like any other legit survey site, it is free to join and use. 

From their simple signup and layout to their easy payout options, you will find that Surveyeah has put a lot of time and energy into ensuring that their website is usable.

However, paid survey sites are not for everyone. Limited survey opportunities each month isn't for someone who aspires for a sustainable income. If you're that someone, then this platform is obviously not made for you. There are better opportunities ahead, seek what you think will suit your desires and needs best.

After reading this Surveyeah review, I know for a fact that you have enough basis to be able to determine what path will you take that will lead you to your own victory.

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading our Surveyeah review. If you have questions or opinions we are pleased to hear from you in the comment section below. 

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