Is Up2Give A Scam? What’s Behind This Cash-Gifting Crypto Scam?

is up2give a scam

Welcome to My Up2Give Review! 

Maybe, you have happened to come across an opportunity to participate in a noble cause and at the same time, have an opportunity to make money online. Sounds cool, right?  

But before you sign up, it’s always a good idea to investigate well before joining. There are a handful of legit companies that are doing philanthropic and charitable works but then, there are also illegal ones.

Up2Give Review Summary

Name: Up2Give


Founders: Jerry Lopez

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $32 For The Monthly Fee And 0.005 Bitcoin (Or $82) Donation

up2give logo

Quick Summary: Up2Give appears to be a cash gifting trick masked as a charitable crowdfunding donations system. They utilize the cryptocurrency bitcoin, which is how you'll purchase your way in and pay them.  

It’s built on a multi-level marketing (MLM) platform but unlike most legit networking marketing, Up2Give has no tangible products rather, it only offers affiliate membership itself, thus sounding more like a Ponzi scheme.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

So if you’re here to check out an opportunity called Up2Give to know what it’s really about, then I commend you for doing so. This is one way to avoid being scammed. 

In this post, we will talk about a crypto-related company called Up2Give, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that offers a cashback system when you join their philanthropic cause. 

However, is Up2Give legit or is it one of those fraudulent schemes hiding in a philanthropic act? How does it really work? What is this program really about?

What Is Up2Give About?

Up2Give presents itself as a company that stands for a noble cause but in reality, it’s just another multi-level marketing (MLM) company that plays on the idea of cash gifting and they utilize the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in this earning opportunity.  

Basically, the platform works by signing up for their offer so you can have the opportunity to avail of cash gifting. As an MLM, you need to recruit people and encourage them to do the same. 

Based on the WhoIs domain, Up2give’s website was created and privately registered on August 27th, 2019, and was launched by 2020. Further research would point out Jerry Lopez as the name behind the company. 

jerry lopez founder of up2give

It was not clearly stipulated on the website for bypassers and we had a hard time finding his name but you'll see him show up in some of the videos, along with Andreas Kartud and Sean E Star as part of the group of founders.  

Both Lopez and Kartud have experience in MLMs and have been involved in Ponzi schemes. 

They claim Up2Give was 4 years in the making.  

The founders, Andreas Kartrud have been tangled in a couple of crypto scams including Wo Token wallet scam, OneCoin, Swisscoin, and many more. 

Meanwhile, Jerry Lopez was involved in several failed health-related MLMs before getting into some crypto scams, like Dunamis and now Up2Give. 

We can’t get much information about Sean Starr but checking on his Facebook profile would reveal his associations with a few serial Ponzi scammers. 

The CEO and founder, Jerry Lopez probably started his MLM venture in 2014 as he joined LyfeStart International coming from being a leader of the Latino industry but apparently, the company closed immediately.  

8 months after joining, he transferred to Savi Health, another MLM opportunity.  

Lopez’s raid into crypto MLMs shows up to have started with Dunamis Worldwide Tech but unfortunately, Dunamis Global Tech went under in 2019 and was sold off to Onyx Lifestyle. 

Thus, his venture unto Up2Give. 

Upon joining, you’ll see more videos about the company and the founder, Jerry Lopez as he talks about the idea of the company in a 20-minute webinar video. He goes over the idea of philanthropy and how he wants to use it to become one of the biggest companies within that field. 

However, it’s odd that he is being so enthusiastic even if the whole setup doesn’t work. Even if he tries so hard to transform Up2Give into a successful company, the whole idea of giving and getting in return doesn’t correspond with what he’s saying in the videos. 

Up2Give Product Line 

It started without products advertised but now, you’ll see the following services on their website but apparently, these products are more of tools and services you can avail as you join their affiliate membership. 

up2give member tools
  • The Giving Box - This is more of a tool than a legit product. Apparently, this is where you receive payments and donations and it will cost you $32.00 worth of BTC per month. Talking about philanthropic work.
  • Banking
  • U2G Academy 

But still, Up2Give has no retailable products or services and what affiliates are really only able to market is the Up2Give affiliate membership itself.

Is Up2Give A Scam?

Up2Give is a cash gifting crypto scam! 

Yes, cash gifting is good but participating in a cash-gifting system where you give gifts to someone to qualify to receive is illegal.  

Also, there is so much recruitment hype that you can’t even join without a referral. Since there are no real products, these recruitments are the sole source of revenue.  

They are also deceiving people to participate in a noble cause when in reality, it’s just to mask their real agenda and that is to scam people and get money from their donations. 

Is Up2Give A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Though they present advertised digital products and services like the Giving Box, “Banking as a Service,'' and the U2G Academy, these are not products you can earn from rather, a part of their MLM memberships. 

The only thing you market in Up2Give is the membership itself, thus it’s from recruitment that the pool of income comes from. That being said, it can be considered as a pyramid scheme rather than a legit MLM program. 

Basically, Up2Give works by collecting money from affiliates and uses it to pay other members, which, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is a telltale sign of a Ponzi scheme.

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Up2Give Compensation Plan

They may claim that it’s more of a cash gifting but when you say Cash Gifting, it is the act of giving someone cash without expecting anything in return. Thus, the word gift. 

But in Up2Give, gifting cash is done with the expectation that the amount given will possibly return to them with a bigger value. So literally speaking, there is no gifting going on. In fact, it’s more of the opposite. 

Well, to simply explain Up2Give's compensation plan, there are 6 total levels included where the higher you get, the more givers will be donating to you. In return, you need to “donate” to other people’s fundraisers. 

Once you make it to level 6, you'll be looking at some decent earnings, but you need to give 10% at this point and have 64 people giving to you. 

To further explain, Up2Give's compensation plan or their so-called "donation” plan is forced and compressed 2×6 matrix with a minimum of a $32 monthly fee and a 0.005 Bitcoin (BTC) donation, which is about $82. 

The maximum earning from 0.005 BTC is 64 BTC monthly.

  • Level 1: 2 x 2 = 4
  • Level 2: 4 x 4 = 16
  • Level 3: 8 x 8 = 64
  • Level 4: 16 x 16 = 256
  • Level 5: 32 x 32 =1,064
  • Level 6: 64 x 64 = 4,096

In total, you'll have to pay $5,460. 

To learn more about Up2Give, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Up2Give?

The primary thing you have to know is that you simply won’t be able to join Up2Give without having a referral.  

After signing up with a referral in Up2Give, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard and some messages to encourage you to pay that $32 fee worth of BTC per month, which includes the Giving Box.  

On top of this, you have to donate 0.005 Bitcoin, which is about $82 for you to start earning in return.  

Just in case you forgot what donation means, it means giving without expecting anything in return. Also, I don’t think donations should come with a specific amount.



There’s nothing really to like about the Up2Give. 

Yes, the idea of having a chance to earn and also give nobly is pretty fulfilling plus the fact that you could earn in return as you give is also catchy.  

But then, these are just empty claims and a deceptive catch to lure you into a scam. If it’s just a mask of a deceptive scheme, better not give it a try.  


Founders’ Bad Records 

As mentioned, not only Lopez had a bad record with his previous MLMs that collapsed and the crypto Ponzi schemes he was involved in but also Andreas Kartrud who had a couple of crypto scam involvements.  

With such records, how sure are you that it will not happen again?  

Well, it might have already been in the process. With such reputations, it would be hard for me to trust the program.  

Also, since the compensation plan in Up2Give works in a 2×6 matrix, its founders are probably the only ones who will earn most of the money. 

Cash Gifting Fraud

In reality, the Cash Gifting System is a deceptive front. Since participating in a cash-gifting system like Up2Give where you give gifts to someone to be gifted in return is illegal.  

Don’t be deceived! 

A Ponzi Scheme 

There are so many red flags in this opportunity!  

As discussed, it works more like a Ponzi scheme since there are no retailable products and there’s so much recruitment hype.  

It’s also run by people who’s been involved with several scams.  

It may be concealing itself as a philanthropic act but donations should be given wholeheartedly without asking in return, which is not the case with Up2Give.  

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Training Tools/Support

Being part of Up2Give, you have access to U2G Academy, which provides skills training so you can recruit more people.

Final Opinion/Verdicts 

Perhaps by now, you are convinced that Up2Give is a cash gifting trick disguised as a charitable crowdfunding donations system.  

Unlike legit networking companies, there are no tangible or real digital products to make money from. That means there are no retail commissions and this is already a sign of a scam. 

The only way to make money is through recruitment, thus making it a Ponzi scheme. 

The worst thing about this is that you need a referral even before you join the program and remember, there’s a specific amount you have to “donate” so you can earn an income. 

Let’s not forget the founders and how they’ve been involved in several scams. Definitely, not a program you can trust so if I were you, I’d rather skip this platform before I end up being scammed.

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I hope this Up2Give review has given you an idea of what it’s really about and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to drop it down below. 

Thank you!

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