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wakaya perfection review

Welcome to my Wakaya Perfection Review!

Wakaya? Isn’t it the island around the volcanic archipelago of Fiji? Yes, that’s it! How about Wakaya Perfection? Well, it’s an opportunity showcasing the products of this island that is said to contain a soil rich in nutrients due to its volcanic origin. 

Wakaya Perfection Review Summary

Name: Wakaya Perfection


Founders: David Gilmour and Todd Smith

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $49.95 For The Welcome Kit + $99.95 To $749.95 For The Products +$35 For The Web Tools

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Quick Summary: Wakaya Perfection is a multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity operating in the health and wellness niche. It sells and markets products in various categories such as skincare, personal care, wellness, hydration, essential oils, and fitness. 

Being a company running on a networking scheme, it is just like most MLM opportunities where you can earn money through retail sales and recruitment commissions. There goes the recruitment hype again plus their products are pretty expensive!

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

But will this opportunity make you rich? Is Wakaya Perfection legit or just another scam? How does it work?

Let’s find out the truth in this unbiased Wakaya Perfection review.

What Is Wakaya Perfection About?

Wakaya Perfection is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company in the health and wellness niche marketing various products that come from Wakaya Island itself. It includes skincare, personal care, wellness, hydration, essential oils, and fitness. 

The company was founded by David Gilmour and Todd Smith and is based in Lindon, Utah, United States. However, it looks like the MLM opportunity is only available for the people living in the United States and Japan. 

Wakaya is an island in Fiji. Fiji is a country in the South Pacific which is an archipelago of more than 300 islands and one of which was Wakaya. Wakaya was the island bought by David Gilmour and his wife in 1973. 

Before the establishment of Wakaya Perfection, David Gilmour was already successful as an entrepreneur. He even managed to buy an island and was featured in Forbes. Gilmour spearheaded Fiji Tourism where he owns hotels and restaurants in Wakaya. 

It was in 2016 that both David Gilmour and Todd Smith came together and founded Wakaya Perfection. 

On the other hand, the other founder, Todd Smith was a top distributor of another health and wellness MLM company called Youngevity, which he left after 19 years. Youngevity wasn’t that happy when Todd Smith started Wakaya Perfection. In fact, they filed a couple of lawsuits against him and Wakaya Perfection ever since it was launched, threatening the company’s success. But still, up to this, Wakaya is standing strong.

Wakaya Perfection product line

Wakaya Perfection Product Line

Before launching as Wakaya Perfection, one of the products, the Wakaya Ginger was previously owned by David Gilmour’s hotel and as of now Wakaya indeed has widened its category of products, from skincare to personal care, wellness to hydration, essential oils, and fitness.

A large chunk of the plants grown on Wayaka are indigenous to the island and these botanicals are used to produce a range of products that are known to enhance the quality of life.

Here are some of their products:

  • Organic Ginger powder - A daily intake of the product is supposed to cure any form of inflammation in the body as well as it aids the digestive system.
  • Ginger-Eze - A health supplement that is known to soothe individuals from common cold symptoms and reduces the chances of nausea.
  • Organic Fujian Turmeric Powder And Capsules - Restores the optimum levels of turmeric in the body.
  • Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Tea - For detoxification and to achieve a sound digestive system.
  • Wakaya Perfection Culinary Essentials - Food products vital for spicing up your meal. They come in different varieties depending on user preferences.
  • Wakaya Perfection Creams - Variety of different creams. 
  • BULAFIT - The main focus is on helping you lose weight.

Does the product work?

Well, they are rated A+ by the Better Bureau Business (BBB). However, the products are pretty expensive. Like Wakaya Ginger, one of their products is pretty expensive on their website as compared to the one which you could buy at a cheaper price in Amazon. But if you are an affiliate (Ambassador), you can get the products a lot cheaper.

Wakaya Perfection product line

How To Make Money With Wakaya Perfection?

Here are the major ways you could earn in Wakaya Perfection...

Retail Sales - Pay you a 10% to 20% commission on your retail sales. When you make a sale to a customer, you will earn a 20% commission, 10% commission when you make a sale to a preferred customer. This happens because preferred customers are given a discount by the company. Normally, MLM companies pay 25% or higher commission on retail sales so this company is paying less. 

Team Level Bonuses - Pay you based on the bonus volume that is generated by people in your team. The bonus volume is the volume in which the commissions are calculated. You can earn these bonuses for up to 5 levels deep. They are paid in the range of 5%-20%. You can earn 20% team level bonuses on your first and second level.

Generational And Infinity Bonus - Basically includes the team of someone qualified for a particular rank in your downline. The company will pay up to 10% of the bonus volume in generational and infinity bonuses. You can earn 4% of bonus volume from generational bonuses while the rest can be earned from infinity bonuses. Infinity bonus is paid to Sapphire Ambassador or higher rank holders and it allows you to earn a percentage on bonus volume. It is paid until an Ambassador with equal or greater rank is found in your downline. 

  • Car Bonuses - These bonuses are paid when you remain qualified for a higher rank for two consecutive months. These bonuses are paid in the range of $300 to $1,000. There are several other ways of earning money through the compensation plan like coding bonus and 2×2 team bonus. 

See more about their compensation plan in the video below:

Is Wakaya Perfection A Scam?

Well, it’s not that long since Wakaya Perfection was established. It’s still really pretty new but it’s not enough to consider it a scam. And although they have been involved with a couple of lawsuits, they are still standing because probably they are not a scam and have proven themselves right. 

However, it is not a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company but they do hold an A+ rating. Well, I could say Wakaya Perfection has more to prove and have yet to establish themselves.


Signing up as an Independent Ambassador is initiated with the purchase of an Ambassador Welcome and Web Tools Kit at $49.95. This price is reduced to $25 with the purchase of a Paradise Product Pack. you also need to shoulder product packs with prices ranging from $99.95 to $749.95. 

On top of these, you’ll also have to pay $35 for Web Tools and Renewal fee which is charged annually, starting one year after signup, to assist in covering website, online tools, and ongoing marketing, training, and support costs.

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Interesting Product

There’s not much to like about Wakaya Perfection. However, their products may really seem interesting that I could say be catchy to consumers because they are unique.

And what makes them that way is because of the “volcanic” nutrients and minerals incorporated in their products. Because as their name depicts, Wakaya Perfection is from Wakaya, an Island in the volcanic archipelago of Fiji. 


Challenging For Newbies

With this kind of platform, you’ll only don’t have to be sales proficient but as well as adept in multi-level marketing. So for those people who are not comfortable in a sales position and are not extroverted enough to endorse the opportunity to people, then this business opportunity is not suitable for you.

Yes, you could earn from sales but you will be compelled to do more in recruitment because most of the bonuses are team-based and your success will largely depend on your team and your rank.

Expensive Products

Product-wise they have positive reviews from consumers. However, Wakaya Perfection products are pretty expensive. This is somehow inconvenient, whereas you could as well buy their products from Amazon at a cheaper price.  

Limited Locations

The company may have pretty interesting products but it looks like the MLM opportunity is only available for the people living in the United States and Japan and that’s the problem if you would want this opportunity but not in the area.  

Record Of Lawsuits

As mentioned, the co-founder, Todd Smith was previously at another MLM company called Youngevity and it seemed it wasn’t that happy when Todd Smith started Wakaya Perfection. With that, they filed a couple of lawsuits against Wakanda Perfection. 

Yet it was not successful to bring Wakaya Perfection down because up to this day, Wakaya is standing strong. However, being involved in a lawsuit already entitles them with a bad record. But it’s not a surprise that most MLMs do get involved with lawsuits because, with all of the recruitment hype, they often get accused of being a Pyramid Scheme.

Well, a record is a record and can't be undone. And with such involvement, it is already a warning not to push through with such opportunities.


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Who Is It For?

Being an MLM opportunity, it’s for those who are adept in the MLM industry, being skillful in recruitment and sales because you’re not only selling products here but you are also endorsing people to join the program. 

With this type of business platform, people with MLM experiences are at the advantage. It’s also a business intended for health and wellness enthusiasts and for those who are fond and curious about these products that are rich in volcanic minerals and nutrients. 

Training Tools/Support

As an ambassador in Wakaya Perfection, you’ll receive your own Ambassador website and Back Office. You can as well receive comprehensive training and ambassador support.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, I would not recommend you joining Wakaya Perfection. Yes, they may not be a scam but it has to prove itself more. Being an MLM itself also makes it more on the disadvantage. This is not to scorn at MLMs but most of the time, most MLM affiliates really don’t earn. 

And also, the company has been involved in a couple of lawsuits which marks them with a record that can’t be undone. Their products are also pretty expensive. Well, it could probably work for you but that doesn’t mean that you will be successful with their business opportunity. So, if I were you, I would skip this MLM opportunity. 

What’s Next?

So, if you think Wakaya Perfection’s MLM opportunity is not for you and you’ll still want to earn a booming income in the comforts of your home, then I recommend you to join our top-recommended program.

I will be honest though. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme and you need to spend time and effort so you can be successful in this journey. The good is that it has all the business tools and support you need, such as:

  • Training resources
  • Webinars to help you start your business online
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my Wakaya Perfection review! Please feel free to leave a comment below if you wish to discuss this review more. 

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