What Does the Future of Shipping Look Like?

What Does the Future of Shipping Look Like?

Cargo transportation is a constantly evolving industry. Change is the one thing that is completely certain. Because of this, the future of shipping can look a bit uncertain. However, we know what goals we strive to achieve based on initiatives set by key organizations in the industry. These give us some insight into the future.

That said, we cannot look to the future without first looking back at where we’ve been. Let’s take a moment to remember just how far we’ve come.

Transportation and Innovation

Transportation and innovation have always gone hand in hand, and cargo transportation has a long history. From the invention of the wheel to the steamship, humans have always been tinkering and striving to make things better and to make their tasks easier.

Now, we look to the future. What technology will we develop to make cargo transportation easier, more efficient, and more sustainable?

The Problem With the Current Shipping Industry

The shipping industry is responsible for massive amounts of carbon emissions. However, cutting down on the amount of shipping we do is not possible in modern society. We are accustomed to delivering and receiving items from across the world to our literal doorsteps in staggeringly short periods of time.

Climate change is a threat to the planet and humanity. Think of the influx of record-breaking temperatures and natural disasters in recent years. It is our responsibility to our planet and to each other to ship more sustainably.

A Push for Sustainability

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is actively working on cutting the maritime industry’s carbon emissions. The shipping industry causes a staggering three percent of worldwide CO2 emissions. The IMO’s goal is to half emissions by 2050.

We must make active changes today to meet these goals. Focusing exclusively on maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs will mean the failure of the IMO’s goal and irreparable damage to our planet.

There’s no way to know what the future of shipping looks like for certain, but the IMO has predicted four distinct outcomes divided by success and failure. If we’d like more optimistic outcomes, we must make changes today. What can you do to make your business more sustainable?

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