Xtreme Coin Review – Legit Bitcoin Crypto MLM Or A Scam?

xtreme coin review scam

Welcome to My Xtreme Coin Review!

Business opportunities are swarming all over the world wide web, from various niches to these so-called Cryptocurrencies

So what is this Cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. 

Xtreme Coin Review Summary

Name: Xtreme Coin

Website: www.xtremecoin.com

Founders: Not Disclosed

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $311 to $62,290 (Bitcoin to USD Conversion)

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Quick Summary: Xtreme Coin is a multi-level marketing opportunity that is in the niche of Cryptocurrency. Having said that, it is an investment scheme program, specifically of Bitcoin.

However, there are certain red flags that you should be aware of. One is about its lack of transparency and that there’s no proof if anyone is earning.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Probably there is a multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity that offers you this cryptocurrency and you might even buy into the idea of easy money and huge return of investment as to what these companies promise. 

But would this cryptocurrency be a good idea to invest in? Now, we will be discussing an MLM company that runs this investment scheme and cryptocurrency, the MLM company- Xtreme Coin. This uses bitcoins, a cryptocurrency that’s been making a buzz today.

Anyway, welcome to my Xtreme Coin Review! We will discuss more of this business opportunity in this review! 

What Is Xtreme Coin About?

Xtreme Coin is a multi-level marketing(MLM) company that markets an investment system into Bitcoins- a form of cryptocurrency. Opportunities like Bitcoin is a way for people to earn money because by just increasing your coins, it can be converted to money.

Xtreme Coin’s domain was registered last May of 2017. Their domain is xtremecoin.com. There was no mention of who founded the company. There’s no information about who’s running or where the company is located. 

However, the name of Dwayne Golden was made mention of a YouTube video regarding Xtreme Coin. He was the said CEO and owner of the company. But this is not verified. The said youtube video was a marketing video from Darren Little’s channel but unfortunately, the video has been deleted.

Dwayne Golden of xtreme coinDwayne Golden of xtreme coin

Dwayne Golden is also the owner and founder of Igreso Cybernetico, that’s a cryptocurrency currency as well. However, it shut down as it was a Ponzi scheme.  

Xtreme coin is an MLM company that offers an opportunity to people by empowering them to build their own Bitcoin business. This platform was mustered by skilled programmers, networkers, leaders, and developers.  

Xtreme Coin Product Line

As a CryptoMLM (cryptocurrency multi-level marketing) company, Xtreme coin does not sell any physical products or any services. However, it sells memberships in different packages. 

How To Make Money With Xtreme Coin? 

Xtreme Coin offers a compensation plan that can be participated by individuals who buy an 8 tier 2×2 matrix bitcoin cycler which is the highest position of the matrix. When a person buys this matrix, it will be considered as the first level. The level can increase if the person purchases another position.

There are seven cycle tiers that Xtreme Coin offers and each tier has different amounts of bitcoins.

  • Sapphire Tier – An investment of 0.05 BTC returns the value of 0.15 BTC to affiliates
  • Pearl Tier  An investment of 0.1 BTC returns the value of 0.3 BTC to affiliates
  • Ruby Tier  An investment of 0.25 BTC returns the value of 0.75 BTC to affiliates
  • Emerald Tier  An  investment of 0.5 BTC returns the value of 1.5 BTC to affiliates
  • Diamond Tier – An investment of 1 BTC returns the value of 3 BTC to affiliates
  • Blue Diamond Tier  An investment of 4 BTC returns the value of 12 BTC to affiliates
  • Xtreme Diamond Tier – An investment of 10 BTC returns the value of 30 BTC to affiliates

Memberships can also be upgraded with the help of “Executive Club” which costs 0.15 BTC a year and a commission of 0.05 BTC if you convince another member to upgrade their membership.

To learn more about Xtreme Coin, you can watch the video below:

Is Xtreme Coin A Scam?

I totally can’t say if Xtreme Coin is a SCAM but there are a lot of red flags in this business opportunity. With no physical products or services, income is dependent on the membership packages that can point it to a Ponzi Scheme. 

And also its lack of transparency can be suspicious. With no mentioned founder or other important company details, something’s really fishy going on. And also, about their membership packages- with regards to the inclusions like hotel benefits, condo discounts and many more, you will not find any list of where you can use your Xtreme Coin specifically like on what hotel, etc. 

I can’t even access their domain right now. It’s said to be private. And there’s even no proof that members are earning at all. So definitely not recommending you this one.

is xtreme coin a scam


To join Xtreme Coin, you’ll have to purchase a membership package. As of this writing, 1 BTC is equal to $6,229.01. 

  • Sapphire -  (Cost: .05 BTC) promises a payout of .15BTC and claims to include first-class support, hotel benefits, and discounts. However, you will not find any list of hotels on their website where you can use your Xtreme Coin. 
  • Pearl - (Cost: .10 BTC) payout of .30BTC and includes exclusive discounts on condos and spur of the moment trips. 
  • Ruby - (Cost: .25 BTC) payout of .75BTC and includes first-class support and discounts on car and rentals.
  • Emerald- (Cost: .50 BTC) payout of 1.5BTC and includes first-class support. It also offers exotic vacation discounts.
  • Diamond - (Cost: 1 BTC) payout of 3 BTC and includes first-class support. Again, like the inclusions above, they didn’t give any details about this one as well. 
  • Blue Diamond - (Cost: 4 BTC) payout of 12 BTC and first-class support.
  • Xtreme Diamond - (Cost: 10 BTC) payout of 30 BTC, again with first-class support.

FYI: This is not an investment platform that allows you to trade different currencies (cryptocurrencies or otherwise). You’re buying your way into a tiered system that begins with your initial investment. ROI is dependent on your tiered investment. 

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Honestly, from our point of view, there’s nothing to like about this business opportunity. Nothing may seem appealing for us because crypto MLM may not always go on successfully. Most of these end up being a scam. So don’t be deceived! 


Not Transparent

As I mentioned above, they don’t have any information with regards to the company’s whereabouts and there was even no owner information divulged. This alone doesn’t assure me of investing in their program.  

When things go wrong, it will be hard to find a person to blame. And they are most probably hiding who they are because they don’t want to be liable for anything. Their lack of transparency simply means that something is really suspicious going on. 

Unverified Founder's Previous CryptoMMLM Exposed

Dwayne Golden was the said CEO and Owner of Xtreme Coin in one youtube video. He is also the owner and founder of Igreso Cybernetico- a cryptocurrency currency as well. However, it was proved to be a Ponzi scheme.  

Operating on such fraudulent schemes contributed to why that company closed and ceased to exist. With those records of a man connected to Xtreme coin, how sure are you that his current company will not shut down and will not run on such schemes again?

No Products Or Services

As we know most MLMs from different niches sell a physical product or a service but with such crypto MLM such as XtremeCoin, there are no products but they just offer membership packages or investments, which is usually a red flag in most companies like this.  

That’s why they can even be coined as a Ponzi Scheme. And with such platforms, there could be definite chances of closing, if they are proven to be fraudulent. 

Probably, No One Is Earning

With a lack of transparency and no definite information with its income disclosure statement, it’s safe to say that there’s probably no member earning real money. You can’t even see testimonies because no one even dares to testify. 

Even the hotel discounts and others that are included packages don't state where specific hotels you can use these bitcoins. So with no proof, how can you trust?

Costly Investment

Yes joining Xtreme Coin is pretty much costly, membership packages will even cost you from $311 and up to $62,290. That’s pretty much of an impractical investment without any physical product or services. 

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Who Is It For?

It's a business intended for those who are adept with MLMs and for those who are too engrossed with cryptocurrencies most especially bitcoins. And for those who would want to make money from home.

Training Tools/Support

Basically being a member of Xtreme Coin, like most platforms, you’ll have access to their back office along with materials and resources you’ll need in the business. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, we can’t totally conclude if Xtreme coin is a scam. It is a CryptoMLM that offers membership packages to its potential members. It can be a platform that can be good for people who are too engrossed with bitcoins. 

However, the lack of transparency alone is already enough reason to make me not recommend you to this program. Being an MLM in nature, would definitely require you to recruit. It’s not to scorn at MLMs but recruiting alone will be another burden. 

They don’t have any physical products or services, so there’s no other way for capital to be generated by this company. The sole pool of income is from the membership packages fees which simply means that the people on the higher tier would most probably WIN and those on the lower tier will end up losing their investment if there are no more people to recruit. 

And also the idea of easy money is never always a good thing. So better skip this platform while you can and not end up losing your money for nothing.

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Thanks for reading my Xtreme Coin review.

I hope it has clarified and answered your questions.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop it down below.

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