10 Tips That Will Guide Your Business to Success

Today I want to share with you 10 Tips that will gear you for Success at Starting Online Business. These 10 Tips are a result of lots of hard work within Wealthy Affiliate community where members share their experiences and recipes that helped them to achieve success. 

These 10 tips are very carefully crafted to ensure you cover every aspect of how to approach your business with proper mindset and what expectations to set. Let's not waste any more time and get started right away:

TIP #1. Don’t Rush

One of the most important tips you can get is to never rush anything when starting your business. Most people believe that if Making Money Online idea was legitimate they should be earning money within their first month - and that is a huge myth. 

There is no such business which will pay thousands of dollars in profit in your first month. Instead you will mostly find scammers and places like: online surveys which will promise instant profits. However the truth is you will earn $100 or so but later will realize that you mostly wasted your time rather than found a way to consistently earn money online.

But If you found a legitimate business opportunity – stick to it and learn everything about it. Become and expert in that niche and only then you will see success. In fact you will save so much time by focusing on learning first and building business with the right mindset from the beginning. 

TIP#2. Appreciate What You Have

Many people like to blame everything around for their own failures. Having positive attitude and willingness to learn and spend time on your business will greatly improve the ability to move forward quickly and effectively.

Procrastination is your enemy. If you ever get stuck – ask for help, dig for information, learn from others etc… There are so many resources online. This is important because during your business adventure you are guaranteed to hit plateau at some point and only pushing through it will move you forward.

I know what it feels like and I wanted to give up so many times, but that inner-feeling kept telling me to move forward and I started seeing that light in the tunnel. It's only difficult in early stages but gets easier especially mentally as you start earning money with your business. 

TIP#3. Anticipate Failure

As strange as it may sound but It’s very important to understand what type of mindset you should have when starting business.

Don’t worry about all the statistics that only 5% or less of people succeed online. Ever wondered why? – Most people give up on what they start without even trying hard.

This is a huge topic alone but basically if you put your best effort and after let”s say 9 months you don’t see any progress then  you should change the course of action.

Giving up on your business opportunity is not the first option and in case when you do give up – learn from your failure and start on your new business adventure.

Next time you will be far more experienced and will know what mistakes not to make. If you need some inspiration a link below should help. Many famous people became famous only after they failed numerous times chasing their dreams.

Remember Fear of Failing – is definitely a 100% path to fail. Don’t be afraid to fail or hit plateaus. If you have real motivation to succeed – you will get there. It’s just a matter of time, hard work and your ambitions.

TIP#4. Learn SEO (Sellable Asset)

As you may know Traffic is the main objective for any business. Without traffic your business will shut down sooner or later. There are many ways to get traffic, but one that will consistently bring you sales even when you sleep is SEO.

Not only it’s FREE traffic – it’s very powerful asset you can apply to any business adventure you start on. Learning how to gain top ranking is an amazing asset to have in your personal portfolio.

Wealthy Affiliate focuses a lot on SEO as it teaches you how to build a full time income with Authority website and SEO is a huge part of it. Here is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches:

  • How to pick lowest competition keywords (low hanging fruits)
  • What meta tags to use
  • Internal linking
  • How to write content effectively to gain top ranking
  • What other small features that make a huge impact on SEO

SEO is a key to any business you start online, therefore learning everything about it is a key to success.

TIP#5. Find a Place to Work

If you want to have full time online business – then you should treat it like a business and not like a hobby and this is a big difference between people who try different things online and fail and others who commit to their business, stick to it and start seeing results.

You should certainly figure out a place where you can work on developing your business. You don’t have to rent a separate office but finding a place within your home or maybe outside is crucial as you want to work in free of distractions environment.

Week after week you should decide on how much time you are going to spend on your business and stick to this routine. Having a place where you can work on your business sets your mind correctly and allows you to get maximum out of every hour spent there.

TIP#6. Create a Routine

Just like you brush your teeth in the morning, go to work every day, walk with a dog 2-3 times a day (if you have a dog) – your own business is no different. Any business you can think of has lots of daily routines. You have to organize yourself and schedule different routine tasks and stick to them. For Example:

  • When to write new content
  • Work on social media channels
  • Spend time on technical aspects of your website,
  • Research new ideas for your niche
  • Respond to all comments on your website/social media

After some time you will get used to this routine and it will be automated. Of course life has many other things to do besides building online business but finding time to work on these routines is critical for success.

TIP #7. Don’t Get Lazy

This Tip speaks for itself. Let your motivation to have successful online business carry you through the work you need to do. If you are slacking off or not being consistent with your routines – you will be moving very slowly and it will result to failure eventually.

Even when you see your website generating consistent sales – don’t get lazy and slow down, instead it should be even bigger motivation to scale up and double, triple the sales. – Show Must Go On and never stop.

TIP #8. Stay Humble. Stay Hungry

a) Stay Humble. This refers greatly to the discipline. Be respective towards others, disciplined and never act like you know everything. There is always something to learn, there is always something to do and having a great attitude helps to learn more and be better at what you do.

b) Stay Hungry. Never stop – always look for ways to learn new information, new channels to promote your business, meet new people, grow your business even bigger.

The rule is – even if you achieve a desired income level  and decide to stop because you are making enough money – you will very quickly notice how your business will start degrading and it is much harder to put everything back on track, therefore always be hungry for what you do and make it part of your lifestyle. You can certainly lower the pace but never stop completely.

TIP #9. Don’t Venture Too Far

If you are working on your business idea many experienced entrepreneurs suggest to keep on developing the same idea rather than focusing on many different ones. Although this is a huge topic that can be greatly debated.

Basically If you already have success with one niche idea – only then you can work on another one, especially if you are focusing on smaller micro niche ideas. However if it is a broader niche – then it’s better to stick to it and keep on branching out versus starting on another new niche.

TIP #10. Find a Mentor

Find successful business owner who is willing to talk to you about business in general. Ask questions respectfully when u can. Being in the same environment with people who have success gives a huge boost of energy to have your own successful business.

If you can’t find a person – it can be a book. Find someone who will inspire you and give you a drive to move forward and build successful business.

What you will find out is all successful business owners (especially self-made) went through lots of challenges and were even ready to quit their business at some point of time but they worked really hard through it and became successful.

There you have it – 10 Success Tips from Wealthy Affiliate community. If one thing you want to remember from these tips is that – Any business adventure you want to pursue requires great amount of dedication, there is no “Get Rich Quick” business model.

For people who are looking for one sooner or later they will realize how much time they wasted. The choice you have to keep on wasting time or start on Legitimate Online Business and dedicate your time to it and become successful.

Let me know what you think below:

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