Christian Martin Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review – Legit Way To Grow Business Online?

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If you are here, you probably heard about Christian Martin's digital course Work From Anywhere Accelerator and want to check out some reviews on it. 

Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review Summary

Name: Work From Anywhere Accelerator


Founders:  Christian Martin

Product Type: Digital Course

Price: $1,497 For The Free Or $597 Installment Fee Every Month For 3 Months

Quick Summary: Work From Anywhere Accelerator is a digital course that teaches people how to use marketing services, such as Facebook ads to generate leads for their online businesses.

Some testimonies tell that the program is effective and that they really got the result they needed. But what’s the truth about it? Is it worth your time and money or is it just like other online training with overhyped reviews?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

You probably ask if this course is legit or if it will really give out the result you need for your digital marketing services?

 And lastly, if this will be worth your time and money?

This review will surely answer your questions. 

So, let's begin! 

What Is Work From Anywhere Accelerator About?

Work From Anywhere Accelerator is a digital course made by Christian Martin that teaches people how he used funnels and Facebook ads to generate leads for his clients. 

It claims to help you sell your digital skills to other people who need your marketing skills.

In this era where almost everything is online, including your businesses, it will be a great help if you can have quality leads waiting for you to help them.

Work From Anywhere Product Line

It is a digital course where you will learn how you can get quality leads for your business. 

This course will teach you how you will attract your possible clients through your preferred platform advertisement. 

There are modules in the training that you can go through. This includes the modules: 

1. Mindset

2. Choosing your niche and creating your offer

3. Different Funnels that you can use

4. Facebook ads

5. Six Figures sales training

6. Lead generation

These modules provide you with different ways on how you can maximize your Work From Anywhere digital course. 

You can learn from the following:

  1. Over hundreds of videos of How to's that will help you in your lead generation

  2. Worksheets that will guide you in doing this course, also on how you can price your services to your clients

  3. Automated chat box that answers your questions on where you will find the specific module for your concern

  4. Knowledge base answers to your questions

  5. Q&A calls are done at different times so everyone will have the chance to ask their questions

  6. You can also ask the team to check or review your funnels

  7. There is also a private FB group that serves as a support group for your questions and concerns

  8. A Trello board is also provided to help you monitor the things that need to be done.

Is Work From Anywhere A Scam?

No, it is not a scam.

This course has legit information. But there might be confusion on what you actually must do from the sales page.

Some people were misled when they actually joined the program and eventually ended up saying that they were scammed out of it. 

Is Work From Anywhere Accelerator for a pyramid or Ponzi Scheme?

No. It is not a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme. It doesn't ask you to recruit or invite people to recruit other people for you to gain something from it.

So, it is not a pyramid scheme. 

Work From Anywhere Compensation Plan

It doesn't have any compensation plan. If you are a marketing salesperson and you want to offer your skills to your prospective clients to help them generate leads for their business. 

If you were able to land a contract with your client and get paid for it, that's when you will start to reap your efforts of offering your skills.

How Much To Join Work From Anywhere Accelerator?

You will need to pay in full an amount of $1,497 or $597 paid 3 times over 3 months for you to have access to the modules and training provided for the Work From Anywhere Accelerator.

However, a lot of people said that it is not the only cost that this program offers that is the reason why some people said that they were scammed out of it.

There are some monthly costs that you still need to pay for you to make this work. Some of these are:

  • Website hosting and domain name that cost more than $10 a month

  • Subscription to Click Funnels is $97 a month

  • You also need an Autoresponder that cost more than $20 a month

  • Tracking tools, such as Click Magic that is $29 month

  • And lastly, you also need to advertise it on Facebook that will cost you more than $200 a month

So, a probable additional cost of $356 a month is added to your expenses. Although these costs will not be an issue since your income from your clients will eventually cover these. 

However, while you are starting and you need to test out some ads and check if the funnels actually convert into clients, you might need to tweak them out a little. 

These will eat up some time and cost you unprofitable sales funnels, during these times you might not be able to earn just yet.

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Good Training Course

The course has been proven by Christian Martin as he used them himself and has been given him the result he expected. That is the main reason why he offered to teach this to his fellow digital marketer too.

The methods that were taught in these courses are also proven to deliver the result you need to be able to help your clients. 

Some entrepreneurs and business owners are willing to pay you up if you help them to make funnels and advertisements for their businesses.

The possibility of getting the result and landing the opportunity to work with your willing to pay clients.


Unreasonable Price

It is so expensive to start. $1497 is actually not a bad number to start with but as I have mentioned, the cost of starting doesn't end there. 

There is this estimate of at least $356 monthly expenses that you need to pay for to keep this business model. 

Misleading Information

Misleading sales video that doesn't tell you exactly what you need to do. Some claimed that they need to cold call and meet their clients face to face. As they are not just making sales funnels and advertisements.

No Money-Back Guarantee

No refund. Some people complain that they are unable to file or request a refund. So it is always better to check carefully before you hit that Pay button.

Negative Reviews

If you check online you will find some negative Work From Anywhere Accelerator reviews, enough to think twice if you will really want to purchase it or to let it go. Some people actually rely on reviews since these people who leave these reviews probably experience it first hand.

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Training Tools/Support

Work From Anywhere Accelerator really has a lot of ways on how they can support you on your journey throughout the course. 

They have a direct chat box wherein you can ask and reach out to Christian Martin or anyone from his team. 

There is also a search engine for topics that you want to ask, and this will direct you to the topics you asked. 

They also have Q & A call support made at different times of the day to accommodate different people's time availability. 

Lastly, they also have A Facebook group where you can interact and ask for support on your journey. 

The training courses available inside Work From Anywhere Accelerator do have a lot of accessible videos, worksheets, modules, etc that will help you in building your digital marketing business.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Work From Anywhere Accelerator can be a great tool when you decide to start offering your digital marketing services as it guides you on what to do and how you can do it. 

You will learn about how you can serve and offer your services to your clients in helping them generate quality leads for their businesses that will create money for them, that will eventually generate income for you too.

And if you have your own business, you may use these for yourself, that way you won't have to hire a digital marketer as you can do it yourself.

Also, the support group is hands-on and is approachable for your concerns and questions.

However, if you want to avail of this course, do really check it out and check for yourself if you really want this digital course before you actually pay for it. 

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