Is InCruises A Scam? Travel And Earn At The Same Time?

Welcome to My InCruises Review!

If you are reading this, you probably came looking for feedback about InCruises. 

The possibility that someone might have told you about the opportunity InCruises can offer might have stirred you up a bit, especially if you love to travel, particularly, in cruising. InCruises indeed has a great cruise travel offer. 

But, in the back of your head, you might be wondering if InCruises can give you what it offers or if it is legit at all?

InCruises Review Summary

Name: InCruises


Founders:   Michael Hutchinson

Product Type:  Cruise membership

Price:  $100 every month

and an annual membership of $95

Quick Summary:   InCruises offers cruise membership to its members, which you can purchase through discounts and is given as a reward too. Also, the members recruit others to earn Cruise Dollars which are points that can be used for discounts on purchasing cruise travel tickets. You can earn through commissions and rewards points in the process. 

Overall Rating: 3/5

Recommended: No

You’re also probably curious about how InCruises can help you to increase your income stream.

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place!

Today, we will talk about InCruises -- its pros and cons, how it works, what it’s really about, and more.

And at the end of this review, you will be able to decide whether to pursue this opportunity or find out that it’s a waste of time.

What Is InCruises About?

InCruises is a multi-level marketing company founded by Michael Hutchinson. It was launched last 2016 in Miami, Florida.

They were recognized as one of the premier cruise memberships because of their growing number of members globally. 

They also offer discounted cruise tickets and bonuses to their members as rewards whenever they bring recruits to the company.

InCruises Product Line

InCruises offers two ways for you to earn.

The first is through selling cruise membership. 

And each time you sell 3 travel subscriptions, you get 100 Cruise dollars. It's a fancy way to call it, but these are rewards points you get when you sell these subscriptions. I don't know what will be the reward if you sold more than 3 subscriptions though. 

The second one is to recruit people to join the company and have them recruit some others as well. This type of recruitment is the most common to an MLM company. You won't get paid directly from each recruit, but, you get bonuses and rewards in the form of Cruise Dollars for doing the recruitment part. 

Is InCruises A Scam?

InCruises is not a scam. It is a legit MLM company that sells real cruise memberships. 

However, for people who have a little idea of how a networking company works, it might look like it is a scam, and that's where you'll start losing your money.

For any investment or business, you intend to put up or invest in, be sure to research about it before actually putting money into it. It might sound like a basic rule, but it will help you decide whether you want to try something out or not. Make research a habit.

InCruises is almost similar to:

Is InCruises A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

InCruises is not pyramiding or a Ponzi scheme, though some may think that it’s one in disguise.

Just to give you a clear idea of its differences, let me try to explain it below.

A pyramid scheme is when a company promises to give rewards or commissions in exchange for recruiting someone to be a member. There’s no selling products or services involved and the only source of income is through recruitment.

A Ponzi scheme, on the other hand, will ask a potential member to pay a huge amount so they can get a bigger return of investment. There are no products or services involved, too, so the source of income is a mystery.

Both pyramid and Ponzi schemes are downright illegal.

Meanwhile, networking or multi-level marketing is a legal business model. It has products and services offered and to make money from and while there’s recruitment involved, the member will only get a commission from their downline or team’s sales.

As for InCruises, it has the quality of a legit marketing company as it has cruise membership plans that you can offer and sell to other people.

It also requires recruitment, where your bonuses, rewards, and even your promotion highly depend.

InCruises Compensation Plan

Incruises has 6 ways on how you can earn.

You can earn through recruitment commissions.

Remember when I told you that for you to earn commissions is that you need to recruit others to join the company. The more recruits you bring into the company, the more your commissions will be. You can earn from $50 to $150 depending on the number of recruits you have.

You can earn bonuses through Cruise Dollars when you sell at least 3 travel subscriptions in a month. These Cruise dollars are points you can use to avail discounts or entirely purchase cruise tickets.

Then, there are residual commissions as well where you can earn commissions too for every sale your team members can produce. From your direct team members to their own team members' recruits. However, you will also need to sell and you need to maintain at least 5 active members and 1 recruit that do the same, or you will not be able to receive the said commissions.

You can also receive a rank achievement bonus when you get promoted to a marketing manager position up to the executive director's position with $300 to $55,000 as a bonus.

Also, there's this what they call as Bonus Pool, wherein 5% of the total sales volume in a month is kept and shared equally to all “qualifying members.”

Lastly, through travel rewards. you can receive a 50% discount if you recruit 7 members within 2 months. And if you can recruit 14 members in 2 months, you'll earn a FREE Dream Cruise booking.

This might have confused you a bit, but there are just two ways that you really need to do, and that is to sell the membership and recruit people to the company to join your team.

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How Much To Join InCruises?

You have to pay a membership fee of $100 monthly plus $95 yearly for continuous membership. You will also receive video training modules that can help you along the way.

Paying up $100 also means that you can earn 200 Cruise Dollars that you can later on use to avail of discounts for cruise travel.

You have two choices on how you can maximize your membership.

  1. You can buy an Executive Dream Cruise ticket using Cruise Dollars (points you received from recruiting).

  2. You can use 50% of your Cruise Dollars to pay for the Global Destination Cruise ticket.

And I would like to add that even though InCruises uniquely sells travel subscriptions as their product. A lot of MLM companies are already selling the same product, making the market saturated for its offer.



Interesting Product

Usually, MLM companies offer the usual health and wellness products. InCruises present quite a different one which is travel and recreation through cruise travels, which creates an advantage since they do not have many competitors in this field.

Membership Cancellation

Also, if ever you decide not to pursue, you can cancel your membership anytime. You can do it directly into the site or you can reach InCruises via chat or by emailing [email protected]. It's that easy!


Expensive Membership Fees

While you can easily cancel your membership, it might hurt a little, since the membership is quite expensive. Yes, $100 is not much, but remember that it is every month, plus the annual fee that is $95. It is not a one-time payment membership, so that is quite expensive for me.

Product Is Challenging To Sell

InCruises may offer something interesting but here’s the truth: NOT everyone is into cruising. That being said, your market may be limited. After all, not everyone can spend tons of cash on this kind of product.

Recruitment Hype

InCruises focuses on recruiting other people to be a member and this gives a hint of being a pyramid scheme rather than a legit MLM program.

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Training Tools/Support

As long as you pay the monthly membership and the annual fee, you will receive video training modules that can help you in your journey with InCruises.

As you pay the membership, you will be able to sell the cruise packages that InCruises offers, also to recruit others to sell the products as well. And be able to recruit their team members too.

In return, you will receive the rewards, bonuses, and commissions InCruises promised you when you sell the subscriptions or when you recruit others to be a member of the company.

Final Opinion/Verdict

In my opinion, InCruises offers quite appealing travel packages, and you can even get discounts from being a member. It is legit but it’s not for everyone.

First, MLM has a negative stigma and when people are here, some of them might turn away from it immediately. 

Next, it’s challenging to make money here because of three reasons: limited market, expensive products, and recruitment hype.

Unless you are extroverted or are incredibly good at networking, then this is not an option for you.

What’s Next?

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Thank you so much for reading my InCruises review.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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