Is ZynTravel A Scam? Can You Trust Anthony Powell’s MLM Company?

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Welcome to My ZynTravel Review!

Perhaps you’re here because you’ve seen about “Traveling In Style” or a friend invited you to a money-making program called Zyntravel or Zyndio.

Whatever your reason is, you’re in the right place!

ZynTravel Review Summary

Name: ZynTravel


Founders: Anthony Powell and Robert O’Brien

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $50 To $999.99 For The Membership Fee + $29.99 For The Setup Fee + $19.99 Monthly Fee

zyntravel logo

Quick Summary: ZynTravel is an MLM program under the travel niche. It offers discounts on hotels, vacations, rental cars, and more. It also provides an opportunity for its members to earn through commissions.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

In this post, we will talk about Zyntravel, which is now known as Zyndio. It’s a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that claims to offer travel discounts and an opportunity to make money, too. 

We’ll discuss what it's about if it’s a scam or not, pros and cons of joining the program, and more so be sure to read this Zyntravel review from the beginning up to the end.

What Is Zyntravel About?

Zyntravel is an MLM or network marketing company that claims to help you “relax and earn the residual income to live the life you've always wanted.”

It’s under the travel niche and it’s nothing unique. In fact, there are other similar programs I’ve reviewed in the past that offers the same opportunity, such as:

Basically, they offer travel discounts to their members and an opportunity to make money by selling and recruiting, which is common for MLM platforms. 

ZynTravel or Zyndio is founded by Robert O’Brien and Anthony Powell.

anthony powell zyntravel founder

Other than Zyntravel, I can’t find anything about Robert but when it comes to Anthony, I think that guy’s well-known, although not mostly for good reasons.

Based on my research, Anthony became popular during his times with Herbalife. He was coached by some of the best mentors and successful people in the network marketing industry, such as Mark Hughes (founder of Herbalife) and Jim Rohn, a well-known author and motivational speaker.

But as I’ve mentioned, Powell was mostly known for his bad reputation. Despite making millions from being a high-rank member of Herbalife, it was because of unethical practice. Apparently, Anthony has been selling leads to his downline and the heavy attention placed on recruitment has resulted in FTC complaints.

Because of this, Herbalife banned this practice in 2012 and a year after, Powell left the company and joined Vemma, another health and wellness MLM that has stopped operating after being called a pyramid scheme by the FTC.

If you’re confused with MLM and a pyramid scheme, here’s the main difference: MLM has tangible products to sell and although they recruit people to join the platform, they focus more on sales. A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, has no real products and if they do, they put more attention on recruitment.

Here’s a quick video explaining the difference between the two:

Anyway, after the shutdown of Vemma, Anthony founded Zyntravel in 2015.

ZynTravel Product Line

As mentioned, the brand provides discounts on the following services:

  • Cruises
  • Luxury Hotels And Resorts
  • Rental Cars
  • Airlines
  • Concierge
  • Vacations
  • And More

The discount offered is around 85% but it can only be accessed by its members since it’s located in a private portal.

How To Make Money With Zyntravel?

zyndio product line

Like any MLM program, you make money by selling and recruiting and with Zyntravel’s case, you are going to sell the membership so basically, it’s like recruiting also.

For every newly recruited member, you’ll get a 20% commission and it depends on the membership purchased. So if they get the most expensive one (Black Diamond), which costs $999.99, you’ll earn $199.99.

In addition, you get another 5% for every referral of your downline. Let’s say your downline’s recruit purchased Black Diamond, you’ll get $49.99.

But wait, there’s more!

ZynTravel compensates its members through these options:

  • Affiliate Cycle Bonus
  • Affiliate Global Bonus
  • Affiliate Lifestyle Bonus
  • Affiliate Marketing Bonus
  • Affiliate Matching Bonus
  • Affiliate Referral Bonus
  • Affiliate Travel Bonus
  • Affiliate Travel Site Commissions

If you want to learn more about ZynTravel’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

Is ZynTravel A Scam?

From what I see, ZynTravel is not a scam.

Although I am a bit skeptical about it. For one, there’s little to no detail on its website about the company and its founders and the only way to reach them is via email. Also, their social media account, which is only Facebook, is not updated anymore. 

In addition, the reputation of their founder, Anthony Powell, is a drawback. Herbalife, which is a well-known company, has received complaints because of his unethical practices and although there’s no solid proof that he’s the reason why Vemma has been shut down, it’s still a red flag.

On top of this, the price of their membership (to be discussed below) is expensive so if I were you, I’d rather find another MLM platform or better yet, another option, such as affiliate marketing.

In case you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing before, it works like this:

You create content or post and attach a link to it; once a visitor clicks the link and completes an action (for example, sign up for a newsletter or purchase a product), you will receive a commission.

It’s a good opportunity to try when you have no capital but you want to start a business. 

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Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing program (and the top choice of many new and seasoned marketers) that has all the business tools and support you need to start and grow your online business.

Here’s a quick video about how an affiliate marketing works:


To become a member of ZynTravel, you have to choose from the following four memberships:

  • Bronze $50

It comes with a 25% Customer Travel Commissions, Customer Referral Program, Customer Cycle Bonus, and a $10 Zyn Premium Travel Packages.

  • Gold $199.99

It comes with a 25% Customer Travel Commissions, Customer Referral Program, Customer Cycle Bonus, and a $25 Zyn Premium Travel Packages.

  • Platinum $499.99

It comes with a 25% Customer Travel Commissions, Customer Referral Program, Customer Cycle Bonus, Customer Bonus Pool, Customer Matching Bonus, and a $50 Zyn Premium Travel Packages.

  • Black Diamond $999.99

It comes with a 25% Customer Travel Commissions, Customer Referral Program, Customer Cycle Bonus, Customer Bonus Pool, Customer Matching Bonus, Customer Lifestyle Bonus, and a $100 Zyn Premium Travel Packages.

On top of this, you have to pay $29.99 for the setup fee and $19.99 for the monthly fee.

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I honestly don’t like anything about this platform so I’ll just discuss the cons instead.


Founder Has Bad Reputation

Anthony Powell has a bad reputation and although he’s good at marketing, I won’t be comfortable joining this program. If you search his name online, you can see blogs/vlogs about him linking him to scams.

For me, this is more than enough to scare me away.

Expensive Membership Fees

The cheapest membership fee is $50 and the most expensive one is $999.99. In addition, you have other fees to shoulder and considering the background of the company, I don’t think it’s lucrative.

Little To No Details About The Company

On their website, you can't find any essential detail about the owner or the company itself. Even the contact details provided is just an email address. I don't know why this company has failed to become transparent to their aspiring members. Are they hiding anything?

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Who Is It For?

With all the drawbacks, I can’t recommend this to anyone. If you like traveling and you want to make money with it, I suggest that you try other MLM platforms under similar niches, such as:

Final Opinion/Verdict

I can’t directly tell if ZynTravel is a scam or a legit program, I think I’ll leave it for you to judge.

But then again, there are just too many drawbacks, especially with the founder itself. Powell has just too many complaints against him and it poses a negative impact on his leadership. Another thing is the company; there is no information about it and if you want to become a member, wouldn’t it be better if you can learn more about it before joining the program?

That being said, I can’t recommend it to you. I suggest that you ignore this and look for another option instead.

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my ZynTravel review and if you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to share it below.

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