Is Zrii A Scam? MLM Platform With A Disappointing Recruitment Strategy

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Welcome to My Zrii Review!

When it comes to the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry, one of the most popular niches is health and wellness. It’s not surprising though since more and more people are becoming conscious of their physique.

That being said, the opportunity out of selling related products and services is high, therefore if you’re planning to start a business, you can consider this one. The challenge, however, is finding the right company to join with. 

Zrii Review Summary

Name: Zrii


Founders: Bill Farley

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $29.95 For The Annual Membership Fee + Enrollment Packages Ranging From $50 Up To $1,000

zrii logo

Quick Summary: Zrii is a network marketing program known for selling essentials made of herbs and frutis. They also offer an opportunity to make money online through sales and recruitment.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

In this post, I’ll talk about Zrii -- a network marketing company that is known for using natural herbs and fruits to its products. The company’s been running for more than 10 years but is it safe to assume that it’s not a scam?

Moreover, can you make money from this program?


As an MLM company, you are expected not only to sell the products to make an income but also to recruit people to gain more commissions and bonuses. If this is not something you’re comfortable with, I suggest that you check my free Step-By-Step Guide on how to make money online without inviting anyone.

What Is Zrii About?

“Improve your well-being. Fulfill your dreams.” -- that’s what Zrii is about, or so they say.

Zrii is a network marketing company that is under the health and wellness niche. They offer coffee, fruit juice, and other nutritional drinks and an opportunity to make money. Being an MLM platform, you have two options to earn an income and I’ll discuss more of that below.

For now, let’s talk about the company and its founder, Bill Farley.

founder of zrii bill farley

Coming from an ancient Indo-European language of India called Sanskrit, Zrii means luster, light, and prosperity. It was founded by Bill Draper, Utah back in 2007. 

Operating for more than 13 years, the brand has managed to grow its business and now, it has over 250 and an estimated annual revenue worth $21.5M. As of now, it’s distributed in other countries, too, such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, and Australia.

Zrii is almost like IsagenixJuice Plus, and Now

Zrii Product Line

If you’re interested in becoming a distributor of Zrii, it’s important to know their products well first. In this section, we will briefly talk about the nutritional drinks and essentials they offer.

As mentioned, most of their products are made of fruits and natural herbs, such as:

Zrii Wellness Products

Zrii Accel Energy & Metabolism Booster

This drink mix claims to increase metabolism, improve alertness and energy, and curb the appetite.


Made from Amalaki fruit, thus the name, this fruit drink claims to aid healthy digestion, boost the immune system, and improve energy.

Rise High-Performance Coffee

This coffee drink is rich in antioxidants. It’s also GMO-free and Rainforest Alliance Certified. Being Rainforest Alliance Certified means that Zrii has met the standards required for social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

Achieve Weight Management Shake

As the name suggests, this meal replacement shake claims to help users reach their desired weight.

Smart Omega 3

A potent omega supplement, this essential claims to support healthy cholesterol levels, cardiovascular health, joint health, and more.

Purify Fiber

This drink helps the body remove toxins while supporting weight loss.

Daily AM & PM

This is Zrii’s premium multivitamins that claim to provide the body with the necessary nutrients it needs.


zrii products

Zrii Skincare

ZriiNew Facial Serum

Tagged as the “super serum”, this skincare essential claims to lighten the skin, reduce early signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, and even out skin tone.

ZriiNew Day Cream

This skincare essential has an SPF 30 that protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

ZriiNew Night Cream

This skincare essential claims to hydrate the skin, making it firmer and softer.

ZriiNew Facial Exfoliator

Made with Apricot powder and Bamboo powder, this skincare essential claims to hydrate and exfoliate the skin.

Zrii Product Review

I’ve never used any of their products so I cannot provide a personal opinion whether they work or not. But thanks to the Internet, I was able to find reliable reviews about their essentials, such as the Amalaki.

I’ve reviewed more than a dozen MLM programs in the past and surprisingly, their products have a high rating. It seems like most users are satisfied with how their essentials work, such as the Amalaki.

But of course, there will be negative feedback, which is normal no matter how stable or known your business is. 

I’ll leave a few screenshots for you to judge:

amalaki product review

How To Make Money With Zrii?

As an MLM platform, you have two main ways to make money with Zrii.

One is by selling the products based on their suggested retail price. Once you’re a member, you have access to the company’s wholesale price and you can get around 10% to 20% commission per sale.

Another way is to recruit people to join the platform. However, you will not be compensated directly for every successful invite rather, you will earn commissions from the sales that your downline makes. You will also receive bonuses for hitting a sales quota as a team and you can increase your rank to earn more incentives.

Some incentives include an iPad and a Mercedes-Benz car.

To learn more about Zrii’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

Is Zrii A Scam?

Zrii is not a scam. It’s a legit program running for around 13 years. They offer legit products that most people find satisfying. It’s not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) although it has an A+ rating.

Also, the brand is being endorsed by Deepak Chopra, a well-known alternative medicine advocate, writer, and public speaker.

However, there’s one drawback when it comes to how they recruit people.

I found out that most of their Facebook ads contain photos of people holding a big fat check and a “proven system” that helps people make money online.

Don’t get me wrong but every time I see the phrases “proven system” or “life-changing” or anything that makes people think that making money is so easy, I think of it as either a scam or a low-quality program.

In Zrii’s case, I don’t think it’s a scam or a low-quality platform but the way they market their brand is so disappointing. Typical MLM company.

While there’s a potential to make money selling their products, their recruitment strategy is the main reason why many individuals see MLM as a scam.

You see, once you attend their 2-hour seminar, you will expect to:

  • Find a profitable niche to start your business online
  • Make money even without experience or tech-skills
  • Just copy their system and you can make money, too
  • Find people that are ready to buy your products
  • Make money by working only for one hour per day
  • Get free business tools, such as websites and mobile apps

This sounds exciting but not until you actually go to the seminar and find out that it’s their way of recruiting and persuading you to join Zrii.

In addition, you will meet aggressive distributors who will force you to join their platform and if you’re not firm enough to say no to their opportunity, you will end up joining their program.

I mean, I have nothing against the opportunity itself but at least let people know what they are really going to -- and it’s not a seminar about a proven system; it’s a recruitment strategy so distributors can get more commissions.


The start-up cost for joining Zrii is $29.95 and you’ll have to pay this membership fee annually to keep your account active.

Then, to make money by selling the products, you have to choose from the three enrollment packs below:

  • Basic Enrollment Pack

You can choose products and the rate starts at $50.

  • Executive Z-Pack $500
  • Premiere Z-Pack $1,000

The amount of bonuses that you can earn depends on the enrollment package you choose and the QV or Qualifying Volume you get.

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Legit Company And Products

When you check online, most people who ordered and consumed their products like how it works. However, you should know that Zrii’s essentials are not approved by the FDA since the Food and Drug Administration is not authorized to review such products.


Misleading Recruitment

As mentioned above, their recruitment strategy is to invite people to a seminar that would teach them about their “proven system” but instead of learning the actual tips, the attendees will be invited to join the program.

Low Income Potential

Based on their Income Disclosure Statement, the monthly income received by the IE or the starting level is around $84.64. That’s barely enough to cover the primary expenses at home or even the food costs for a month.

I’m not surprised though since it’s typical for an MLM participant to earn less (or nothing) than make more money through this platform. A study conducted by Jon M. Taylor even concluded that 99% of MLM distributors lose their money on this kind of program.

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Who Is It For?

If you have personally tried their products and believe in it, you can consider this program and distribute its essentials. Also, it would be better if you have experience with MLM before so you’ll have an idea how it works. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Zrii is a legit program that has been operating for almost 13 years. It’s good to know that their products are liked by many people.

However, their recruitment strategy is a red flag. While there’s a chance to make money out of this platform, it’s not fair to deceive people to attend a seminar so their distributors can earn commissions.

If you want to join this platform, it’s best to join on your own free will. After all, MLM is not as easy as it sounds. You have to consider various things, such as selling overpriced products and recruiting people, too.

What's Next?

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I hope you enjoyed my Zrii review and if you have any comments, questions, or clarifications, please feel free to drop it down below.

Thank you!

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