Is Now Lifestyle A Scam? MLM Platform That Provides Free Memberships — Legit Or Not?

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Welcome to My Now Lifestyle Review!

When it comes to the networking industry, one of the most popular niches is health and wellness. Nutritional drinks and supplements are everywhere that it’s almost impossible to stand out from the competition.

Now Lifestyle Review Summary

Name: Now Lifestyle


Founders: Joel Therien

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Free Membership Or $24.97 For Reseller Program + Other Products

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Quick Summary: Now Lifestyle is an MLM company that promotes workout plans and health supplements. It’s a new company that has a different approach in terms of marketing. So far, it’s promising but it’s too early to tell whether it’s worth your time or not.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: No

But recently, I found one brand that’s going a little extra with their fitness plan. Instead of just taking coffee or tea, they provide a 7-minute exercise for a better, stronger physique. On top of this, they offer an opportunity to make money with this program.

The platform that I’m talking about is Now Lifestyle and in this post, I’ll help you decide whether it’s the right opportunity for you or not.

What Is Now Lifestyle About?

Health body and finances. Time freedom. And healthy relationships with friends and family. That’s what Now Lifestyle is all about, or so it says. 

This brand new multi-level marketing business provides health supplements and a membership program. It was founded in 2017 by Joel Therien, the same founders of the following companies: Got Backup, 7 Minute Workout, Pure Leverage, Global Virtual Opportunities, and Host Then Profit.

If you’re new to network marketing, here’s a quick explanation of its concept. Basically, you have to sell products or services and invite people to join the platform. However, Now Lifestyle is more than just the traditional method; it also uses internet marketing, which, for me, is a more powerful tool.

Considering how things work today, you have a great advantage when you know how to market your products over the Internet. Almost everything is done online -- shopping, socialization, and the list go on. So, the fact that this company integrates digital marketing into their business has somehow given it an edge over its competitors.

Now Lifestyle Product Line

Now Lifestyle is all about health and fitness and their products are divided into three categories:

Nutritional Supplements (Ranging From 29.99 To 59.99)

Now Lifestyle has more than one selection of supplements that help reduce fat, build muscle, boost energy, stimulate metabolism, and more. They also sell merchandise, such as caps and shirts.

now lifestyle supplements

Health & Wellness Membership Program ($24.97/Month)

This includes video workouts, video resources about health and wellness, workout plans, and diet and calorie guide. This also lets you earn cash by selling the program to other people.

Business Automation Tools ($24.97/Month)

As mentioned, Now Lifestyle makes use of digital marketing and its founder, Joel, also promotes the following tools to market the business online:

  • Lead Capture
  • Professional Templates
  • Autoresponder System

How To Make Money With Now Lifestyle?

Before I briefly discuss their compensation plan, here are two things you have to remember before you can earn from Now Lifestyle:

  • You should build your team first by inviting two people to join the platform.
  • You should have at least one new member a month to keep your account active.

There are four ways to make money with Now Lifestyle, and these are as follows:

Direct Sales Commission where members earn a 50% commission from their sales.

Matching Bonus Commission where members earn another 50% bonus from the sales of your direct downline.

Binary Residual Commission where members earn residual commissions by building two teams -- right leg and left leg. Take note that you are only compensated when you have enough downlines on both legs and if they make a sale.

NowLifestyle University Sales Commission where members earn another 50% commission for promoting the brand’s high-ticket courses or when a downline makes a sale. 

Here’s a quick outline of their courses:

  • Nowbody Certification $2,997
  • Email Marketing Mastery $497
  • Now Lifestyle Seminar Retreat $14,997

To learn more about Now Lifestyle’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

Is Now Lifestyle A Scam?

Now Lifestyle has only been in the industry for about two years so it’s too early to tell whether it’s a scam or not. However, from what I see, it’s a legit platform that you can consider if you’re into fitness. 

The founder as well is also good proof that the company is less likely a scam.

But then again, this is a network marketing company. While it’s a legit business model and there’s nothing wrong with it, you have to consider these things to make it work:

  • You have to sell overpriced products
  • You have to recruit people

Whether you like it or not and despite having digital methods of marketing the brand, this is the nature of MLM companies. You have to call or message people and invite them to join your team. Otherwise, you won’t earn commissions or your account will be deactivated.

If this makes you uncomfortable (and I bet it is), I suggest you try other legit platforms that can help you make money online. 

On my end, I do affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. This way, I’ll be able to promote products and services without paying for any membership fee. Plus, I don’t have to bother other people just to earn commissions.


There are two ways to become a member and start earning with Now Lifestyle:

Free Membership

Another edge of Now Lifestyle is their free membership. Unlike other MLM companies, this brand won’t require you to pay a massive amount to get started. 

Of course, the offer is limited since the only thing you can get is a free video from its founder, Joel Therien, access to their member’s area, and a customized 10-day workout. 

You will not earn anything from this but at least you know what to expect when you upgrade your membership.

Paid Membership

Now, if you feel like you want the brand offers a good opportunity and promising products, you can go for a paid membership.

This Reseller Program costs $24.97 a month and it gives you access to their member’s area, sells their products, and has the marketing tools you need to start and grow your business.

Members can also purchase their Business Automation Tools that cost $24.97 a month and the Health And Wellness For 5 Family Member’s Program, which is also $24.97 a month.

Overall, you need to pay $74.91 but Now Lifestyle is offering these three packages for only $50 a month. That’s a huge saving! 

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Free Membership

When it comes to network marketing companies, I know that paying a hefty amount to become a member is normal. How did I know? From personal experience and I’ve reviewed more than a dozen MLM programs in the past, such as Life Leadership, Pampered Chef, Webtalk, and TriVita.

With Now Lifestyle, you can explore the platform and have an idea of how the community feels like for free. The features are limited though but at least, you know what you’re getting once you opt for a paid membership.

Huge Commissions

50% of the commissions are huge. Normally, MLM programs reward 20% to 30% to their consultants for every product sold so the compensation plan of this brand is really attractive.

The question is, were they able to provide these bonuses to their members? So far, we still don’t know since the company has only been here for two years.

Far From Traditional MLM Companies

Now Lifestyle takes advantage of digital marketing so its members can invite new people through email marketing and lead generation. As for me, this is a better way to market the brand and recruit people since you are not limited to sending them a message or giving them a call, which, if you’ve experienced calling or being called, annoying. 


New MLM Brand

Now Lifestyle was founded in 2017 and it’s too early to tell whether it’s a good opportunity or not. There’s no Income Disclosure Statement provided yet so we have no idea whether their members are really earning or not.

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Who Is It For?

Now Lifestyle focuses on health and fitness therefore, it’s ideal for people who are interested in having a better, healthier physique. You are going to promote workout plans and supplements so it’s just fair if you, yourself, as going to use it so you can market it well.

It’s also good for experienced MLM participants since these people already have an idea on how to tap their target market.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, I like the concept of Now Lifestyle wherein they don’t just sell supplements and tell people that they can lose weight by using it; they also offer customized workout plans that I believe would really help if you want to burn fats. 

Also, the fact that they try other marketing approaches is worth noting. They don’t just rely on pure recruitment; they also introduce digital marketing to their members, which they can also use on other businesses. 

However, I still can’t recommend this program to anyone. It’s new and many people still don’t understand the difference between MLM and a pyramid scheme so you have to give extra effort in convincing them.

Whether you like this program or not, I highly suggest that you consider one of the best alternatives below.

What’s Next?

Unless you live under a rock, you do know that there are ways on how to make money online without bothering other people. I know how it feels like so even if the MLM platform is legit, I ignore it asap.

If you’re someone like me, I suggest you sign up with this top-recommended program so you can start your business without investing a huge amount or inviting new people. Plus, you get to enjoy the following perks:

  • Webinars and training resources
  • Comprehensive guide
  • One-on-one coaching
  • The best business tools and support you need
  • And many more!

I hope my Now Lifestyle review has enlightened you and if you have any questions or comments -- or you want to share your personal experience -- please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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