Is Pampered Chef A Scam? Legit MLM Company But Why The Poor Reviews Online?

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Welcome to My Pampered Chef Review!

Perhaps, a friend is trying to sell you kitchen tools or equipment or inviting you to a program called Pampered Chef. 

And maybe that's the reason why you’re here: to find out if the opportunity offered is legit or a lie.

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Pampered Chef Review Summary

Name: Pampered Chef


Founders: Doris Christopher

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Business Kits Starting From $99 To $259

Pampered Chef logo

Quick Summary: Pampered Chef is a network marketing company that’s legit and has a good reputation online. However, because of the price and quality of their products, making money with this company can be a challenge.

Find out more by reading my unbiased Pampered Chef review below.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: No

In this honest Pampered Chef review, I’ll let you know what it’s about; if it’s a scam or a legitimate program; its pros and cons and everything else that would help you decide whether this platform is for you or not.

Just a heads up -- Pampered Chef is a network marketing company so expect that you’ll not only be doing sales; you also need to recruit people to join the platform so if this sounds like an exhausting task, don’t worry.

I’ve provided another legit option, one of the most popular alternatives when you want to make money online.

What Is Pampered Chef About?

Pampered Chef is a multi-level marketing company founded and owned by Doris Christopher in 1980. It promotes cookbooks, kitchen tools and equipment, and food, thus the name. It is available in many parts of the world, such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Mexico, Germany, and Canada.

Originally, the network marketing company promotes its products using a “party plan” -- a concept that was used by large, well-known companies, such as Tupperware and Norwex. Using this method, housewives are expected to invite their family and friends to promote kitchen tools and other products.

In 2002, Pampered Chef was acquired by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway company, appointing Tracy Britt Cool as its CEO.

Pampered Chef Products

As mentioned, Pampered Chef markets kitchen tools and equipment, and they have pretty much everything you need in cooking, such as food processors, knife sets, cookie-cutter, etc.

pampered chef food

When you browse their website, you’ll find various categories for their products, such as bundles & sets, cooking tools, cutlery, frozen treats, and even Disney collections. So basically, this company is not only promoting the usual tools, but also food (such as canola oil, Bolognese sauce, and pretzel dough mix) and storage kit (such as a tote set, freezer bowl set, glass container, and silicone lid set).

pampered chef cleaning tools and storage

This is like every chef’s dream tools and collections but the question is: is it worth the price?

Pampered Chef Product Review

Like typical MLM products, the ones sold by Pampered Chef are a little bit more expensive than the cooking tools we find in the market -- online and offline. 

The sad news about this is quality. Apparently, it’s not as great as what users think. I do not own any Pampered Chef tools so I’ll let the reviews online speak for itself.

You can also check out the photos below:

pampered chef product review
pampered chef product review 2

While cooking equipment might be prone to wear and tear, I thought Pampered Chef’s tools would last longer than the cheaper brands. However, based on the reviews I found on the Internet, it’s not worth the price.

How To Make Money With Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef works just like the typical network marketing companies. They compensate their consultants for doing the following:

  • Selling the products
  • Inviting new people to join the platform

As a consultant, you get the products on a member’s price so you can sell it based on their suggested retail rate. Through this, you’ll earn retail profits.

Meanwhile, when you grow your team, you can earn through the sales that your downline make. Meaning, you don’t only invite people but also encouraged your recruit to make more sales.

Pampered Chef Compensation Plan

Like usual MLM companies, Pampered Chef will compensate you depending on the number of sales you make every month. 

Here’s a quick outline of the bonus you can get:

  • 20% commission for every $1 to $749 worth of sales you make each month.
  • 22% commission for every $750 to $1,249 worth of sales you make each month.
  • 23% commission for every $1,250 to 2,499 worth of sales you make each month.
  • 24% commission for every $2,500 to 3,999 worth of sales you make each month.
  • 25% commission for more than $4,000 worth of sales you make each month.
  • 3% from every sale that your downline makes.

To learn more about Pampered Chef’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

Is Pampered Chef A Scam?

Pampered Chef is not a scam. It’s a multi-level marketing company -- a.k.a. MLM -- that offers tangible products to sell and a legit way to make money. Actually, it’s one of the network marketing brands that have a good reputation.

Unlike other MLM companies, it’s not been involved in any controversies other than the poor-quality products they sell. It’s even acquired by a well-known company owned by a popular investor, Warren Buffet

But then, despite being a legit company, you still have to consider many things since you’re going to invest a certain amount before you become their consultant. You can learn more about their business kits below.


To become a consultant at Pampered Chef, you have three options to choose from. These are the kits that include the products you’re going to sell plus other tools you need to start your business.

The Starter Kit $99

This includes the products, business tools, and a Rockcrok Everyday Pan worth over $400.

The Deluxe $159

This includes the products, business tools, and a large bar pan worth over $700.

The Ultimate Kit $259

This includes the products, business tools, and a quick cooker worth over $1,100.

pampered chef business kit

This is where their party plan comes in. As a consultant, you can host a party at your home (or anywhere you are permitted) so you can introduce their products. You can demonstrate its use or do a cooking show. Through this, you can earn around $25 to $50 host credits that you can use as a discount for your chosen kit.

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Legit MLM Company

Multi-level marketing is a legit business model, to begin with. However, some people only use this term to conceal the real intention of their business. They may sell “systems” or products but their real intention is to recruit more people to join the platform. In short, they are pyramid schemes in disguise.

Luckily, this is not the case with Pampered Chef. This brand is legit and is even accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.


Low-Income Potential

When you choose to join Pampered Chef, one thing you must know is that you can’t get a full-time income out of it.

For one, the bad reviews on their products can affect your sales. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming wise when purchasing a new item. They mostly depend on the reviews they found online and if they learned about the poor quality of the products, they might skip it no matter how good your deals are.

Also, since it’s expensive and there are too many brands offering the same equipment at a lower price, it would be a challenge for you to make money out of it.

In addition, the compensation you get from selling the products as well as inviting new people is low.

Overpriced Cooking Tools

As mentioned above, the price of their products are expensive and considering the poor reviews they have online, it’s like wasting an investment. 

If you want to make money by promoting products or services, I suggest you try affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate instead. Through this legit business model, you can earn commissions without buying any kits or purchasing tangible products. Plus, there’s no need to recruit new people to grow your team. 

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Who Is It For?

Obviously, this company is best for people who love to cook and have great knowledge about various cooking tools. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to sell overpriced items you’re not familiar with. 

It’s also ideal for anyone who has experience with MLM before since recruiting new people to join is difficult.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, Pampered Chef is a good company to consider. It’s a legitimate business that has managed to have a good reputation. But then again, you have to consider the feedback about their products.

While there are still people who love their cooking tools, it would be a challenge for you to market it. The good thing is that there are other categories you can promote, such as their food and frozen treats.

Whether you’ve decided to become their consultant or not, it’s best to secure your finances by adding another source of income.

What’s Next?

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As always, thank you for reading my Pampered Chef review and if you have any questions -- or any product or companies you want me to review -- please feel free to share it below.

Have a great day!

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