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Have you ever been recruited by a friend to join an MLM company?

But what is an MLM?

MLM stands for multi-level marketing, a method of selling goods or services through a network of distributors. It is a popular business model because it is marketed as a high-income opportunity while working with flexible hours.

Many people are also enticed with MLM because of its perks like travel opportunities, leadership training, and incentives.

MLM is a legit business, but it has a bad reputation, mainly when members focus too much on recruiting instead of selling. 

Dot Dot Smile Review Summary

Name:  Dot Dot Smile


Founders:   Nicole Thompson

Product Type:  Children's Clothing MLM

Price:  $199-$499 Clothing Package

Quick Summary:  Dot Dot Smile is a company that mainly sells girl's clothing, such as cap sleeve dresses, tank dresses, ballerina dresses, leggings, shirts, shorts, and more. 

It is a multi-level marketing company where you may work as a merchandiser and make money by selling their products and recruiting people to join the company.

It is mainly marketed to mothers but is it legit in the first place? Is Dot Dot Smile a pyramid scheme or a program you can trust?

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes

Today, I'm reviewing Dot Dot Smile, an MLM company in the children's clothing niche. 

Is it reasonable to join Dot Dot Smile? 

Find out in this review how Dot Dot Smile works and if it's an excellent opportunity.

What Is Dot Dot Smile About?

Dot Dot Smile is a children's clothing company that began in 2013 and transitioned to MLM in 2017. Nicole Thompson, the daughter of DeAnne Stidham, co-founder of the multi-billion dollar MLM brand Lularoe, founded this company.

Like any MLM, they empower affiliates to sell and market their products while earning a commission on each sale. Affiliates are also compensated for recruiting others to sell the clothing.

One of the factors that you should consider if you want to join an MLM company is its products. It should be a product that is easy to sell and that you like.

Dot Dot Smile has a large selection of children's clothing ranging in age from 6 months to 14 years old.

When you search Dot Dot Smile on Google, their tagline is "Dresses and Rompers for Toddlers and Infants."

The pricing appears to be reasonable, with most items falling between $10 and $20, and they seem to be of decent quality.

So how can you join?

Before joining, they suggest merchandisers check their terms and conditions of merchandising before joining. They adhere to strict guidelines, such as not advertising their products on Ebay, Amazon, or Alibaba.

You may sell yourself on sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and a few more.

If you're already a member of Lularoe Company, you can't be a merchandiser for Dot Dot Smile. Then you'll have to pay for accessories because Dot Dot Smile doesn't include any with their products.

After checking the terms and conditions, the process for joining Dot Dot Smile looks like this:

First, you complete your enrollment order with your starter package. You can choose from these three packages: Girls Mini Pack, Boys and Girls Pack, and Girls Pro Pack. 

Second, you will undergo a 21-day training to help you become a Merchandiser. 

Lastly, you can start selling your inventory to your network.

Some of the similar MLM platforms are:

Is Dot Dot Smile A Scam?

Dot Dot Smile is not a pyramid scam, but it does resemble one.

Pyramid schemes are banned in almost every country and are pretty straightforward to identify.

A pyramid scheme differs from MLM in several ways. A pyramid scheme is one in which there is no actual product, and the majority of the company's revenue is generated through affiliate purchases.

In addition, the only way to profit from a pyramid scheme is to attract new members.

On the other hand, MLM has real products, and you may make money without recruiting by selling their products straight to clients for commissions.

MLM is a legit business model, but it has a lot of flaws.

MLMs are a complicated business to break into. The majority of people who try an MLM lose money, and the vast majority of those who try one never try another.

Dot Dot Smile Compensation Plan

There are several ways you can make money in Dot Dot Smile. It can be challenging to understand if you are not familiar with MLM, but I'll explain it to you in detail.

  • Commissions on selling

  • Commissions on Recruitment

  • Commissions on Perpetual Basis

  • Leadership Bonus

Commissions on selling

You can earn up to 40% in commissions when you can sell Dot Dot Smile's products to clients directly.

Commissions on Recruitment

When someone you recruited places their first order, you are compensated. You earn 10% off the order, and a recruit must spend at least $150 to qualify (so you'd make $15 for every recruit).

When one of your recruits can recruit someone else, you also get paid. On their first order, you'll get 5% back.

Commissions on a Perpetual Basis

This is the portion that looks the most like a pyramid scheme and where you can make the most money. This is referred to as building a downline.

Leadership Bonus

Additionally, as you sell more and bring more individuals into the scheme, you will receive benefits.

There are five bonuses available, ranging from a $100 bonus to a $50,000 prize.

Only a few people will make it past the second bonus, much less the fifth.

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How Much To Join Dot Dot Smile?

It used to cost $50 per year.

However, based on my research, this charge does not appear to exist any longer.

It appears to be a one-time enrollment fee that includes a variety of children's clothing.

So all that's required to get started is $199.99 - $499.

The first option is their Girls Mini Pack for $199. There are 20 items included in this package, including leggings, ballerina, empire, and classic cap dress. 

Its second option is the Girls & Boys Pack for $399. This includes 40 pieces of clothing: joggers, sweatshirts, t-shirts, leggings, empire & classic. 

The third package is the Girls Pro Pack for $499. It has 50 pieces of clothing including leggings, ballerina, classic cap, empire, & ruffle dress. 

Aside from purchasing one of the three packages above, many merchandisers buy marketing tools such as business cards, ribbons, stickers, and label makers.

At least another $150 will be required for this.

Another cost is the "monthly payment."

Dot Dot Smile has the advantage of not requiring you to meet a "monthly sales quota."

This implies that as a "merchandiser," you can promote the garments at your speed and are not obligated to sell clothing every month.

But as you move up the "ranks," there is a monthly personal volume that you must hit.

This implies you'll need to set aside $50-$100 each month for new clothes purchases in the event you don't make the sales and your income is terminated.

In summary, here are the total first-year costs:

Enrollment fee - $199.99-$499

Marketing materials - $150

Two sets of 25 outfits - $600

$1249 for the entire year



Big Market And Affordable Products

The clothes appear to be of decent quality and are reasonably priced. Dot Dot Smile may be an excellent option if you know a lot of expectant mothers.

Low Cost To Start

Some MLMs can cost thousands of dollars after all the hidden expenses, but that isn't the case here – it will only cost you roughly $200 to get started.


Blind Boxes

You have no control over what they send you when you buy boxes of goods from them. They provide you with gowns, and it is your responsibility to sell them.

Ruined Relationships

The worst aspect about MLMs is that you usually have to recruit friends and family, which can lead to the breakdown of intimate ties.

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Who Is It For?

Dot Dot Smile is for anyone who is looking to have a side income. This can be a good opportunity for mothers as they naturally like children's clothing.

Training Tools/Support

Dot Dot Smile's founder, Nicole Thompson, is an experienced leader and a veteran in the MLM industry. It's no wonder that the company has lots of training and support.

When you join Dot Dot Smile, you will go through a 21-day onboarding training program that will teach you about becoming a Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser.

There are also monthly webinars, marketing resources, analytics and support training, and leadership training.

So if you'd like to polish your sales skills, this can be a good opportunity for you to get these things for free.

If you have any concerns, you can send a message to their website's Contact page or email them directly at [email protected].

Final Opinion/Verdict

To summarize, Dot Dot Smile is legit. It is a good multi-level marketing opportunity. Retail commissions are competitive, and the opportunity to earn money through light recruitment is fantastic.

It also has quality products which make it easier to sell.

Take note, though, that MLM will not make you rich overnight. You will need the skills and the right network to succeed in this business. 

What's Next?

Recruiting another person to join a platform can be difficult, especially if it involves expensive fees and managing inventories. However, this is not the case with my top-recommended program.

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I hope that this Dot Dot Smile has enlightened you.

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know in the comment box below.

Thank you!

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