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Welcome to My World Wide Group Review!

When it comes to promoting an opportunity, many businesses make it feel like it’s easy to become your own boss, to have more freedom, and to earn even without doing anything.

World Wide Group Review Summary

Name:  World Wide Group


Founders:  Ron And Georgia Lee Puryear

Product Type:   Multi-Level Marketing

Price:  $54.95 For The Membership Fee + $38.99 To $250 For The Add-Ons 

Quick Summary:  World Wide Group is a network marketing company previously known as World Wide Dream Builders founded by Amway distributors. It offers support and training to its members, which is a good thing but it’s pretty expensive, especially for beginners.

Other than the fees, it attracted controversies, such as the need to recruit people.

The question is, is it a scam to get rid of or a legit program that can help you make money online?

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

But is managing a business really that easy?

Well, most businesses made it sound like, especially the ones under the multi-level marketing (MLM) niche.

Over the years, however, we realized that MLM is not as easy as how it’s promoted but still, some people can vouch for it.

In this post, we’ll learn whether World Wide Group is a networking company that can help you make money, obtain freedom, and is your own boss.

What Is the World Wide Group About?

World Wide Group is a network marketing company founded by Ron And Georgia Lee Puryear who are distributors of Amway -- another MLM company.

Basically, it has the structure and products that Amway offers so if you’re not into this program, then World Wide Group is not an option for you.

This is just one of Amway’s Independent Business Owners and in the past, it has founded several successful IBO’s

Amway is a successful MLM brand that’s been promoted by several celebrities, such as Sandra Bullock, Shaquille O’Neal, and Teresa Palmer. However, just like most network marketing companies, it has its fair share of controversies, such as its pricing and recruitment hype.

Nonetheless, it’s been in the industry since 1978 and even though Ron died in 2016, the brand still continued to provide additional support and tools to its members.


World Wide Group Product Line

As mentioned, World Wide Group offers the same product that Amway offers under these categories:

  • Beauty

  • Personal Care

  • Home Living

  • Nutrition

These are typical MLM products and when I say typical, I mean more than a hundred networking brands worldwide sell these goods, such as:


Is World Wide Group A Scam?

World Wide Group is not a scam. If anything, it’s a legit network marketing company that usually comes with bold claims, expensive fees and products, and recruitment hype.

However, when it comes to legalities, the company was able to comply. 

It is a Better Business Bureau accredited business, which is a good thing if you want to know whether an MLM platform is a scam or a legit one.

It is backed up by a well-known networking giant called Amway. 

It is supported by positive reviews online by real people and not paid actors. 

But then again, there are drawbacks to watch out for. 

I am not an affiliate of this program so I am not here to pitch it. I intend to help you come up with a wise decision so you can avoid scams or waste your time on low-quality programs. 

I am also not here to promote one product alone for my own benefit. In fact, you can see well-performing platforms that I believe can help you make money online, and the good part? I don’t earn even a single dollar from it. 

If you’re interested, just click The Good tab. 

Going back, World Wide Group is legit and has a few positive aspects to consider but also some cons to take note of.

Is World Wide Group A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Network marketing companies are often thought of as both — pyramid and Ponzi schemes. 

However, these three are different. 

A pyramid scheme is downright illegal. It makes money through recruitment alone and it has no products, tangible or digital, to sell, making it unstable. 

Once recruitment stops, the money coming in to compensate its members stops, too. 

A Ponzi scheme, on the other hand, asks its members to invest a huge amount and in return, they will get a massive compensation even without doing anything. 

Now, it’s illegal because Ponzi schemes are not regulated and also, it has no source of legit income, too. 

Meanwhile, multi-level marketing is a legit business model. It comes with quality products that members can make money from by selling. 

Yes, there’s recruitment involved but unlike pyramids, the commission comes when a downline or team can make a sale. 

As an upline, you get a percentage out of it, which makes sense rather than earning money from an unknown source. 

Now, looking at these three, World Wide Group obviously belongs to a legit MLM company type.

World Wide Group Compensation Plan

As a multi-level marketing company, World Wide Group offers two ways to make money. One is to sell their products and earn retail profits. 

As a member, you have access to wholesale prices for each product and you can sell them at a retail price so you can earn a commission.

You can also grow your team to earn commissions, bonuses, and incentives from their sales.

You can watch the video below to learn more:

How Much To Join the World Wide Group?

World Wide Group may offer additional tools and support but that means paying additional fees. 

Other than the $54.95 membership fee, below are additional fees to grow your business, including:

  • Amway Membership Fees $168 + Products

  • CommuniKate Voicemail System $38.99/Month

  • Digital Products $25/Month (eBook recommendation, podcasts, etc)

  • Events and Travels $75 To $250

Since it’s under Amway, you have additional fees to cover, including the product, marketing, starter kit, and Amway registration. These costs range from $20 up to $69. 

Some of these are paid every month so in total, you might pay around $1,230 every year.

And then, of course, the costs for the World Wide Group itself. As you can see above, there’s the membership fee and monthly fees. All in all, the amount you need to pay every year is around $1,423.

Combine that two rates and in total, you need to settle $2,653.

Remember, you can only get your investment back if you can sell their expensive products and grow your team, which, I tell you, is difficult especially for beginners. 

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Legit MLM Company

Despite the negative stigma, MLM is a good platform for those who are skilled in hard-selling and recruitment. It can be lucrative for the right individual but it’s not for everyone.

So if you are looking for a legit company, you might want to consider the World Wide Group.

Stable And Solid Reputation

Amway is one of the learning MLM companies in the world and being under it, it also supports World Wide Group’s stability and track record.

After all, it’s rare for a networking company to grow and live longer than 10 years. 

World Wide Group has been around since 1978 and most businesses don’t even last that long.

Tools And Support

While there are many tools and support that can help you grow your business, it makes a difference when you belong in a community that helps one another grow.

With World Wide Group, you don’t only depend on your upline for your training, you have other support from live events, online training courses, and digital products so you can learn how to grow your business online.


Expensive Fees And Products

Imagine, you have to pay $2,000+ every year.

I do understand that you need to invest in your business but is it reasonable enough to spend such a huge amount? 

Remember, to get your investment back, you have to sell expensive products, which is difficult considering the similar options we have in the marketplace. These alternatives are not only cheaper but some of them are from well-known brands. 

In addition to expensive fees, you have to reach a $150/month sales quota. Otherwise, your efforts and money will go to waste. 

Pyramid-Like Scheme

While World Wide Group is legit, the way it markets its program is unlikely, which is the main reason why I don’t like MLMs. 

Often, they have bold claims just to attract members to join them. What I don’t like about this is that it creates false beliefs. 

Potential members might think that it’s easy to make money with MLM when it’s really not. 

Other than that, they are focused on recruitment. Every member is encouraged to grow their team so they can “earn more.”

Expensive Charges

Other than the major fees, there are other charges that you are encouraged to settle. This includes the functions, books, seminars, CDs, etc and you need at least $120 or more a month to cover these fees. 

If they intend to help, why do they charge their members these things? Why can they offer value for free? After all, there’s a separate membership fee. Isn’t that enough to cover it?


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Training Tools/Support

World Wide Group offers training and support that can help members grow their businesses. 

Of course, each comes with a price. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

World Wide Group is a legit MLM company that you might want to consider if you are into selling health and wellness products, have experience with networking, and have extra cash.

It does have a proven track record and can provide the tools and support you might need when starting a business but unless you fully understand how network marketing works, this is not for you.

If you don’t like recruiting people or end up having tons of products in your basement, I suggest that you look for a better alternative.

What’s Next?

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Thank you so much for reading my World Wide Group review.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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