What Is Miessence About? Australia-Based Organic Cosmetic And Beauty MLM Scam?

is miessence a scam

Welcome to My Miessence Review!

We’ve already discussed a couple of networking brands that offer all-natural, organic, safe, and are cruelty-free products. Some of them include Essanté Organics, The Body Shop At Home, and Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic.

Miessence Review Summary

Name: Miessence

Website: www.miessence.com

Founders: Narelle Chenery, Colin Chenery, And Alf Orpen

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $340 To $550 For The Joining Fee

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Quick Summary: Miessence is a multi-level marketing opportunity that markets organic beauty, cosmetic, body, and skincare products.
It has organic certification and is under the umbrella of an organic and beauty company, Organic and Natural Enterprises Pty Ltd (ONE Group) which is based in Australia.
Other than offering all-natural and organic products, it also comes with an income opportunity through its affiliate system where registered affiliates can receive commissions when they make a sale and recruit others to join the program.
They also stand for an environmental cause and also support a charity. However, their products are quite overpriced. 

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Organic products are currently popular as many people seek to limit the chemicals and toxins that they are exposed to. 

In this post, we will talk about another multi-level marketing (MLM) company called Miessence. 

With a lot of competition, what would be the edge of this program? 

Would join their affiliate system bring you a fortune? 

Most importantly, is Miessence a scam or a legit program?

what is miessence about

What Is Miessence About?

Miessence is a certified organic product range from an organic cosmetic and beauty company from Australia called Organic and Natural Enterprises Pty Ltd (ONE Group). It was officially founded in 1999 when Co-Founders Narelle and Colin Chenery and Alf Orpen met. 

miessence founders Narelle Chenery Colin Chenery And Alf Orpen

Narelle Chenery by that time was already producing her own skincare range using organic ingredients, which she began to in 1997 before she and her husband Colin met co-founder Alf Orpen. 

In 1999, something clicked at their first meeting and in literally minutes they had agreed to go into business to create the world's first certified organic skin care range. (You know, this is confusing, most of the organic skincare MLMs we’d reviewed claim they are the first).

It was then in 2003, when John Hunter joined the group, since he had considerable experience in the direct selling industry, thus the MLM business platform was incorporated into the business. 

With the support and enthusiasm of many Affiliates around the world whom they refer to as Representatives at the time, Miessence has grown globally.

Miessence products are sold directly to their consumers through their e-commerce platform or website, also in retail stores in Australia and New Zealand, and also in some countries that have exclusive distributors. 

One Group also has an Affiliate system where affiliates can receive commissions on sales they make. Miessence products are also distributed in Ukraine and Russia through Organika Ukraina while in Scandinavia, it’s distributed by Wellness Aarhus in Denmark.

This is also a beautiful MLM that comes with educational presentations and home parties.

Miessence is ACO Certified and USDA organic certified company with cruelty-free products, meaning that there are no animals tested on the manufacture or testing of the products. It's only tested on humans.

Miessence Product Line

Miessence is a beauty company that offers a variety of natural and organic skincare, haircare, body, and cosmetic products. The basic ingredients for Miessence products are grown, harvested, and processed organically. 

miessence product line

The products appear to be of high-quality especially that the company is meticulous with this and they provide details about extraction processes and purity standards. 

Here are the following categories of their products on their website:

  • Skin Care
  • Body & Hair Care
  • Superfoods
  • Happi Earth
  • Biody
  • Cosmetics 

Price-wise, it’s really quite expensive. Life, for example, their 50 ml moisturizers even costs around $56-$70. I get that it’s all organic but for a 50ml amount? That’s quite too much!

Is Miessence A Scam?

Miessence appears to be legit. It comes with real products and a real business and opportunity that allows affiliates to earn by selling their products and by recruiting others to join and do the same. 

It’s also been running for a long time making it an established company. 

They are an ACO Certified and USDA organic certified company with cruelty-free products. 

I don't think it’s an opportunity set up to scam people. However, it will still take a while and a lot of hard work to gain big income in these kinds of platforms, and their products though of high quality are really a bit expensive. Thus, not recommending you to this one.

Is Miessence A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Miessence is a legitimate MLM company. It comes with physical products you could earn from as you market and sell them. It also comes with a compensation plan built on an MLM business model which you could also earn from as you recruit others to join. 

Though it encourages recruitment, money is never solely made through it, as sales are still a big part of what you’ll have to work with. Thus, it is not a Pyramid and Ponzi Scheme. 

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Miessence Compensation Plan

Basically as an MLM, you’ll earn through retail sales and recruitment (team) commission. 

However, the compensation plan from Miessence focuses more on the team side of the plan, providing few details about how to earn from sales but the main mechanism still is a purchase-first approach.

This means that representatives need to buy products at a discount and then sell them and gain profit. Basically, to get a 30% discount and free shipping, you need either 300 points in product purchases or at least 140 points via autoship.

While the above-mentioned sales commissions are a representative’s initial source of income, their compensation plan is more on the team-building side. 

Once you get your own business up and running, there is the option of mentoring other reps to grow your team with their MLM model. With this, you could earn through Sponsor Bonuses, Executive Pools (profit sharing pools), and Residual Income from sponsoring other representatives. 

Here is a quick run through how you’ll be compensated in their pay plan:

  • Builder's Bonus - For new representatives only
  • Fast Start Bonus - A Fast Start Bonus of AU$300 is paid to the Sponsor of 3 new Representatives in the same calendar month, who have started with at least a Fast Start (300 Point) order. This bonus applies to every set of 3 Representatives.
  • Sponsor Bonus - Be on Autoship and receive 5% of the order value of all orders placed by personally sponsored LifeStyle Members & Representatives. Join with a Fast Start order to qualify for the Sponsor Bonus immediately.
  • Re-order Bonus - Paid upline according to rank, on the Bonus Allocation of all orders by LifeStyle Members and Representatives after their first 30 days.
  • Loyalty Bonus
  • Executive Pool (Calculated Monthly) - Executives and above are eligible for the number of shares in the Executive Pool. 

Being an MLM comes with Affiliate Ranks. 

miessence compensation plan

How Much To Join Miessence?

There are 2 ways to join Miessence, either you join as a Lifestyle Member where you could buy products for your own consumption with discounts or choose to maximize membership and earn through commissions with their compensation plan by being a Miessence Representative. 

All it takes is for you to sign up or upgrade (if you’re already a Lifestyle Member) and choose from the 3 joining options:

1) Basic Joining ($40) 

By choosing the basic joining fee and placing a small 75 Point Value (PV) order at a total cost of about $130.

You will receive an automatic 20% discount on that order and shipping is reduced from $9.95 to $4.95 if on Bonus Protection (BP). 

Committing to a monthly 75PV order through an automatic system we call Bonus Protection (or BP) means your shipping is free.

2) Fast Start Order Total ($340) 

The joining fee was reduced to $20 by placing a 300PV (approx. $460 Retail value) order on which you receive 30% off and FREE shipping. 

The Fast Start option enables you to select and start with a good variety of products for you and your family’s own use or to give to other people to try. 

This option is by far the most popular joining option for those intending on developing a business with Miessence.

3)Super Fast Start Order ( $550) 

The joining fee is waived when you place a 600PV order (approx. $920 Retail value) on which you receive 40% off and free shipping. The Super Fast Start option is suited to a family who may all be using the products as well as for someone who intends on doing face-to-face or group product presentations soon after getting started. 



Environmental Stance

It’s nice that Miessence stands for a cause for the environment and by promoting natural and organic products that are even cruelty-free. They also help support a charity and I commend them and other similar programs for choosing to include this advocacy other than focusing on making money only.



Natural and organic products from Miessence are indeed of high quality however, their product prices are extremely costly. Yes, some people may pay high prices to get quality, but many people won’t. So, the price alone would make these products hard to sell even though their organic nature does offer some advantage. 

Heavily Focused On Recruitment

Recruitment is a normal part of MLMs however when a program puts heavy attention on inviting people it makes their legit platform suspicious. 

While you could earn by selling Miessence products, you’ll only advance in ranks and gain bigger profits if you’d recruit people to join the program and build a team of downline who does well in sales and recruiting. 

Hassle In Hosting Parties

As mentioned above, being a representative means throwing out home parties to promote the products and increase sales. However, for me, it would be quite a hassle. Well it can work as a good method to sell but it would not apply to most people. It’ll also cost you some money, effort, and energy. And considering today’s times, gatherings are not that welcomed. 

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Training Tools/Support

Being a representative, you’ll be provided with a duplicate website, along with business tools and materials you’ll need for the business.

Final Opinion/Verdict

In conclusion, I could say that Miessence is a legitimate MLM opportunity that can give a fairly decent income but it’s only good as an aside hustle.

I commend them for advocating an environmental stance and a cause in promoting organic products but apparently their products are really expensive. 

Yes, they do promote supporting a charity as well but if you’d ask me, I could go buy other organic products that cost less that could help me save more money, and with the extra money, I could even directly use to donate to a charity. 

In addition to its drawbacks, selling expensive products would be a challenge. It'll be hard to find people to afford such plus the fact that the beauty niche is also saturated. 

So if you’ll ask me whether it’s a good program when you want to make money online, my verdict is no.

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Thank you for reading my Miessence review!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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