Is Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic A Scam? Legit MLM Company With Product And Marketing Issue?

neals yard organic remedy review

Welcome to My Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Review!

Other than the human body and mental health, a lot of people are becoming conscious about how they look, thus the demand for skincare essentials.

This is one reason why many brands are focusing on developing products that would answer to their marker’s skin concern. One of which is Neal's Yard Remedies Organic -- multi-level marketing that promotes skincare products and cosmetics.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Review Summary

Name: Neal's Yard Remedies Organic


Founders: Romy Fraser

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $149 For The Startup Kit + $50 For Optional Upgrade + Tax And Shipping Fee

neals yard organic remedy logo

Quick Summary: Neal's Yard Remedies Organic is a networking company with humble beginnings. Based in South London, it’s now distributing its skincare products, essential oils, and supplements to more than 10 countries. It also provides a business opportunity to interested individuals.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes... And No

Other than that, there’s the opportunity to make money from it by selling the products and recruiting people to join the platform.

It’s been in the industry since 2018 and until now, it’s managed to hold a good reputation. But the questions are:

What is it really about? Is Neal's Yard Remedies Organic a scam? How much money can you make from it?

I know you have more questions in mind so let my honest Neal's Yard Remedies Organic review understand what it’s truly about.

What Is Neal's Yard Remedies Organic About?

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company founded by Romy Fraser in 1981. Originally, it’s meant to be an alternative pharmacy, marketing essential oils, dried herbs, toiletries, and Bach flower remedies.

romy fraser founder of neals yard organic

Right now, it focuses on selling skincare essentials, cosmetics, and essential oil. It’s almost the same as Seacret and Arbonne.

Prior to becoming a big MLM company, Romy started meeting her clients’ growing demand in a builder’s yard in South London. 

Here are more details on the company’s growth and expansion:

  • In 1993, she decided to move to a bigger factory to cover her customers’ increasing requests.
  • In 1999, she started product development with the help of a managing director.
  • In 2005, the South London-based company moved to Peacemarsh.
  • In 2009, Neal's Yard Remedies Organic launched NYR Organics -- the direct selling line of the brand.
  • In 2013, it acquired over 5,000 sellers in the United Kingdom alone. In the same year, it started its operation in Ireland, too.
  • In 2013, the company had over 60 retail stores in different countries, such as Greece, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia, Oman, Qatar, Israel, and the UAE.
  • In 2015, it received recognition as “The Guardians’ Sustainable Business Award.”

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Product Line

The main products of Neal's Yard Remedies Organic are skincare, essentials oils, and cosmetics and on their website, it is divided into seven categories, namely:



For Skincare, it’s the usual toner, moisturizers, cleansers, and serum that claims to provide solutions for different skin types, such as dry, normal, oily, and combination. It also claims to reduce signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines, and provide radiance.

The price of their skincare essentials starts from $8 up to $80. Mind you, these are rough conversions since the price on their website is in pounds (£).

Bath & Body

For Bath & Body, these are the typical body and hair essentials, like lotions, soap, massage oils, and shampoo. They have products for babies, women, and men and the price ranges from $6 to $55.

Hand Care

For Hand Care, these are creams, lotions, soaps, and other essentials intended to clean and condition the hand, with price ranging from $5 to $50.


For Aromatherapy, the brand lets you choose from the variety of their essential oils or you can create your own. This category also includes the tools you need, such as diffusers, burners, and other fragrances. You can also find massage oils here and the price ranges from $3 up to $160.


For Wellbeing, this is where you will find their herbal supplements that claim to provide antioxidants, support men and women’s health, essential nutrients for pregnant women, reduce stress and fatigue, and many more.

There are also books for essential oils, beauty, and massage as well as night creams, show gels, and pillow mist that claim to support a good night's sleep.

The price ranges from $3 up to $55.


These are the brand’s products in a gift set with prices ranging from $15 up to $160.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic also offers therapy sessions that provide the following services: head massage, body massage, and acupuncture.

Product Reviews

The good thing about their website is that each product allows consumers to provide a review. That way, it would be easier for prospects to see whether the product is good or just overhyped. Of course, like other companies, there are positive and negative reviews but with Neal's Yard Remedies Organic, most feedback is good.

I’ll share a screenshot below or you can visit their site to learn more.

neals yard remedy review

You can also check this link for review.

There are issues, however, especially in the past, that resulted in the withdrawal of their products.

According to this BBC, Neal's Yard Remedies Organic has misleading claims about their homeopathic preparations. Turned out that there was no proof that their Malaria Officinalis 30c has no clinical proof that it works according to its claim.

There was also an issue about Neal's Yard Remedies Organic’s Cocoa Eye Shadow because of microbiological contamination. As a result, the shipment was banned in the US.

Other than that, the brand has settled $27,000 for a violation of the California Health & Safety Code because they failed to provide a warning that their products -- Covent Garden Superfood Organic Greens Complex and Covent Garden Superfood Organic Cocoa Blend -- contain cadmium and lead.

How To Make Money With Neal's Yard Remedies Organic

Just like other MLM companies, there are two basic ways to make money with Neal's Yard Remedies Organic. 

The first one is to make a sale and to earn from this, you have to become a member first. Being an affiliate, you have to access the brand’s wholesale prices so you can market the products based on their suggested retail price. 

For personal sales or retail commission, you can earn a 25% profit.

There’s also the need to recruit people and join your team. This lets you earn override commissions and bonuses when your team hits a certain milestone.

Is Neal's Yard Remedies Organic A Scam?

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic is not a scam. It’s a legit MLM company that’s been operating for more than 30 years. All their products are of quality and the opportunity that they offer is legitimate and not just another pyramid scheme in disguise.

The only issue I have is the warnings against their products. While it’s good to know that they are not acting like a cult -- you know, like the networking companies that put pressure on their members to recruit people, there are a few concerns about their essentials before.

There are issues about contamination, misleading claims, and failure to provide warning of harmful ingredients and although these are issues of the past and have been settled, there’s a possibility that it might happen again.

So as an aspiring distributor or consumer, I would be very skeptical.

Nonetheless, this is a legit MLM opportunity that you might want to consider if you’re looking for a way to make money or you’re passionate about organic products.

If you're confused between an MLM and a pyramid scheme , you can watch the video below:


To become an affiliate or consultant of Neal's Yard Remedies Organic, you have to purchase a Basic Startup Kit that costs $149. This includes over $900 worth of products, marketing tools for your business, a tote bag, and testing application.

You can also pay $50 if you want an additional aromatherapy upgrade.

Being a Neal's Yard Remedies Organic consultant, you can get a free website where visitors can see your products.

Take Note: Other than the startup kit, you also need to pay for the tax and shipping fee.

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Legit MLM Company With Quality Products

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic is not a scam and it’s good to know that their products are of quality. It’s not just like they’ve created essentials for the sake of making money. If not because of the issue of their marketing and products, this company is worth considering, especially now that more and more people are becoming interested in organic essentials.


Issues On Products And Marketing

As mentioned above, there are complaints against false or deceiving marketing for their products. There’s also an issue about microbiological contamination and a settlement because of failing to disclose that their products contain lead and cadmium.

Although these have been resolved, it’s not easy for me to trust the brand and its products because who knows? What if there’s contamination again?

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Who Is It For?

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic is ideal for people who are passionate or interested in organic products. It’s also for those who have personally tried the brand or have experience with networking companies.

That way, you know how this kind of business model works and you won’t simply earn by selling their products rather, you have to recruit people to join the platform, too.

Training Tools/Support

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic provides sales and marketing tools to their consultants. And, like usual MLM companies, your upline may provide training to your team so you can learn more about the products and get the encouragement you need to make sales.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic has been distributing organic essentials since the 1980s and it’s good to know that until now, they are operating online and offline. They have reached a wider market, too and many people love their products.

Another thing that I like about the brand is that they focus on promoting and improving their products rather than push people to recruit and grow their team. Not only is this annoying but this practice can also be the reason why a legit MLM company is tagged as a pyramid scheme.

But then again, there were issues against their products and marketing and some

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I hope this Neal's Yard Remedies Organic review has clarified your concerns and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it down below.

Thank you! 

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