Is AmeriPlan A Scam? A Legit Health Insurance Or Another Ponzi Scheme To Get Rid Of?

ameriplan review

Welcome to my AmeriPlan review!

Some people confuse this company with insurance but AmeriPlan has been very clear with its purpose on its landing page. 

AmeriPlan Review Summary

Name: AmeriPlan


Founders: Dennis and Daniel Bloom

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price:  $30 For The Annual Fee + $39.95 For The Deluxe + $19.95 To $99.95 For The jumpstart Promotions

ameriplan logo

Quick Summary: AmeriPlan is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that offers members discounts on various health care products and services. Its affiliate program allows people to earn money from the comforts of their homes. 

However, you can only earn if you can find the leads for the business because there aren’t a lot of AmeriPlan approved clinics and doctors. Thus, the challenge arises!

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

The multi-level marketing brand does offer plans but these plans work to entitle people to discounts for certain medical services and prescription drugs. There’s also an affiliate program for those who want to make money by selling their services and recruiting people to join their team.

Typical MLM company but the question is: is AmeriPlan a legit networking platform or another Ponzi scheme in disguise?

What Is AmeriPlan About?

Based in Plano, Texas, AmeriPlan® is a company that offers members discounts on various health care products and services including Dental, Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic services. 

Being an MLM, it’s known for its affiliate program -- a program that allows people to earn money from home. Every affiliate is referred to as AmeriPlan Benefit Consultants (BC's).

It works almost the same as World Financial Group in the sense of how their affiliates make extra cash.

Here’s a quick history of the brand:

In 1992, AmeriPlan began. It was in the early '90s that identical twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom saw the need for a value-oriented discount fee-for-service dental program. Thus, the birth of AmeriPlan® Corporation. 

ameriplan founders Dennis and Daniel Bloom

The business was an outgrowth of the demand for dental care services. Throughout the years, it widened its scope to more services such as vision, chiropractic services, and many more. 

AmeriPlan aims to make it easier for people to acquire the type of medical services that they need. They do offer legit services. However, it's only for certain states in the US and there aren’t a lot of AmeriPlan approved clinics and doctors.  

AmeriPlan just does not have enough partnerships to make it worth your while.

AmeriPlan Product Line

AmeriPlan® Corporation, as claimed, is the US' premier Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) that offers discounts to dental, prescription drugs, healthcare, vision, chiropractic, physical therapy, hearing, mental health and more.

These are the plans they offer:

ameriplans product line

  • Dental Plus - ($19.95/month) gives immediate savings on Dental, Vision, Prescription, Hearing, and Chiropractic services.
    • Telemedicine Plus - ($19.95/month) gives 24 Hour Access to a Doctor by phone or e-mail and immediate savings on Prescription as well as Ancillary Care.
    • Deluxe Plus - ($39.95/month) this program gives immediate savings on Dental, Vision, Prescription, Hearing, and Chiropractic services. It also provides 24 Hour Access to a Doctor by phone or e-mail as well as Hospital Advocacy and Ancillary Care. In short, it’s the combination of Dental Plus and Telemedicine Plus. 

How To Make Money With AmeriPlan?

Basically, an active AmeriPlan BC can generate residual commissions and bonuses. And whenever a new member signs-up through the affiliate’s unique link, they will be given a commission fee. Since memberships are based on a monthly subscription, the BCs can earn a percentage of that subscription fee. 

As a Benefit Consultant advances through director levels and is "Active", they will begin to earn Team Residual Overrides from the efforts of their downline Sales Directors.

  • RANKS/Pin Level Promotions
  • SRSD = 1 Qualified Regional Sales Director (RSD)
  • ESD= 2 Qualified Regional Sales Directors
  • SESD = 3 Qualified Regional Sales Directors
  • NSD = 4 Qualified Regional Sales Directors 

AmeriPlan's robust residual compensation plan for Benefit Consultant (BC) pays a 40% monthly residual commission on all personal business you write.

Starting with the rank of Regional Sales Director (RSD), AmeriPlan's lucrative overrides richly reward BCs who develop new leaders in their down line organization. This plan lets you build a strong residual income that will mean freedom for you and your family. We believe it is the best compensation plan in the direct sales industry.

ameriplan compensation plan

See more about their compensation plan in this video:

Is AmeriPlan A Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. 

AmeriPlan is a legit MLM company, offering discounts to services and a chance for affiliates to generate income. They are even rated A+ in the Better Bureau Business (BBB) even though they are not accredited. However, it is only limited to the US and most clinics are not affiliated with AmeriPlan. 

So for BCs with no AmeriPlan affiliated clinics or hospitals near, it would be a challenge and might even result in unethical measures to gain income lucratively. Well, that’s one of the reasons, I’d probably not recommend you to this opportunity. 


AmeriPlan is an MLM that offers an affiliate program and term its affiliates as BC's (Benefit Consultants). They claim that they provided thousands of BC's with great opportunities to earn residual income and financial security through the sales of their healthcare discount products and business ventures. 

Well, how to be part of that? To be a BC, one should sign up on their website. 

2 Steps To Become A Benefits Consultant With AmeriPlan:

1. Enroll in AmeriPlan - Pay $30.00 annual Enrollment Fee which includes access to a suite of AmeriPlan Corporate Services and access to the online business e-kit. There is no initial membership order required to become a BC with AmeriPlan. For $30.00 annually, one will receive a personalized website(s), plus unlimited access to BC Back Office for a year. However, you will NOT be eligible for any compensation until your status is "active" BC. 

2. (Optional) Become "Active" - To be commission qualified, one should buy or sell one (1) Deluxe Plus Plan ($39.95). A BC must be active to generate residual commissions and to earn bonuses.

On top of that, you could as well go for Jump Start Promotions to help you get started fast.

ameriplan  affiliate price



Legit And Transparent Business With Good Products 

There’s not too much to like about AmeriPlan, however, the thought that you could avail discounts to services and at the same time gain income is a good thing. They’ve also been in the business for several decades that probably goes to show that they are established. 

I also commend them for being transparent in many aspects, including their compensation plan, services, and many more. 



Despite AmeriPlan offering legit services and an opportunity to earn, it's still limited in terms of area of coverage, talking about affiliations. Aside from the fact that it’s only for certain states in the US. And also, there aren't a lot of AmeriPlan approved clinics and doctors.

So, if you're not in the US, this program is not for you. And if you’re a BC with not much available affiliations around your area, it would be a challenge!

Confused With Insurance

From the name itself, AmeriPlan maybe oftentimes mistaken with health insurance. So oftentimes, if people are not into such things, they would tend to avoid AmeriPlan. But thanks to their website who disclosed that they are not insurance and rather are plans that offer discounts to health services. 

MLM Hype

Since it is an MLM, AmeriPlan is a business that focuses on recruiting people into the system. Since recruitment is indeed the heartbeat of most of these MLMs, you will be as well compelled to recruit to earn big and gain commissions, especially in AmeriPlan.

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Who Is It For?

AmeriPlan is designed for those people only in the US and for those who want to have their own business in the comfort of their homes since most of the time all you need is a phone and a list of the right leads. It;’s for those who have an aggressive sales nature and can handle rejection well. 

It’s also intended for those who are good at talking and persuading people because you not only offer discounts/ services, you are as well opting people to join the MLM program. It is also for those who cannot afford expensive health services because it offers discounts and at the same time you can have an earning opportunity. 

Training Tools/Support

The annual fee paid by Benefit Consultants includes 24/7 genealogy access and online support, 2 e-commerce enabled websites, and an E-kit with helpful training. They will also have access to the back office and full administrative support. There are also training and events for BCs to learn more and be motivated to work for success.

Final Opinion/Verdict

In conclusion, AmeriPlan is not a scam. It is not health insurance but rather is a legitimate MLM business that provides plans that offer discounts to health services. Still, I would not recommend you joining this MLM opportunity that AmeriPlan offers. 

Yes, it is legit and has been as well running for a couple of decades. But just like most MLM opportunities, this encourages recruitment to gain lucrative income. Indeed, it will really require your hard work, great recruitment skills, and the guts to progress aside from facing the hassle of promoting such services that would be a challenge since affiliations are limited and only US-based. 

And it’s also only for certain states. So if you’re from the other parts of the world, you can’t join this MLM business. So, it’ll be hard to maximize such an opportunity. It’s just unfortunate that even after operating for several years, they haven’t gone worldwide or at least maximized the number of affiliations. 

So, definitely not recommending you to this one. It’s not a business opportunity that everyone can benefit from.

What’s Next?

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Anyways, thank you for reading my AmeriPlan review! If you have comments, suggestions, and still have more queries boggling in mind, feel free to log below. 

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