Flamingo Paperie Review – Reboot Of First MLM British Greeting Card A Scam?

is flamingo paperie a scam

Welcome to My Flamingo Paperie Review!

In a high-end generation where communication is done virtually, it’s great to receive some greetings the old-school way. You know what I mean, letters or greeting cards. 

Am I the one who still likes those ways of receiving gifts and keepsakes? 

I believe such a specialized note sent on any occasion rather than a convenient chat is better and can be therapeutic and a lot more special. How about multi-level marketing (MLM) that offers such a line of products, such as greeting cards and stationery? 

Flamingo Paperie Review Summary

Name: Flamingo Paperie 

Website: www.flamingopaperie.co.uk

Founders: Robin Bradley, Sheila Shaw, And Stuart Miller

Product Type: Multi-level Marketing

Price: £45 To £200 ($62.57 To $278.08) For The Starter Packs

flamingo paperie logo

Quick Summary: Flamingo Paperie is a UK-based company that markets greeting cards, note cards, and sheets of gift wrap.

It operates on a multi-level marketing business model, which allows the affiliates (Independent Flamingo Partners) to earn commissions through direct retail sales and as well as recruitment.

However, its income potential is low, that’s just the best as a side income. We’ll see more about Flamingo Paperie in this review!

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Now, the MLM that we’re gonna discuss in this review -- Flamingo Paperie -- offers the above-mentioned products that might interest those who are fond of sentimental things.

If you’re one of them, would this opportunity suit your financial needs?

How does it work?

Is Flamingo Paperie legit or just another scam?

Let’s talk more about this MLM opportunity in this Flamingo Paperie Review!

what is flamingo paperie about

What Is Flamingo Paperie About?

Flamingo Paperie is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells greeting cards and other stationary stuff. Launched in February 2018, Flamingo Paperie apparently rose out of the ashes of Phoenix Trading, its predecessor, which is the first British direct selling greeting card company. 

Similar to Send Out Cards, Flamingo Paperie has a new focus and many of its staff and Independent Partners are from Phoenix Trading, too making it more founded and built in the Phoenix Trading still.

Flamingo is a British greeting card company specializing in exclusively illustrated greeting cards, gift wrap, and stationery. All Flamingo’s cards are ethically printed in the UK, using FSC cards and vegetable-based inks. 

The design team is passionate about supporting and promoting the illustrators and artists who create the designs. Throughout the years, Flamingo Paperies’ business has been growing with almost 2,000 and more partners in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and France.

Flamingo Paperie is owned and managed by 3 directors, namely Robin Bradley, Sheila Shaw, and Stuart Miller. Robin Bradley, the original founder of Phoenix Trading, Sheila Shaw, one of the earliest directors of Phoenix, and Stuart Millar, the number one Trader in the Phoenix business. 

With over 75 years of direct selling experience among them and nearly 60 years of selling first-class stationery, the new team feels confident that they know exactly what they have to do to turn Flamingo into a success. Well, let’s see about that!

Flamingo Paperie Product Line

As discussed, Flamingo Paperies sells greeting cards (made especially by artists) and other stationery supplies, such as gift wrapping. They also have note cards, notebooks, craft kits, and more. 

flamingo paperi product line

As mentioned, their greeting cards are made by artists, you could as well sort through the artist category, and you can look for these greeting cards depending on the season and event.  

Checking on the price, they are not that too expensive taking into consideration that they are made by artists. These cards are sold for £2. 

The company also comes with a charity and fundraising support cause.

Is Flamingo Paperie A Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. 

Though not that long but its predecessor, Phoenix Trading has been already in the business for a long time. Most of the staff and independent partners at Flamingo Paperie are the same as Phoenix Trading. 

Their products are legit, too. 

Flamingo Paperie is definitely a legitimate MLM company with an income opportunity one can earn from. However, there are a few drawbacks that I’ll explain below.

Is Flamingo Paperie A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

The niche it may belong to is a challenging and not that popular one, but Flamingo Paperie is a legit MLM opportunity where one can earn some income. 

The MLM opportunity may present an affiliate program but you could also earn through retail sales. However, recruitment is still required since joining the program would always ask for a sponsor's name. 

But then, it’s legit so it’s far from being a scam. Recruitment is not the sole source of income and there’s no promise of high ROI for the investment made.

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Flamingo Paperie Compensation Plan

Basically, as an MLM, you’ll earn through retail sales and recruitment commission.  

But here are 3 ways to earn money as a Flamingo Independent Partner:

  • You can buy and sell stock to friends, colleagues, relatives, at craft fairs, pop-up shops, and more. 
  • You buy a stock at 30% off the retail price but you do pay delivery on all your orders (£6 max). It is possible to sell without buying any stock and you can do this by directing people to your personalized website. Here the company ships all the orders directly to your customer and you get 20% profit. 
  • And lastly, by building a team of Partners who you support. When your team sells you earn a commission from the company depending on how much they sell. Thus, recruitment commissions.

See more about Flamingo Paperies’ earning opportunity on the video below:

How Much To Join Flamingo Paperie?

To join as an Independent Flamingo partner, you’ll have to sign up logging your sponsor details, and purchase a starter pack from below to get started with your Flamingo Paperie business.

Starter Packs:

  • Pack 1 (£45) - Pack includes £54 of fabulous Flamingo Paperie products (30 greeting cards) and £13.43 of business sales aids and brochures.
  • Pack 2 (£95) - Pack includes £144 of fabulous Flamingo Paperie products (80 greeting cards), and £32.13 of business sales aids and brochures
  • Pack 3 (£200) - Pack includes £367.50 of fabulous Flamingo Paperie products (200 greeting cards and 5 sheets of gift wrap) and £60.51 of business sales aids and brochures.



Charity and Fundraising Support

Flamingo Paperie is delighted to support The Phoenix International Charity (PIC).

Worldwide donations by The Phoenix International Charity and its affiliates are offered to cancer research charities, children’s hospices, and over 1,000 charitable causes. 

It’s great to not only find an earning opportunity and at the same time also participate in a cause to help those in need. 

It’s also a great avenue for artists to exercise their giftings as they make the design for these greeting cards.

Great Support

The ‘team’ feeling is outstanding. The mutual support that most Partners give each other in Flamingo is something commendable.


Limited Market

Yes, the idea of greeting cards is thoughtful and sentimental. However, it’ll be a challenge marketing such products because it’s not something that is “IN” with today’s generation. The market is limited because nowadays, people don’t just simply give physical greeting cards to send a message.

Low Income Potential

A 20% profit is good but it’ll definitely take you a lot of hard work to gain the income you desire. Yes, Flamingo Paperie’s income opportunity may give you some income but not enough for a living or a substantial earning.

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Training Tools/Support

Joining as an Independent Flamingo Partner and purchasing a bumper or starter kit, you will be supplied with products depending on the pack chosen, along with access to your personalized website. 

You will be as well provided with business sales aids and brochures. Support is also made available for Independent Flamingo Partners.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Flamingo Paperie appears to be a legit company and not a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme. 

There are also no targets to be met or sales levels that have to be achieved. However, if you want to get rewards, it’s up to you as an Independent Flamingo Partner, to sell well and grow your team, which still definitely takes a lot of hard work. 

I like the fact that they are pretty transparent that it is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits for getting others to join a scheme. 

Yes, you could earn some income here, in fact, 20% is good. However, it’ll definitely take a lot of sales or commissions to gain the income desired. 

Yes, the opportunity could give you some income but I believe it’s only gonna be good as a side income. Their predecessor even rebooted. 

Perhaps something went wrong in the long year? We don’t know. But what makes you think it will not happen again with the current? 

If you want a stable job with a lucrative earning opportunity, better skip this platform and try on better ones. 

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my Flamingo Paperie review!

I hope you have been enlightened. If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to share them below.

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