Is The Body Shop At Home A Scam? Where Would This Popular Brand Take You

is The Body Shop At Home a scam

Welcome to My The Body Shop At Home Review!

I guess I’m not the only one who knows about The Body Shop as this brand has successfully become popular worldwide. It’s been patronized for many years but little did we know, it also offered an opportunity to make money online.

The Body Shop At Home Review Summary

Name: The Body Shop At Home


Founders: Anita Roddick

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: £49 ($68) For Membership And Products

the body shop logo

Quick Summary: The Body Shop At Home is the multi-level marketing (MLM) leg of the renowned worldwide British beauty line, The Body Shop.

It markets organic products ranging from body, face, hair, and home.

The opportunity offers an affiliate program to what they refer to as Beauty Consultants or Independent Consultants. It’s an avenue where you can make a profit from your passion for beauty by selling products and at the same time, through recruitment.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes

Considering its reputation, will The Body Shop At Home provide you a decent income?

How will it work?

What makes it different from the other beauty brands?

All these questions answered and more in this honest The Body Shop At Home review.

What Is The Body Shop At Home About?

Apparently, The Body Shop At Home is a multi-level marketing company under The Body Shop brand.

The Body Shop is a British Beauty line that was founded by Anita Roddick in 1976. The company has been known as a worldwide brand for its organic products ranging from body, face, hair, and home. 

founder of the body shop Anita Roddick

It has thousands of outlets around the globe and now has a range of 1,000 products sold in about 3,000 stores, divided between those owned by the company and franchised outlets in more than 65 countries.

As mentioned, they are not simply into retail, they also have an opportunity for people to make money by joining their program called “The Body Shop At Home.”

It took a couple of years before The Body Shop branched to its direct sales or network marketing venture as it was already in 1994 when the network was established. 

The Body Shop At Home currently operates in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States of America. 

The multi-level marketing (MLM) program was first known as "The Body Shop Direct" in Britain and was first tried in Gippsland, Australia1997. 

In 2003, Anita Roddick parted with her publisher HarperCollins, but despite this, planned to release two titles. That same year, Roddick predicted that the company's home sales would fuel growth, and eventually exceed the sales of retail outlets.  

The late Dame Anita Lucia Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop was a British businesswoman, human rights activist, and environmental campaigner. The company is now owned by a Brazilian cosmetics company, Natura, as a subsidiary of the Natura & Co group. Previously, the company had been owned by the French cosmetics company L'Oréal between 2006-2017. 

The Body Shop At Home Product Line

The Body Shop has over 1000 products and it’s a range of body, face, hair, and home products. It’s also one of those companies that uphold cruelty-free and organic products. 

It’s almost the same as Tropic Skincare, Simply Naturals, and HB Naturals.

Here are the following categories of products as to what can be seen on their website: 

the body shop products

  • Face- Includes cleansers, toners, exfoliators, face masks, serums and essences, face mists, moisturizers, eye care, lip care, and others concerning the face. Other than product type, it's also further categorized by skin-type, by concern, and also for vegan skincare. 
  • Body - For the body, it includes shower gels, soaps, body scrubs, bath bombs, handwash, hand moisturizers, nail products, foot care, accessories and tools, and more
  • Makeup - Includes cosmetic products, such as primer, foundations, concealers, lipstick, mascara, eyeliners, eyeshadow, makeup brushes, and tools, and more.
  • Hair - Includes shampoo, conditioner, hairbrushes and combs, and more. It also is categorized according to hair type concern and there's also vegan haircare.
  • Fragrance - Includes body mists, perfumes and is as well classified by recipient whether if it's for a girl or a boy. There are also home fragrance products if you’d like a Diffuser to uplift or energize you or to calm you if needed some “me” time. 

Product-wise, they are quite expensive but I could say it’s really worth the price. Really no issues with the product quality or The Body Shop brand itself. They are even patronized and enjoyed by buyers throughout the years.

Is The Body Shop At Home A Scam?

The Body Shop is no doubt an established company that has been known globally for years. On the other hand, its MLM leg, The Body Shop At Home, is also a legit income opportunity.

It offers a real business to its consultants where they could earn from sales but just like most MLMs, it requires recruitment because that’s where most of the income will come from. 

Is The Body Shop At Home A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

MLMs may oftentimes be mistaken to be pyramid and/or Ponzi schemes but there are differences.

For one, networking, network marketing, or MLM is a legit business model; the other two are downright scams. However, not all companies claiming to be legit multi-level marketing are really legit; some brands use it as a disguise to fraud people so you better watch out.

Fortunately, The Body Shop At Home is one of the few MLMs you can trust.

While there is recruitment involved, they still offer high-quality products you can sell and make money from.

Plus, the reputation they made is superb!

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The Body Shop At Home Compensation Plan

Being an MLM, basically you’ll earn through sales commission and recruitment commissions, and you can learn more below:

Sales - You can get a 25% commission for orders up to £599.99 ($833.23) per month and up to 30% on orders above £599.99 ($833.23).

the body shop compensation plan

As A Beauty Consultant, here are your role recommendations: 

  • • 2 parties or selling events weekly
  • • £600 sales per month, minimum
  • • Participate in the Monthly Recruiting Bonus* 2 referrals monthly
  • • 2 recruits / introductions monthly
  • • Attend Regional Manager monthly Consultant meeting
  • • Attend Company Conference (twice yearly)

Note that this is just a commission example. If you’ve not hit the 30% marker, then you’ll earn less than the amounts placed above. Also, a £600 ($833.24) minimum sales per month is enforced.  

It also comes with affiliate ranks, where you could gain bigger commissions and incentives. 

  • Beauty Consultant
  • Area Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Senior Area Manager
  • Executive Manager
  • Senior Executive Manager 

Honestly, it was hard to find definite information with regards to their compensation plan as a detailed explanation is not listed on their website. It was also hard finding information online.

Below is a video to let you see more on how to earn a commission at The Body Shop At Home opportunity:

How Much To Join The Body Shop At Home?

Joining as a Beauty Consultant or an Independent Consultant in The Body Shop At Home costs a fee of £49, which is already inclusive of a beauty kit with a selection of beauty products, materials, and tools you’ll need in the business.



Renowned Brand

The Body Shop is no doubt a legit brand, best known as a cosmetics company producing and retailing natural beauty products that shaped ethical consumerism. 

The company was one of the first to prohibit the use of ingredients tested on animals in some of its products and one of the first to promote fair trade with developing countries. 

Other than being a company with a good reputation, it’s a trusted brand that has great products that are as well as patronized globally by consumers throughout the years. 


House Party Hassle

While house parties or hosting events can help boost sales and income in The Body Shop At Home opportunity, it’s not easy.

Your success in these depends highly on your ability to convince your guests to buy the products. So, it’s always gonna be a risk, it’s either you win or lose sales. It’s a part of the risks you take when starting a business; however, I don’t think hosting a party will work considering the pandemic we have now.

Lacking Compensation Plan Details

A thorough compensation plan is nowhere to be found on their website. Product-wise and with the company brand, I have no problems but with regards to this and the income opportunity, it’s definitely an issue. 

It would be hard joining an opportunity that you don’t know too well and a compensation plan is important information. I believe such information should be made available to the public. 

Recruitment Hassle

Yes, you could earn from products but you’ll still opt to make a team of downlines to make a bigger income. In case you live under a rock, you know how annoying it is to be recruited or even invited in a program and watch someone talk about it for hours. 

Learning that an opportunity alone is an MLM, no matter how established the brand is, is a drawback for many people.


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Training Tools/Support

Joining, you’ll receive a Beauty Kit inclusive of beauty products along with materials and tools needed in the business. You’ll also receive on-going training, digital tools, and continuous support to get your business off the ground. 

You’ll also get support from a community of consultants, so most likely you’ll be connected to several Facebook groups, probably one from your upline or another one you’ve created for your downlines.

Final Opinion/Verdict

No doubt, The Body Shop is a legit company with commendable products because even though quite expensive, they are worth the cost. 

I have no problems with the company because it’s one of those trusted ones throughout the times. The income opportunity that The Body Shop At Home offers is also a legit one.

To the right person, probably you could earn big but that would still definitely require a lot of work. It could be a good side hustle but if you’re looking for a regular income, it’s best to look for another one.

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