Is Essanté Organics A Scam? Costly Organic-Overrated MLM Scheme?


Hi! Welcome to my Essanté Organics Review!

With the hype of selling ORGANIC products all over the market and advertising all the benefits these products can give, it’s not a surprise when someone would probably recommend you selling such products. 

Essanté Organics Review Summary

Name: Essanté Organics


Founders: Michael Wenniger

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $29.95 One-Time Starting Fee + $199-$499 For The Go-Green Packs 

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Quick Summary: Essanté Organics is another E-commerce multi-level marketing (MLM) company in the health and wellness niche. It claims to give financial freedom by just working 7-10 working hours a week in their MLM opportunity.

As the name implies, it markets and sells the most natural (as they would claim), non-toxic and ORGANIC products. But with such overly unrealistic claims and the expensive start-up, probably low chances of success!

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

With that in mind, here’s a company that claims to sell natural, non-toxic and organic products - it’s the MLM company, Essanté ORGANICS. 

Well, you’ve probably landed on this page because someone has referred you to Essante Organics, enticing you with a promise of an easy money MLM opportunity and claiming that their opportunity can give you lucrative income just by working 7-10 hours a week even by working at home. 

Well, would this be a reliable source of income to have a business with? Is it a legitimate MLM opportunity? Is it not a scam? That and many more, we will discuss here in this review, as we reveal facts and details as to what we’ve dug about Essanté Organics.

What Is Essanté Organics About?

Essanté Organics is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells and markets a variety of health and wellness products that are said to be natural and organic. 

The company is based in Arizona. It was founded by Michael Wenniger in 2004 with the name “Essante Worldwide“ and it was in 2009 when it was rebranded to its current name, Essanté Organics. As the name organic implies, they place emphasis that they sell the most natural, non-toxic and ORGANIC products. 

what is essante organics about

Their company mission is to eliminate toxins from everyone's life, one household at a time. They do this every day, by using only organic and ToxicFree® ingredients to formulate safe, pH balanced products that improve lives and enable personal prosperity. 

As you would see on their website, they said that they are a 7-time award-winning company. Business For Home has recognized them with these awards: Best Company (twice), Best Products, Best Training, Best Compensation & Commissions, Best CEO, and Most Solid Company. 

Essanté Organics Product Line

As discussed above, Essanté Organics markets and sells organic products that are for weight loss, personal care, anti-aging, alkalizing (pH balance) and home care. So their products would range from supplements to make-up, shampoo to essential oils to laundry liquid and many more. 

essante organics products

They do have a wide variety of products. 

These are the main categories of their products:

  • Body & Spa
  • Home Care
  • Baby Care
  • Ph Nutrition
  • Essential Oils 

Essanté Organics Product Reviews

Product-wise they have positive reviews from people who were posted in Better Business Bureau (BBB) and they do hold an A+ rating. See the reviews below. 

essante organics product review
essante organics product review

Make Money With Essanté Organics 

Basically, just like most MLM opportunities, these are main ways for you to make and earn money in Essanté Organics:

  • Acquire customers and sell their products
    • Recruit others to join (downline)
    • Earn bonuses by leveling up in ranks and helping your downlines to advance as well

You’ll gain in Essanté Organics through the following income streams: 

  1. E-commerce Retail Sales - Selling at a retail price and earn a 30% commission on own sales. For the sales made by downlines, distributors will earn 5%.
  2. Enroller Bonus - ($50-$100) make money by selling Go-Green Packs
  3. Express Start Gold Bonus - Earned in the first 30 days of joining, the distributor can earn a $500 bonus if they're able to enroll 4 downlines and assist each of them to enroll 2 of their own.
  4. Endless Team Bonus - A kind of passive income, basically, distributors are required to enroll 2 downlines and help their downlines build their own as well. FYI: they are required to each have 75 points of monthly Easy Order (autoship). Essante Organics will pay you monthly passive income based on the number of levels you have. Just like most MLM opportunities, RECRUITMENT is the bloodline of this company.
  5. 100% Matching Bonus - To gain this bonus, distributors are required to have 5 downlines that are each earning $5,000/month from Endless Team Bonus.
  6. Expansion Rate Bonus - This is their Global Profit Sharing: You need to generate a sales volume of $50,000 monthly for 2 of your downline teams. You're then eligible for this and have an opportunity to take part in Essanté Organics’ annual profit.

See more of Essanté Organics’ compensation plan in the video below:

Is Essanté Organics A Scam?

Essanté Organics has been operating since 2004, though it was rebranded after 5 years (2009). Still, it’s already on the run for a total of 16 years in the business. Operating more than a decade makes it a legitimate MLM company. Essanté Organics is not a scam. It sells and distributes a wide range of health and wellness products. 

You can also earn their MLM opportunity. Their website is as well up to date as of this day and is very much transparent with regards to company details. Though they don’t have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation, they do hold an A+ rating.


Being a retail customer is for free but to save and earn money and be eligible for commissions, you could be a wholesale customer or an organic influencer/ brand partner by paying the one-time fee of $29.95. 

Being a brand partner, you will also be pushed to purchase the Go-green packs ranging from $199 to $499 the most. 

Here are the following packs you can choose from:

essante organics membership price

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Training & Support

One thing that is commendable about them is their training and support to their members. That, for us, is an essential factor of a healthy business because members should be as well supported rather than just focusing on the company’s success and compensation plan. Essanté Organics even has an award-winning free training website for its members.

Informative Websites

They do have up to date websites and informative videos on their official corporate youtube channel. Though not totally transparent, because their income disclosure statement is not divulged, we do commend that they try their best to tell about their company and their products.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

This is something good since whenever you’re not happy or satisfied with what you have bought, you can have a refund for as long as 30 days. And the 30-day Money-Back Guarantee is for all of their products.



Though it will just need $29.95 to get started, you will still opt to purchase packs/ upsells that would range to $199 and $499 the most. $499 can already be a big money for investing in a business. You could find cheaper alternatives that would even make you earn bigger than what this opportunity could offer.

Unrealistic Claims 

They claimed that you can earn 6 different paychecks and that you only need to work part-time and spend about 7 to 10 hours per week. The idea of easy money is just absurd. All things need to be worked out. 

It takes a long time and lots of hard work before you can be financially free and work 7-10 hours per day. So, we really don't agree with this method of persuading beginners to join, even the thought that their products are all organic is something overrated. These terms have been abused by all the sellers all over the world. 

No Income Disclosure

Although their websites are full of details, Essante Organics is not transparent about their Income Disclosure Statement (IDS). So, we don’t know if members are earning or not. We believe an IDS is vital for all MLM companies to have. For people to have at least a background of how much they are really gonna potentially earn in a business they're trying to pursue.

Typical MLM

This is not to disdain MLM opportunities, but the fact that most MLM opportunities require recruitment is a bit of a disadvantage. Because more than focusing on sales, you are as well busy thinking on how to build your downlines which is not pretty gratifying for introverts. 

Many Competition In The Market

The health and wellness niche is a pretty saturated market, even the hype of organic products are teeming almost everywhere. And with that notion, you’d probably have a couple of competitions in the market. So, it will be hard selling Essante Organics products since cheaper and much more effective products are available in other famous companies. 

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Who Is It For?

It’s a business intended for those who would want to work and earn money from home. It’s also well suited for those who have the skills in an MLM/ networking setting since recruitment is encouraged. So people with experience from these platforms are at an advantage. 

And also, it’s for those who are organic enthusiasts, they even refer their distributors as an Organic Influencer.

Training Tools/Support

The training and support to members and distributors at Essanté Organics are commendable. Being a member, you will be given access to their back office and as well as a replicated website, resources and materials you’ll need in the business. 

The company also provides beginners with pretty good training to help them get started with their business. They also have conferences and training calls that would empower their members to succeed in their business.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Essante Organics is a legitimate MLM opportunity that offers a somehow decent compensation plan to its affiliates. It is definitely not a scam for it has already been operating for a couple of years. 

However, just like most MLM opportunities, recruitment is the most probable key in succeeding in this business venture. So for beginners and introverts, it’s of low chances of success! Well, I do commend how they support and train their members but still, I would not recommend you to this MLM opportunity because it will be expensive and will cost you money. 

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