Is Green Compass Global A Scam? [Unbiased Review] Legit CBD Network Marketing Company?

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Welcome to My Green Compass Global Review!

In this post, we'll talk about a network company called Green Compass Global and its controversial product -- CBD.

Despite being beneficial, CBD or Cannabidiol-based products are still limited to only a few countries mainly because culturing of cannabis is illegal. However, there are licensed owners who are allowed to cultivate it.

Green Compass Global Review Summary

Name: Green Compass Global


Founders: Meredith and Sterling Cook

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $49.95 To $299.96 For The Starter Kits

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Quick Summary: Green Compass Global is a legit MLM company that promotes CBD-based products, such as essential oils. It's still new in the network marketing industry, but products like these have a high demand. 

But does that mean that you should take this opportunity? Find out all the details you need in my unbiased Green Compass Global review.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

Considering this, can you still consider this kind of business? If yes, is this program lucrative enough, thinking that this is a multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity? What are the pros and cons of this platform?

Find out everything you need to know in this unbiased Green Compass Global Review.


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What Is Green Compass Global About?

Green Compass Global is a network marketing company under the health and wellness niche. The brand promotes CBD-infused products, such as essential oils and skincare. 

This kind of product is controversial since, basically, the growth of cannabis is illegal. However, since Tetrahydro cannabidiol (THC), which is the property that makes marijuana addictive, is removed, it is deemed safe. 

But then, there are only a few licensed owners who are allowed to cultivate it legally and also, you should remember that not all companies are equal. While CBD is known for alleviating stress and relieving pain, some brands may produce low-quality products.

Nonetheless, many MLM companies offer the same essentials, such as:

Green Company Global was founded by Meredith and Sterling Cook in 2018. It seems like the company is still operating based on their Facebook Page updates; however, there's little a few details about its founders online.

meredith and sterling cook of green compass global

While you can see the executive team and a "View Bio" button on their website, it won't take you anywhere. I'm not sure about the reason behind this, but considering that the company has been founded for a year, they should have had enough time to solve this matter.

Green Compass Global Product Line

On their website, you will find "Shop." 

This will bring you to their product line, which is basically essential oils and skincare.

For their skincare line, it includes the Calming Milk Cleanser, B+B Peel Pads, Peppermint Hand & Foot Set, and Advanced Peptide Cream.

For their essential oils, there are different variants to choose from, such as Infuse Roll-On Woman's Monthly Blend, Infuse Roll-On Ice Blend, Infuse Roll-On Calm Blend, Infuse Roll-On Crown Blend, Infuse Roll-On Focus Blend, and Infuse Roll-On Shine Blend.

There's also a CBD-based product for pets called 500mg Pet Tincture Bacon Flavor.

The brand also offers CBD-Hemp Extract in natural, fresh mint, and cinnamon flavours.

There are also pain patches, pain reliever creams, bath bombs, and shirt apparel.

green compass global infused oil bundle

Like typical MLM companies, their products are expensive. For instance, the Calming Milk Cleanser costs $49.95. Perhaps, other than being a network marketing company, the rate is based on how limited the production is. As mentioned, not all company owners are not allowed to produce CBD.

Green Compass Global Product Review

Do Green Compass Global's products work?

Based on their FB Page, it seems like the products they offer are effective as most reviews are positive. However, you should take this with a grain of salt since most reviews are from its affiliates. It's not that you can't trust them; it's just that there's still a chance that they provide biased feedback because they are promoting the company.

green company global review

How To Make Money with Green Compass Global?

Like typical network marketing brands, you can earn from Green Compass Global through these options: selling and recruiting.

As an affiliate (distributor), you have access to their wholesale price so you can sell at a higher rate (based on their suggested retail price). On top of this, you can earn more commissions if someone bought any of their products from their website and puts your name as the referrer.

The other way is through recruitment; however, you will not be compensated directly for inviting another person rather, you will earn commissions every time your downline makes a sale. The percentage that you will get depends on your rank, so if you want to make bigger cash through this option, you should generate more sales and invite more people.

Other than cash bonuses, you can also get travel and car incentives.

To learn more about Green Compass Global's opportunity, you can watch the video below:

Is Green Compass Global A Scam?

Green Compass Global is a legit network marketing company that sells CBD-infused products. While the market is limited because of the production issue, there's a high demand for this essential. And if you're looking for a legit supplier, you might try this brand considering that you are from the United States, too.

That being said, Green Compass Global is legit; however, since the company is still new to the industry, it's too early to conclude.

FYI: Green Compass Global does not have a record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it doesn't mean that it's a scam. But still, the company should consider listing their business here for additional reference.


If you are planning to become a member or affiliate of their brand, you need to purchase any of the following starter kits:

  • Basic Business Kit $49.95
  • CORE Start Success Pack $299.95

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Affordable Membership Fee

For starters, you can take advantage of their Basic Business Kit. It only costs $49.95 and compared to other MLM companies, this is pretty cheap. 

There's A High-Demand In CBD Product

CBD has a lot of benefits, such as pain relief and anxiety relief. It can even promote good sleep and treat cancer. No wonder why there's a high demand in this kind of product.

Also, since there are only a few companies who are allowed to sell this, you only have a few competitors to deal with.


Lack Of Transparency

You can't find some of the most important details about their website, such as the things you need to know about the founders (since the View Bio tab is not working), their compensation plan, and the Income Disclosure Statement.

These are crucial, especially to aspiring distributors because as a business, they need to know what they are getting into.

Expensive Products

Their 30 ml Hemp Extract costs $329.95; I found similar products on Amazon, and it only costs $39.99. 

Considering this, it would be a challenge for the distributors to sell the product, knowing that there are also reliable alternatives that are cheaper than Green Compass Global.

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Who Is It For?

While the demand for this kind of product is good, it would be ideal for anyone who knows about CBD and its use. It's safe, and the addictive component has been removed, but still, it would be better if you, as the distributor, know the product fully so you can market it effectively.

Training Tools/Support

There are no details about the training and support they offer as well, so I'm not sure if they provide it for free. But for most MLM companies, leaders usually provide free resources, seminars, and even conventions to help their distributors grow their business and update their members about their products.

In addition, the uplines are usually responsible for training their downline about the marketing strategy, product knowledge, etc.

But since there's no information about this over the Internet, we can offer you our FREE Step-By-Step Guide on how to grow your business online.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Green Compass Global offers exciting products that you can consider if 1.) you're from the United States and your state allows its distribution and 2.) if you believe in the benefits of CBD.

The market may be limited for now, but the demand is huge even in other countries.

However, the price of the products is steep, and since there are cheaper alternatives, this would be a challenge.

Also, the lack of details about the founders, company, compensation plan, training and support, and the Income Disclosure Statement is another drawback.

What's Next?

When growing a business, it's important that you equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge first. You don't need to be a master, though, but still, it would help a lot if you have the proper guidance.

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I hope my Green Compass Global review has been informative and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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Thank you!

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