Is Bocannaco A Scam? New CBD MLM Exposed!

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Welcome to My Bocannaco Review!

You’re probably in this site trying to gain insights and information about a business you’re trying to pursue. So pat yourselves for trying the extra mile by researching and investigating. It is better to be meticulous rather than being too risky and careless. 

That’s a great way of avoiding scams. And after all, you will be investing your time, money, effort and energy in whatever business you will opt to try and of course, you won’t want to lose it afterward.

Bocannaco Review Summary

Name: Bocannaco


Founders: Dr. Robert Lawrence, John Daniels, Mark & Barbara Lammons

Product Type: Multi-level Marketing  

Price: $99

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Quick Summary:  Bocannaco is another E-commerce MLM company that markets and provides “terpene-rich” HEMP oil products such as topical gel, oral solution, energy drink, and face mask.

It is a network marketing opportunity that provides a way of earning for distributors by commissions through first sale bonuses, customer residual income, and organizational residual income. But will this be a great opportunity to earn a lucrative income for a beginner in this kind of industry? Probably not!

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Nowadays, products in the health and wellness sector are ubiquitous in the market and Bocannaco is one of those in the CBD (Cannabidiol) and Hemp niche. This MLM company supplies products infused with Hemp oil.

Compared with marijuana and hashish, hemp has only relatively small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound that produces psychoactive effects in human. 

So anything extracted from a hemp plant is non-intoxicating. But there are still places that it is still not legal. Would it be safe selling products containing this? Is it not a Scam? Well, all that and some other queries in your mind, we will answer in this BOCANNACO REVIEW!


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What Is Bocannaco About?

Bocannaco is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that markets and provides hemp oil products. A Hemp plant or (Cannabis sativa), is also called industrial hemp (as its name implies), it is also used to make paper, ropes, textiles, shoes, concrete blocks and many more. 

And as mentioned above, it has only trace amounts of THC which makes it non-intoxicating. Hemp oil is one of the hemp’s most important by-products, it is rich in CBD (Cannabidiol), a compound that is said to be beneficial in managing diseases. But in some states, CBD is still not legalized, probably the reason why Bocannaco tend to market their products using the other component Terpenes (the aromatic chemicals produced by many plants, including hemp). 

The company began in Dr. Robert Lawrence’s laboratory and started to expand along with the network marketer team-ups of John Daniels and Mark & Barbara Lammons. Bocannaco is based in Torrance, California. The company was just founded in 2018 and was made available in the MLM world just this year, 2019. So it is relatively new in the business. 

Bocannaco Product Line

Opening just this year, they only have a few products in the market and these are: topical gel, oral solution, energy drink, and face mask. We will discuss each of the products below.

Excalibur Active Driven Terpenes - (comes in 1500mg and 1000mg) Sublingual active driven terpenes, THC FREE maintains over 40 terpenes, lipids, waxes, flavonoids, omegas, vitamins, and minerals. All of these ingredients are indigenous to the plant itself. The nano-emulsified oil particulates are so small (average size of 25 nanometers) they are believed to be more bioavailable. 

Bocannaco’s oil is produced with state-of-the-art processing equipment, reducing the damaging effects caused by other standardized equipment. The 1000mg Excalibur costs $99 while the 1500mg is for $149

BocannaCaine Fast Acting Gel- is a fast-acting gel with active driven terpenes. Its main characteristic is its ability to perform using ultra-nano-emulsion particle size developed specifically for topical applications. BocannaCaine is a broad spectrum, 0.0% THC FREE application with remarkable bioavailability due to its particulate size of 2nm. Each bottle contains 10ml. of product and a single pump is all that is needed to cover approximately 8 square inches of skin. It costs $99.

Macy Mask- ($149.95) A super-charged sheet mask infused with 0.0% THC FREE active driven terpenes and various plant extracts to help promote hydration and assist the endocannabinoid system. This 2-piece mask caresses the skin to prevent active ingredients from evaporation, allowing greater hydration and absorption to visibly give your skin a glow. This face mask does not contain any alcohol, therefore no burning sensation. It contains a month-worth supply of 12 masks.

CannaGize - ($129) Tropical Fusion Hydrating Energy! Created with broad-spectrum, 0.0% THC FREE, active driven terpenes. Each stick pack contains a blend of amino acids and vitamins. CannaGize is powered with 10mg. of active driven terpenes in every serving. Our delicious mixture is quality packed with genuine herbs and minerals. This powder, when mixed with 8oz. water becomes a power pack of energy. 30 packets in each box (one month supply).

bocannaco product

Bocannaco Product Review

According to what I’ve researched, the company utilizes “Nanoemulsion Delivery System” in which Terpenes and other compounds are reduced to less than 100 nanometers to make them more bioavailable (easily absorbed by the body). Thus, making the Bocannaco products efficient and absorbed quickly by the body. 

I’ve seen good ratings and reviews of the products as testified by some of the sellers and consumers saying it was effective for them and has as well changed their lives.

See more about the product information and benefits in this video:

How To Make Money In Bocannaco?

So, to earn in this company, you have to first register as a distributor and pay $99. And if you want to continue selling and be in this company, you’ll have to pay that same fee of $99 annually. Registering and becoming a distributor is inclusive of a mirror Bocannaco website, training materials and tools in promoting your business. 

Prospective distributors need a sponsor to become a Bocannaco reseller. You can invite friends, family, request a sponsor who lives near you or can google one if you want. 

Bocannaco’s compensation plan is simple and uncomplicated compared to other MLM companies. As discussed above, you will earn through first sale bonuses, customer residual income, and organizational residual income.

bocannaco business opportunity

First Sale Bonus- You will get this every time one of your team members (direct downline) makes a sale. It will also be affected by the numbers of the people on the first level of your downline. So you have to recruit more and encourage them to buy/sell more in order to gain a bigger profit.

Residual Income - You’ll earn commissions every week or every month based on your personal sales. Apparently, you’ll earn a 15% profit every time you sell a product in Bocannaco. 

Organizational Residual Income - You will as well earn residual incomes through the total sales of your downlines (up to the 7th level). You have to be an active distributor to be eligible for this commission, hitting your quota as well. 

Is Bocannaco A Scam?

Though it is relatively new in the MLM world, Bocannaco is not a scam. It is a newly established MLM company that markets and sells tangible products that you could earn from if you have the guts and the skills in sales. I have as well seen good ratings and reviews of their products and company on their website and in others.


As mentioned above, starting up in this business, you will have to register as a distributor and pay the registration fee of $99. If opting to continue in the Bocannaco business, you’ll have to comply in paying the same fee of $99 annually. It is already inclusive of a mirror Bocannaco website, training materials, and tools in promoting your business. 

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Quality Of Products 

Though they only have a few products on the line, Bocannaco offers products that are of high-quality. They utilize nano emulsified technology that makes their products bioavailable, making them more effective. 

They are as well THC-free, making them non-toxic. And each of their products is lab-tested, ensuring these are safe and effective. Their products are as well made from the company’s own cultivated hemp plants.

30 Day Refund Policy

Yes, you can return the product that you have purchased within 30 days. If ever you change your mind on what to use or sell, you are given a chance to return it. How great is that? Awesome right?! 


Emphasis On Sponsorship

Yes, prospective distributors need a sponsor to become a Bocannaco reseller. And just like other MLM companies, you have to recruit someone to join in the company to as well increase your profit. 

Expensive Products

 Though Bocannaco products are of high-quality, they are a bit expensive and that would be quite hard to sell. The cheapest product they have is about $99 and you won’t find other products lower than that in their product line.

Many Competition In The Market

There are a lot of products of CBD and Hemp oil in the market and since Bocannaco’s products are a bit expensive, it would be quite hard to sell especially that there are cheaper options available. 

Cbd, Not Legalized In Other States Though not advertised in their products (since they emphasize Terpenes more as their main selling point), their products still contain CBD. And because CBD is still not legalized in most states and countries, how sure are we that we are legally selling these products? Better safe, than sorry!

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Who Is It For?

Bocannaco is a business opportunity for those who are experienced in direct selling, network marketing, and the MLM industry.

For a rookie, it will be hard to try your aces in this business since this company encourages recruitment for you will also earn from that. Not to mention, the quota you have to achieve in order to gain organization residual incomes.

That’s why it takes not only the guts, effort but also the skills gained from previous MLM experiences. It is also for those who are healthy and wellness enthusiasts and those who are interested in the CBD and Hemp niche.

Training Tools/Support

Registering as a member and paying the $99 gives you access to their site. You will be also given training materials and tools that will help you promote and expand your business. Since they are also encouraging recruitment, you will have a team that would help you advance your business and promote synergy in the industry. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, I would not recommend joining this MLM business venture. Yes it is NOT A SCAM but due to the fact that it is still just a newly established company in the business, it’s still gonna take the long run to succeed.

Yes, Bocannaco products are of high quality but it is quite expensive and it would be hard to sell especially if you are a newbie aside from the fact that there are a lot of competitions who market the same line of products and are cheaper.

One reason I also would not recommend this MLM company is due to the fact that CBD is still not legalized in other states, it would be too risky. And it would really be of low-income potential and low success-potential for newbies! You should have the skills and experiences from previous MLM experiences.

MLM is really a challenging and risky world to venture into starting a business. It would cost you a lot, for you will have to risk not only your time and effort but also your money.

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I hope my Bocannaco review was helpful and informative for you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Thank you!

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