Is R Network A Scam? Legit But It’s NOT How It Sounds Like

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Welcome to my R Network Review!

Making money is not easy; saving it is equally hard. But apparently, multi-level marketing (MLM) called R Network can give you both of that. 

R Network Review Summary

Name: R Network


Founders: Troy Muhlestein, Richard Smith, Trent Walker, Roger Taylor, and Kevin Wiscombe

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Offers FREE Or Paid Membership Worth $50

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Quick Summary: R Network is a legit company that offers to save and earn opportunities. However, it's best to read the entire review first to learn what kind of opportunity it really offers to know if this program is for you or not. 

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

With a mission to become the largest savings and earning platform in the world, R Network claims to help you save money when you purchase a new house, phone, car, or even prescriptions. 

Sounds like a good deal, right?

But before you jump into the opportunity, it's best to learn more about the platform to avoid being scammed.

So if you're here to find the real deal about R Network, rest assured that I'll give you nothing but unbiased review about the program.

What R Network Is About?

The first time we saw their website, we were confused about what their program is about. They mentioned savings and discovering earning potential, but still, I'm clueless what it's about.

After extensive research, we found out that it's a multi-level marketing company that offers discounts on your purchase. It's almost the same as GoodLife USA; the difference is to the extent of their offering.

Other than discounts on hotel accommodations and car purchase, it can also help you save money when you buy a mobile phone or prescriptions.

According to their website, R Network was founded by five people -- Troy Muhlestein, Richard Smith, Trent Walker, Roger Taylor, and Kevin Wiscombe.

Troy had professional experience in the executive management and manufacturing field while Richard, who is the president of the company at the time of this writing, has launched billion-dollar companies and has been involved in direct selling. 

Trent, who's the current CEO of NetChain2, has also founded a few companies; Troy has experience in marketing and executive management; Kevin has been in the business development field before founding R Network.

r network founders

R Network Product Line

According to their site, R Network provides discounts that can help you save money on various things and it's as easy as using a mobile app.

These are the following products they offer:

  • rperks 

This lets the member save cash on dining, spas, watching movies, and even on playing golf.

  • rtravel

This offers exclusive rates on vacation and hotel bookings.

  • rnetwork concierge

This gives members access to R Concierge -- the person who provides the best deals to FANNS and Charter Members.

  • rmobile

This lets members save when they purchase a new phone or phone accessory and even their monthly phone bill.

  • rautos

This allows members to purchase a new auto with the help of R Network's concierge; meaning, they can get the car they want without leaving their home or office.

  • rmortgage

This gives members an easier way to get a mortgage and buy their home without leaving their home or office.

  • rmeds

This provides members a preactivated card they can use to save money on their prescriptions.

  • rbank (soon)

This allows members to make money plus the traditional banking service that lets them have access to mortgages, debit cards, checking and savings accounts, consumer loans, debit cards, and bills payment.

  • revv card

This card lets members have access to more discounts and rewards.

The perks offered to the members of R Network sounds exciting, especially since this doesn't only allow them to save but also earn on other people's purchase. However, you should be wary you'll be paying for becoming a member, too. So unless the savings is not enough to cover the membership fee, we don't think the platform's really helping.

revv card of r network

How To Make Money With R Network?

Being an MLM company, you need to recruit people to join the platform so you can earn commissions. So instead of selling any physical products, which is a norm to most network marketing companies, you are marketing their membership program.

You will earn commissions from the sales that your recruits made.

The amount of commissions you get depends on the number of people you can invite to join the platform.

For instance, if you have successfully recruited three people into the program, then you'll receive a T3 Bonus amounting to $50 a month. You will continuously receive this commission as long as your members maintain their membership.

You can also earn a Power3 Rank bonus if you have signed up three Charter Members within the first 7 days of you being a Charter Member.

To learn more about R Network's compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

Is R Network A Scam?

R Network is a legit platform that offers commissions to its qualified members. However, we can't really tell if it will help you earn money.

First of all, there's a membership fee that you need to pay in case you want to earn a commission. Now, to earn a commission, you have to recruit 3 people and expect them to stay; otherwise, you'll not get the $50 commissions every month.

3 people are equal to a $50 commission every month and remember; you also need to pay the same amount every month. If you can only recruit 3 people, it's like it just compensated the membership fee you are paying.

If you can invite more people every month and they choose to stay on the platform, then that's good for you. Now, if you can barely recruit anyone to join, then that's a problem.

Now, when it comes to the savings part, we don't think that you can actually save at all. For me, it's more like a cashback program wherein you get a small percentage back, but instead of a rebate, you are given a discount. Also, you have to pay for products or services first to earn a small discount. 

Unless you're always buying things, playing golf, or watching movies, then we don't see how this program will work on your behalf.

If we were you and you want to make money with a legit program by promoting products and services, we suggest that you sign up with an affiliate marketing platform instead, such as the most trusted Wealthy Affiliate.

Like R Network, Wealthy Affiliate lets you earn from other people's purchase, but the differences are:

  • You don't need to pay for the membership fee to earn commissions.
  • You will simply share a link through a content or social media post, and if someone clicks on it and makes a purchase, then you earn commissions.
  • You have access to training, webinars, and coaching to help you grow your business.
  • You can save money since you don't need to purchase anything to earn cash.


There are two options offered when you want to become a member of R Network:


This FREE membership program gives you access on rautos, rmobile, rmeds, and rmortgage.

However, being a member of FANN Club won't let you earn commissions.

Charter Members

This one costs $50 per month, and it lets members enjoy all the perks stated above. It also gives access to their Facebook Group that provides training to their members plus details on their local events.

This also lets members earn commissions from their sales and the sales of their recruits.

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Free Membership

Now, this is only beneficial for those who don't want to earn but would like to save money on prescriptions and time when buying a new car or house.


No Income Potential?

As mentioned, you have to pay $50 for the membership to be qualified for the commissions; then you have to encourage 3 or more people to join and stay on the platform to earn $50 every month.

In case you failed to do this, there's no income. You are paying $50 to get a discount on your purchases, but you can't rely on it if you're looking for extra cash.

Almost Like A Pyramid Scheme

While it's legit, their compensation plan is based on the number of recruits you will get. Basically, you're not going to earn anything unless you're able to invite 3 or more people to sign up.

Aside from the hassle of recruitment, it is also a red flag as the FTC deems this as a practice of pyramid scheme.

We're not saying the R Network is a scam; it's just that it's too focused on recruitment that it may pose negative feedback in the future.


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Who Is It For?

R Network is a legit way to earn discounts but I don't think that it will offer a decent income. That being said, you can use it if you always, as in regularly purchase prescriptions, a new phone, pay mobile phone bills, car or watch movies, play golf, etc.

However, if you really want to save, the best way is to reduce expenses, not spend money on buying products and services and if you want to earn cash, it would be better to try legit alternatives instead.

Final Opinion/Verdict

R Network provides attractive offers about saving and earning, but if you don't focus on the big picture and analyze the opportunity, you'll find out that it barely lets you save and make money.

Yes, it offers discounts, most of which may be exclusive but if you don't purchase all the time, this is almost useless. You will pay $50 every month and to compensate this or earn cash, you have to recruit people to join the program.

If you want the same structure where you sell products and recruit people, it would be better if you can consider other legit MLM companies instead or other money-making platforms, such as Wealthy Affiliate.

What's Next?

Making money is not like a walk in the park; there are too many struggles along the way but it doesn't mean that you have to suffer all the time. With the right program, you can definitely reach your financial goals.

This means having enough guidance and support, such as the ones offered by my top-recommended program.

Sign up now and enjoy the following advantages:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • The best business tools and support you need
  • Webinars and training resources
  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my R Network review. I hope I've helped you decide whether this program is right for you or not. If you have questions or comments or you want me to review money-making programs for you, just drop it down below.

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