Is Tiens A Scam? Health And Wellness MLM Warned By FDA?!

is tiens a scam

Welcome to My Tiens Review! 

The health and wellness niche, as we know, is one of the most crowded multi-level marketing (MLM) niches and each comes out with claims that they have the best health product. 

In our site alone, we’ve reviewed over a dozen similar programs, such as:

Now, we will review another health and wellness opportunity named Tiens, a China-based company. 

Tiens Review Summary

Name: Tiens


Founders: Li Jinyuan

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $30 For The Registration Fee

tiens logo

Quick Summary: Tiens is another company that is crowding over the health and wellness niche. It’s basically a Chinese multinational conglomerate and multi-level marketing company that sells products, including nutritional supplements, health care, beauty care, and household products.

It’s said to have 12 million distributors worldwide and claimed to have a very lucrative compensation plan.

However, being an MLM in nature, that lucrative pay plan is only made possible by building a solid downline of recruits. That means tons of invites.
Also, another drawback is that their products are not only FDA verified; they also received a warning from the agency about their therapeutic claims.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Is it a better opportunity than other health and wellness MLMs or is it just a low-quality program that will waste your time?

What makes it different?

More importantly, is Tiens a scam or a legit program?

Find out in this honest Tiens review.

what is tiens about

What Is Tiens About?

Tiens Group is a Chinese multinational conglomerate and multi-level marketing company based in Tianjin, China. 

It’s a health and wellness networking company that markets nutritional supplements, products for the home, health essentials, and beauty care products. 

Founded by Mr. Li Jinyuan in 1995, the brand has been moving worldwide.

 It entered the international market in 1997 and is now operating in more than 100 countries with 12 million distributors internationally, as claimed in 2008. 

Being an MLM, it offers an affiliate program where you earn through sales and recruitment commissions. 

As for the founder, Li Jinyuan, well he got a lot of praise from the company itself. A quick Google search would tell that he is a Chinese businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He was featured on Forbes' 2011 list of the world's billionaires as the 24th richest person in China at that time. 

tiens founder Jinyuan

Looking at an article about Li, written in one of the country branches sounds like a lie because if you’ve known what happened with their fraud tactics in Tibet, you’d rather be disgusted than be amazed by him.

But as we know, MLMs work like having a more lucrative income that comes from building a downline. Tiens also has this exaggerated way of pitching their income opportunity like saying “you will become a millionaire soon, you will be rich, your education degree is nothing just get in and pay a first lump sum,” which I could say is definitely a red flag. 

Tiens' had been growing exponentially throughout the years but so are the increasing controversies and issues of complaints and fraud. They allegedly preyed on people that are poorly educated, manipulating them with empty promises and false hopes as I mentioned in their exaggerated marketing pitch of easy money with the opportunity. 

They are also warned by the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) with regards to their therapeutic claims on some of their supplements that were claimed to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease which was all basically not FDA tested or approved.

Apparently, they did not penetrate more on the US and Canada, which is I could say not a surprise because of their not-so-good track record. They focus more on the third world countries where they could take advantage of people’s poverty and illiteracy. 

Tiens Product Line

Tiens’ product line is typical of health and wellness MLM, which are mainly food supplements. They also market and sell a home, beauty, and personal care products.  

tiens product line

Here are their CORE Products:

Food Supplements

  • TIENS Cordyceps Capsules-regulate the immune system
  • TIENS Cell Rejuvenation Capsules- improves hypoxia resistance
  • TIENS Super Calcium Nutrient Powder- a function of increasing bone mineral density

& more...

  • Health Equipment
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Household 

Do their products work? 

As I mentioned Teins’ products are not FDA verified or tested. As to costing, the price of the products is fixed according to the dollar rate around the world, which would definitely come by expensive to most third world countries.

Is Tiens A Scam?

Tiens appears to be a legit company. It presents to be a real business with real products. However, there are just fraudulent tactics that make me (and most people) think it's a scam.

Yes, it does offer a way for people to earn money by selling their products and by recruiting others to join but with what they are doing to most third world countries, they do red flag pitching that deceives people. 

They take advantage of people’s illiteracy and poverty to gain their trust and jump into the program. Their products are also not FDA tested and verified yet they claim that they treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent disease.

Is Tiens A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Apparently, Tiens is not a pyramid scheme but just like most MLMs that encourage recruitment, it can have the dangers to be one. On the good side, it appears to be a real business with a compensation plan an affiliate can earn from. It also has real products you could sell and earn from as an affiliate. 

Though your bigger income will indeed come from a recruitment, it’s not basically the sole source of income here. Thereby, it’s not a pyramid scheme and it’s also not a Ponzi scheme.

The problem is the bold claims, such as becoming a millionaire just by joining their program.

I’ve heard a lot of distributors from MLM companies making promises like this without considering how challenging it is to make money from the opportunity. The thing is, most people who hear this expect networking to a source of easy money and when their expectations are not met, they see the brand as a scam rather than a legit program.

I can’t blame them because distributors, such as the ones from Tiens, build false hope.

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Tiens Compensation Plan

Just like most MLMs, you’ll gain money through sales and recruitment commissions. This is how Tiens compensation plan works:

tiens compensation plan

Being an MLM, Tiens also comes with affiliate Ranks and it comes with qualifications. A Distributor can make multiple purchases to upgrade to a higher development rank. They have this Basic Rank and Honorary Rank.


  • Product Discount - Distributors who have bought the Joining Package will be able to receive product discounts from Repeat Order Sales. Also, the price, PV, and BV will be discounted accordingly. PV and BV after discount will be used for Bonus calculation of Repeat Order Sales.
  • Sponsor Bonus - Distributors who have bought the Joining Package will be able to receive the corresponding Sponsor Bonus after recruiting new DS who have also bought Joining Package.
  • Development Bonus
  • Coaching Bonus
  • Sales Bonus
  • Excellence Bonus
  • Honorary Bonus

Special Awards - Includes international travel incentives, luxury car award, a cash award, and a luxury villa award.

Learn more about Tien’s compensation plan by watching the video below:

How Much To Join Tiens?

Joining Tiens, you’ll have to pay $30 and this is for the registration, business kit, and business license fee. But after that, you’ll have to buy a choice of products for consumption or for selling as well, as it will also be added to your Personal Volume (PV) of products. Most people when they start in the TIENS Business, just need to buy 300 points value products. (1 point = $1).



Established Fast Rising MLM 

Tiens had been operating for more than 2 decades, making it an established MLM company. It’s also fast rising globally with a lot of distributors already. 

In 2008, they reported having 12 million MLM distributors worldwide, including more than 40,000 in Germany, 40 million customers mostly in Russia, and approximately 60,000 in Germany. In 2014 they were reported to have 200,000 distributors in Uganda. 

In May 2015, the company set a Guinness World Record for the longest "human-made phrase" as they sent 6,400 employees on a four-day tour of France. 

What a rich company to afford such trips. However, there are just so many drawbacks, let’s see in the CONS corner.


Market The Opportunity Than The Product More

It seems like Tiens markets more of their opportunity rather than the products which is I could say the problem with most MLMs that rather than focusing on the sales, they tend to incentivize recruitment and building a team of downlines more.

Fraud Track Record

Tiens had been a subject to a lot of controversies in many nations, such as Bangladesh and Tibet. They take advantage of the incapabilities of some third-world countries, misleading them with an exaggerated sales pitch that the opportunity will give them easy money income.

This is definitely some fraud tactic that I could say is scammy and is definitely one bad reputation that would definitely let me debunk such an opportunity. 

FDA Warned Them

No matter how wonderful the products are, if they are not approved and verified by a regulating body like the FDA, their claims are gonna be worthless. As mentioned, on one of its therapeutic claims, the FDA warned Tiens and this is definitely not a good track record. 


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Training Tools/Support

You will get a Business Kit, including products books/Testimonial Magazine/ Company,s Complete Profile Databook / DVD/ and International Business License. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Tiens is an established MLM company that has been operating for over 25 years. It appears to be a legit income opportunity. However, chances won’t be so good as it would be a struggle selling in a crowded niche. 

Plus, some track record really makes me not in favor of this opportunity, including some controversies it had been involved with such as fraudulent tactics just to persuade people into the program telling them red flag marketing pitch and even claiming therapeutic effects from their supplements that in reality is not approved by the FDA. 

We can’t say that it’s a scam but would you still go for opportunities with such a reputation? Well, you can approach with caution! But if I were you, I would definitely not go. I’m not recommending you to this opportunity. Skip this platform and find better ones!

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Anyways, thank you for reading my Tiens Review!

If you have questions or clarifications, feel free to share your thoughts below. 

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