What Is Avisae – Legit Health And Wellness Brand Or A Scam?

is avisae a scam

Welcome to My Avisae Review!

In this post, we will talk about a networking brand called Avisae and its diverse product line. We’ll also talk about its extensive compensation plan and other essential details to find out if it’s the right program for you.

Avisae Review Summary

Name: Avisae 

Website: www.beneyou.com/www/home/avisae

Founders: Brooks Yates And Ronald Brent Ririe 

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $79.95 For The Membership Fee + $25 To $760 For The Starter Kits

avisae logo

Quick Summary: Avisae is another classic MLM company that focuses on nutrition. Being known as the leader in the gut health industry with its tagline “Love your Gut,” the brand mainly produces and manufactures beauty, hydration, health and wellness kits, fitness packs, vitality formulas, and all other related nutritional kits.

And, with their diverse product line, Avisae became one of the standard companies for health and beauty. Aside from its merchandise, Avisae also offers an extensive compensation plan. However, only a few people can survive and make a profit from it.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

So if you’re ready, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading our unbiased review.

what is avisae about

What Is Avisae About?

Avisae was founded by Brooks Yates and Ronald Brent Ririe in 2012, at Murray Utah, where the head office is located.  

avisae founder brook yates

It became popularly known for its product line “Love your Gut.”  

Being the leader in the gut health industry, they manufacture and market skincare and other nutrition-related products; such as health and fitness packs, weight loss management kits, energy booster, hydration, vitality formulas, and anti-aging products.  

Making it more organized, Avisae divided their products into five major categories; Avisae Fitness, Love your Gut, Optimal Nutrition, Envai Personal Care, and Reflexsyons Skincare.  

Aside from these five categories and health kits, they have also formulated supplements that claim to have extreme health benefits like, Explosive Energy, Increased Focus, Delayed Fatigue, and Mood Enhancer.  

Although there is no exact scientific basis or actual evidence to prove these claims, still it is widely used in the market.  

To make it more extensive, let us look at some of the Avisae products. For example, the digestwel + chewable enzymes, this supplement cost around 28.00 dollars.  

From its product description, it claims to have a unique formula of supplementary enzymes that will help your body’s gastrointestinal tract efficiently digest all your food intake.  

Aside from ensuring good digestion and better nutrient absorption, this supplement also improves digestive function and helps reduce gastric acid reflux and intestinal discomfort. It is suggested to take one tablet before or during each meal three times daily. Although a brief product description and the suggested use are provided, there are no clear details about its content and the ingredients that are being used.  

At the back of the supplement bottle, it only shows the Supplement Facts, the serving size which is 1 tablet, the servings per bottle, which is 90 tablets, and a list of vitamins and minerals and their amount per serving. It is unusual not to know what’s inside the supplement you’ve been taking.  

Let us see another Avisae product, for their skincare category Reflexsyons - refine - advanced eye treatment is famous and extensively used by others. 

This 15ml eye cream promises to treat and alter the appearance of the under-eye circles by enhancing the genetic makeup of the delicate skin around your eyes. Furthermore, other benefits are as follows; smoothes your crow’s feet or fine lines, provides 24 hours skin hydration with one application, reduces under-eye discoloration, reinforces firmness and tone of the eye area, and strengthens skin structure. What is more surprising other than its benefits is the price.  

This small tube-like bottle already costs 40 dollars. Way too expensive compared to other over the counter branded eye care cream that you can buy in the market.  

Given these two examples, you might consider a few things before purchasing and using these products. Not only is it overpriced, but there are also uncertainties with the details. 

To entice more potential members, Avisae offers an extensive compensation plan. Commissions and Bonuses are divided into different Tiers. Where most of the rewarding bonuses are found on the first level.  

Avisae Product Line 

Aside from achieving optimal health, beauty and wellness also should come in harmony. Hence, this is where Avisae’s product idea came from.  

avisae product line

They formulated and focused on nutrition, vitality, and skincare. Avisae launched its five core product categories:  

  • First, the Avisae Fitness, which includes products such as but not limited to Pre- work out Pixie. 
  • Second, the Love your Gut, which also offers the Pre + Probiotic Fixies and the Love your gut bundle. 
  • Third, Optimal Nutrition, which includes the Repair+ L glutamine + fiber under this category. 
  • Fourth, Envai Personal Care, like the Envai Shampoo as the sample product. 
  • And, for the last core from the five categories is the Reflexsyons Skincare, which comprises the Reflexsyons cleanse, refine, rejuvenate and regenerate facial and eye creams. 

Is Avisae A Scam?

Thinking thoroughly, I guess joining Avisae is not a crooked-deal.  

In fact, it’s almost the same as the legit MLM programs we’ve reviewed, including in Eniva and Synergy Worldwide. 

Considering that they have the best products to offer, this would drop off their name from the scam list. However, having a product and a good looking legit business website does not mean it is a great investment that someone would benefit from.  

Not mentioning the expensive price of each product with some uncertainties with the descriptions, their complex compensation plan is the top priority to look at.  

Yes, you might have second thoughts when you bump into their extensive compensation plan, getting bonuses and commissions are way too complicated to understand, especially if you are a newbie in the MLM business.  

To progress with the Avisae business, you have to invest more money, which makes it even more complicated for their members to earn.  

It is not good. Spending more with no assurance of what’s ahead of you is an absolute risk. 

Is Avisae A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

When someone heard about multi-level marketing or recruitment, we often associated it with the pyramid scheme or Ponzi. Everyone thought that these two words are the same. Let us define first what is a Pyramid Scheme?  

According to Investopedia, “A pyramid scheme is a sketchy and unsustainable business model, where a few top-level members recruit newer members, who pay upfront costs up the chain, to those who enrolled them. As newer members in turn recruit underlings of their own, a portion of the subsequent fees they receive is also kicked up the chain.”  

In my understanding, as the name implies, it is like a triangle or pyramid-like business funnel, where the earnings are collected from the bottom of the pyramid going up. Mostly, the people on top would only benefit from this kind of system.  

Ponzi scheme on the other hand, “is a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors. It is a fraudulent investing scam that generates returns for earlier investors with money taken from later investors.”  

Although both schemes use their investor’s funds to make money, the Pyramid scheme differs in a way that aside from the investment funds from the new recruits, they could also gain profit from selling actual goods or services with inherent value.  

That being said, one might consider Avisae as a Ponzi Scheme nor a Pyramid Scam. With its underlying nature, aside from their cobweb-like recruitment system, they were able to produce products for their members to sell and make profits.  

The funding is not only from recruitment but also by direct selling. Still, there is hope for the members to gain revenue even in a small amount. Also, new members would not go home empty-handed as the Avisae products compensate for the investment they produce. Unlike in a total Ponzi Scheme, you can only hold on to their false promises. 

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Avisae Compensation Plan

Avisae compensation plan and bonuses are divided into tiers. Expectedly, most of the members are in Tier 1. This first level where the basic MLM bonuses were provided. Bonuses and commissions are earned from, Retail Sales, First Order Sales, Personal Sales Bonuses, Team Commissions, Revenue Builder Bonus, Global Cash Pools, Loyalty Rewards, and more.  

Aside from its compensation plan, you should also familiarize yourself with the membership category, namely; Avisae Insider, The Avisae VIP and, Avisae Blue. 

Let us break down the Avisae compensation plan into pieces.  

First, to benefit from the Personal Sales Bonus, a member should enroll as many Avisae Insider and Avisae VIP they could get. As for every individual sale they make from each membership category, is equivalent to PBV (Personal Bonus Volume), the higher the volume the greater the commission.  

Different from the first sales commission, in Launch Order Sales Bonus, a sponsor will get a commission from every sale that they make upon enrolling an Avisa Blue member. Every time an Avisae Blue member purchases a launch kit during the enrollment, the Business Builder Sales Bonus is rewarded to the enlister.  

The bonus is given after the sale of the third launch kit. It is paid to the first up to the second levels to enrolling Avisae Blue member support team.  

Now for the team commission, when the first 125 BV was generated from the Avisae Blue member, the Business (Team) Commission is earned and pays out 32% of the BV and reaches up to 8 pay levels.  

The Personal (Team) Volume is received when an Avisae Blue member produces over 125 BV and pays out 22% of the BV, and reaches up to 4 pay levels. Finally, you will get the opportunity to receive a check from the total sales commission in your enrollment tree via the Executive (Team) Check Match.  

Isn’t it rewarding?  

To learn more about Avisae’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Avisae?

To join Avisae and become an IBO (Distributor), you’ll need to pay the membership fee amounting to $79.95 and purchase one kit. Kits price ranges from $25 as the cheapest and $760 as the most expensive. 



Huge Selection Of Products

They offer a wide collection of products to choose from, such as nutritional and fitness-related products, skincare essentials, and some energy booster supplements.  


Overpriced Products 

Products were overpriced and some details are lacking from its packaging. On top of this, there’s no scientific evidence that would support its claims. Selling this would be challenging since there are cheaper alternatives that work almost the same as their essentials. 

Poor Support For Distributors 

The bulk of sales and bonuses can be achieved through recruitment, which is already a difficult task. To make it worse, it lacks support for most of its members since executives are the only ones trained.

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Training Tools/Support

Aside from the video created by the owner explaining the compensation package, no support has been provided to progress and learn from this business. Training is only for the people on the top rank. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.” - Anne Wilson Schaef 

Health is far more valuable than money but overpriced products won’t compensate for it. There are more trusted health products in the market, compared to Avisae.  

Above all, the compensation plan they have is impossible to learn. Selling their product is tough, but getting paid is tougher and impossible with their cobweb-like system.  

Ask yourself, is it really a good investment? What would I get? It’s for you to decide.

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Thank you for reading my Avisae review. If you have questions or concerns or you want to share your personal experience, please feel free to drop it down below.

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