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Welcome to My JC Premiere Review!

Does the name JC Premiere ring a bell?  

Next to any other multi-level marketing in the Philippines such as AIM (Alliance in Motion) Global, Royale Business Club, and UNO (Unlimited Network of Opportunities), JC Premiere Business International, Inc. are now in the main-stream today when it comes to direct selling and recruitment. 

JC Premiere Review Summary

Name: JC Premiere Business International, Inc.

Website: www.jcpremiere.com

Founder: Jonathan So

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $170 To $320 For The Packages

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Quick Summary: JC Premiere Business International, Inc., or simply JC Premiere is one of the well-known and fastest-growing network marketing across Asia.

With its famous tagline “ Life is Good,” it develops and produces high-quality products, which are divided into three main categories; Beauty, Health and Wellness, and Personal Care.

There are two ways on how to make money with them. First through direct selling, which you will make a profit by selling JC Premiere merchandise, and second, through recruitment, which you will invite and enroll a new member to join the company.

And, to encourage its members to build an active network, the company provides a hefty and rewarding compensation plan. 

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Yes, it is one of the fastest-growing network marketing across Asia. 

Let’s find out more on what this is about.

what is jc premiere about

What Is JC Premiere About?

Founded and owned by a young entrepreneur named Jonathan So, JC Premiere’s main office is located in San Juan City, Philipines. Not only locally, its global presence is undeniable, they also have branches in Dubai, Taiwan, as well as business centers in Hongkong, Malaysia, Oman, and Singapore.  

jc premiere founder jonathan so and ceo carlito macadangdang

JC Premiere specializes in producing high-quality products that aim to help an individual achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Hence, their product line is divided into three main categories; Beauty, Health and Wellness, and Personal Care. 

With a great deal of commitment to its members and distributors, JC Premiere offers a satisfactory and generous compensation plan through direct selling and recruitment.  

Since it is a direct selling organization, members are entitled to 50 - 70 % discounts on their merchandise. By selling it to other people you can receive a marginal income of 50 - 70 % as well. 

Although direct selling is already quite profitable, still, a large amount of revenue can be earned through recruitment. So, recruiting a new member is of course a great option. How can you make money through recruitment?  

Basically, all you need is to invite and sponsor a new member. Then, you will be qualified to receive hefty commissions and bonuses. The compensation plan comprises the Direct Sales Commission, Sales Match Commission, Leadership Commission, and Passive Sales Match Bonus.  

In the Direct Sales Commission, a member can earn 20 USD or roughly 1,000 pesos every time they make a new enrollee join and start the JC Premiere business.  

Take note, it is limitless, so the logic is simple, the more you convince new distributors to join and start the business, the more direct sales commission you will get.  

For the Sales Match Commission, like other MLM programs, the so-called Binary System is applied. Using the said system, each member will form Left Group Sales (LGS) and Right Group Sales (RGS).  

So, every time your LGS and RGS sales match, a potential amount of 30 USD, (1,500 pesos) is earned through SMC. Aside from the cash commission, points were also provided, which can be used to claim other company incentives.  

Through the Leadership Commission, you will also earn 20% out of the income of the people you enrolled with JC Premiere. And, for the Passive Sales Match Bonus, whenever your group purchases accumulated up to 360 USD or 18,000 pesos worth of products, you have the potential to again earn 30 USD or 1,500 pesos. 

All payments are given either thru check or to your bank account. All members can claim their incomes or earnings by schedule. There is a cut-off time every Monday and payments will be released Friday of the next week. Then, there is also a Uni-Level which is the end of the month cut off and payments will be released on the 15th of the following month.  

Of Course, you cannot enjoy all these rewarding and satisfactorily benefits if you would not become a member and purchase the JC Premiere business packages.  

There are three business kits you can choose from, Silver Package worth 170 USD (8,880 pesos), a Gold Package worth 208 USD (10, 888 pesos), and considering as the premium business package the Platinum Package costs 320 USD (15, 888 pesos). 

The compensation plan is indeed attractive and can be considered as a good source of income, though it heavily focuses on recruitment. In such a way, a member should have powerful skills in sales and marketing, as well as in recruiting people.  

JC Premiere Product Line 

People nowadays are becoming more and more health-conscious. Thus, JC Premiere’s merchandise has become a household name in every Filipino and beyond the globe.  

Through the help of modern technology and with all the best ingredients in the world, JC Premiere was able to formulate a more natural and organic product that targets; Beauty, Health, and Wellness, as well as Personal Care.  

Parallel to its name, it also opens new doors for all the aspiring entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry. 

Is JC Premiere A Scam? 

In my perspective, JC Premiere can be considered and categorized as a legit multi-Level marketing company, like USANA, Juuva, and Jordan Essentials

jc premiere review

Based on the sources and feedback, there is no trick nor deceit with their business program. Looking at its premier health and wellness products, lots of people benefited from it. 

Aside from health, people also obtain profits by selling their products and through their recruitment system. It is a mutual gain between the company and its distributors. Though, the investment to start with JC Premiere is expensive. Still, they become honest with their distributors and members on what to expect.

Is JC Premiere A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Diving deeper into the JC Premiere business profile, one could not tell if it is just another imaginary investment.  

The company’s website is informative and transparent. The details from its background, company policy, product and distributor policy, and all related information you’ll need to know are well provided.  

It shows that they are a legit company. Although bigger money is required to start your JC Premiere business, the idea of investing and being profitable is not impossible with their direct selling and recruitment system.  

However, the program mainly focuses on recruitment arranged via a binary system. Where it started with one investor, then will recruit others, promising they will get high returns. Then second, third investors will join until they have created the left and right groups.  

The more subordinate members have recruited, the pyramid-like model grows larger and larger. But as it grows larger, the people at the bottom get smaller returns until eventually there is no return.  

So the pyramid will collapse. On the brighter note, aside from recruitment, you can also earn profits by selling the products that you have and can earn 50-70% direct selling commission.

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JC Premiere Compensation Plan

Considering the quality of their product and the MLM program they used. JC Premiere provides a great deal of compensation plan. They listed four alluring ways to gain profit.  

First is through the Direct Sales Commission, where a member can earn 20 USD, in peso, it is around 1,000. You will get this amount every time you make a new enrollee join and start the JC Premiere business. Since it is boundless, the more you add up a new member to join and start the business, the more direct sales commission you will get.  

On the other hand, to gain from the Sales Match Commission, each member should form Left Group Sales (LGS) and Right Group Sales (RGS). Every time the LGS and RGS sales match, a member will earn a potential amount of 30 USD, (1,500 pesos). Aside from the cash commission from SMC, points were also added, which can be used to avail other exciting incentives given by the company. 

Another amazing deal with JC Premiere is the Leadership Commission. For every member that you enlisted in the company, you will gain 20% out of the income that the new member produces. And whenever your group purchases accumulated up to 360 USD or 18,000 pesos worth of products, you have the potential to again earn 30 USD or 1,500 pesos, via the Passive Sales Match Bonus.

How Much To Join JC Premiere?

Investing with JC Premiere is not on sale, one should be willing to cash out 8,880PHP to 15,888PHP or $170 - $320 to start the business. Taking risks is always a part of joining an MLM company like JC Premiere.  

To learn more about JC Premiere, you can watch the video below:



Legit MLM Company With Good Perks 

There are few things I like about JC Premiere, and one is that it is a legit multi-level marketing company. They have a trusted and transparent business profile. They offer a one time and lifetime membership fee. And, as an independent distributor, you will have your personal online shop and back office.  

Members can also avail of up to 50-70% product discounts and earn an equal percentage when you directly sell your own JC Premiere merchandise. It is like a Buy 1 Take 1 Privilege. If you successfully build an active network, the potential for passive income is possible.  

Plus, the chance to receive a lucrative car, cash, and travel incentives.  


Low Income Potential 

On the contrary, you might consider other things. Bear in mind that JC Premiere uses an MLM program called Binary, the failure rate is high. Also, according to a study conducted by Jon M. Taylor, only 1% of MLM participants succeed in this kind of business model. 

Limited Market 

Though it appears to be an international company, for now, it only exists in selected areas. Furthermore, health and wellness products are popular these days and the compensation plan focuses on recruitment, tough competition among others is expected. 


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Training Tools/Support

No tools or training were specified on their profile. But it was clear that selling and recruitment is the main key to this business. Also, the brand is known for holding training and meetings for their distributors to help them generate more sales and prospects.

Final Opinion/Verdict

The “Get Rich Quick” mindset is common among us. Thus, most people get blinded easily when they hear about big bonuses and commissions, without any doubt if it is legit or another shady investment scheme.  

There is nothing wrong to take chances with this kind of investment, but you should at least do some background checks.  

For me, JC Premiere’s vision of helping others in achieving optimum health through their product is exceptional, but it is overpriced compared to the same health and wellness products that can be found in the market.  

Since a great deal of compensation plan focuses on recruitment, the success rate is low. You must have a long list of prospects and you must have powerful skills in network marketing to survive.  

Overall, I would say that JC Premiere is not a worthy investment. I’d rather put my money to start a small business, work hard to make it big, than risking it to some grandiose MLM company that makes pie in the sky. 

What’s Next?

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Thank you for reading my honest JC Premiere review.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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