Is USANA A Scam? A Couple Of Things You Should Know About USANA!

is usana a scam

Welcome to My USANA Review!

In this post, we will talk about USANA -- one of the health and wellness multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that have made abuzz online.

USANA Review Summary



Founders: Myron W. Wentz

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $29.95 For Joining + $280-$740 For The Starter Kits

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Quick Summary: USANA is popular multi-level marketing in the health and wellness niche. It offers various health products, such as nutritional products, dietary supplements, skincare essentials, and more.

It’s one of the most well-known MLMs in the world but it has low-income potential. On top of that, its membership fees and products are expensive so before you join this program, be sure to read the entire USANA review first!

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes

Many people would attest to its products and opportunities but is it real or just overhyped? Would it be able to provide the best solution for your financial and health problems as it claims? Is USANA legit in the first place?

Find out more interesting facts about this company in this review that might help you come up with a wise decision.

What Is USANA About?

USANA does what a typical health MLM does -- market health products through distributors or associates and let them make money from it as well. 

USANA or otherwise known as Usana Health Sciences, Inc. is a Utah-based company. It was founded in 1992 by a professional immunologist and microbiologist named Dr. Myron Wentz.

The word “USANA” came from the Greek word EU which means “true” and the Latin word SANA which means “health. Thus, USANA stands for “True Health.” 

Countries operate in the following areas: United States (including Puerto Rico), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China (through BabyCare, Ltd.), Caribbean/Pacific Islands, Thailand, France, Belgium, Colombia, and Indonesia.  

USANA has been running for more than 2 decades and it was even hailed as the 24th largest MLM company in the world by revenue in 2015.  

However, it has been subject to criticism from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other government agencies for its MLM practices and it has faced a couple of class-action lawsuits on behalf of low-level distributors and litigation from Barry Minkow, some of which have been settled out of court.

founder of usana Myron W. Wentz

USANA Product Line 

USANA’s product line are a couple of health and wellness products from nutritional supplements, weight management shakes to skincare products, and even those for kids. Well, having been founded by Their products’ unique selling point is InCelligence which is USANA’s “Breakthrough” Technology, claiming to provide people with optimal health as it activates optimal cellular health. Basically, they sell almost every possible product there is for a person to stay healthy.

Their products are generally categorized into 3 categories:

  • Nutritionals
  • Food and Energy
  • Skincare
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Is USANA A Scam?

USANA has been in the business since 1992 and nearing 2 decades of operation, it’s basically a long-standing established company, so it’s definitely not a scam.  

USANA has been also patronized by regular customers and product users. It comes with a legitimate business opportunity with real superb products and a compensation plan in which associates can earn a few dollars.  

The company products are also made in an FDA-registered facility and are considered world-class in quality. USANA has been awarded many recognitions and named the #1 Distributor's Choice Best Company for 10 successive years for Network Marketing Today and MLM Insider and their founder is a distinguished and well-respected personality in the health and wellness industry.  

They are also a Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited company with an A+ rating. However, the products are pretty expensive and as an MLM opportunity, associates appear to make less money than the cost of their purchases. And also it has faced a couple of lawsuits. 

Is USANA A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

USANA is not a Pyramid Scheme but just like most MLMs, it comes with several drawbacks such as:

  • The recruitment hype wherein the main emphasis of their compensation plan is on inviting people to join the platform.
  • The pricing of their products, which is expensive. There are tons of alternatives that have the same or even better quality.

But on the bright side, it’s a real business and it comes with retailable products you could sell and earn from as an associate. It also comes with a fair compensation plan and although its compensation plan has similarities to a pyramid scheme, it is not one. 

Though a bigger incentive indeed comes from recruitment, it’s not basically the sole source of income in USANA. Thus, it’s not a Pyramid Scheme and it is also not a Ponzi scheme. 

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USANA Compensation Plan

USANA pays on a unique Binary Compensation Plan. Commissions are then paid weekly. 

There are ways to earn income with the USANA Binary Compensation Plan:

  • Retail Sales- Earn profits on the difference between the Preferred Price and retail price.
  • Weekly Commissions- Earn a starting commission of up to 20% from your own sales and sales volume of your team.
  • Lifetime Matching Bonus- Sponsor new Premier Platinum PaceSetters and receive up to a 15% match of their commission volume for the life of their USANA businesses.
  • Incentives- Be rewarded with luxury travel, prizes, and even cash through generous incentive programs.
  • Leadership Bonus- Participate in a 3% worldwide weekly bonus pool.
  • Elite Bonus- Be one of USANA's top income earners and receive a portion of a quarterly US $1,000,000 bonus.

To learn more about USANA’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join USANA?

Joining as a USANA Associate, you’ll have to purchase a USANA Welcome Kit that costs $29.95. You can then purchase USANA products at a discounted price and get your own duplicate USANA website to promote and sell USANA products. You could also earn profits from USANA products through personal or online sales. 

But to maximize earnings from the compensation plan, you need to purchase at least 200 points worth of products to activate your “business center” and that will cost you at least $280. 

in total, together with the $29.95 fee, you’ll spend at least $309.95. 

FYI: You'll need to purchase products every 4 weeks/ monthly to stay as an “Active” USANA Associate.



A+ BBB Rating

As mentioned, USANA is a BBB accredited company which proves its legitimacy. It also stands with an A+, which goes to show that people are satisfied with its products or services.  

Products Of Great Quality

As discussed, USANA products are from the founding hand of Dr. Myron Wentz who spent most of his life's work on health so you would expect that their products are superb.  

Being also up for decades, they’ve gained regular customers and product users who have patronized their products. Their products are also made in an FDA-registered facility and are considered world-class in quality.  



Yes, USANA products are superb. However, they are pretty expensive. So, if it’s expensive, it’ll be quite hard to market and sell such products.  

It’s the same thing when you become a USANA associate as you’ll have to purchase products monthly to be considered active. It requires a minimum of 100 points in “personal sales volume” and it’s different from Group sales volume or sales made by your downlines.  

And also, as discussed, to maximize profits, you’ll need a minimum of 200 points in personal sales volume. 

Products not FDA Evaluated 

Other than being expensive, one thing that concerns me about USANA products is that they are not FDA evaluated. Yes, their products are pretty great but no matter how great these products are, the fact remains that the FDA didn’t issue any evaluation for the products.  

The good news is that they are on their website, especially with “USANA products NOT being intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.” So, with such a statement, its products’ wondrous effects are still a question because there is still no proof or guarantee that USANA products can do wonders for the body. 

Complaints And Lawsuits

Though there are a handful of great reviews about USANA products, there are also bad reviews all over the world wide web. So, which is which? Well, I’d probably suggest you just have to try the products first to testify as a distributor. But most of the complaints were from customers and even from its own associates.  

And also, USANA was involved in a lawsuit. In 2017, a class-action lawsuit was filed against USANA by the Pomerantz Law Firm. It was even sued by its own members and associates. It has faced class-action lawsuits on behalf of low-level distributors some of which have been settled out of court. 

Low Income Potential, Low Success Rate

It’s basically Pay to play as it encourages associates to make purchases to qualify for commissions and bigger bonuses upon rank advancement. But even with that, it seems that USANA associates make less money than the cost of their purchases.


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Training Tools/Support

Joining as a USANA Associate, you will be given access to the back office and your own replicated USANA website to promote and sell USANA products. You'll have access to a supportive network that provides tools, training, and expertise.

Final Opinion/Verdict

USANA comes as a legit MLM business. It’s also pretty established, taking into consideration the long time it has been operating and is still making a buzz in the industry. However, no matter how superb their expensive products may seem, it’s still not FDA evaluated. So, it’s just like those typical health MLMs that still need to prove its claims.  

Also, being an MLM, you’ll still opt for recruitment as bigger commissions go with it. So my verdict is that I’m not recommending you to what USANA offers. Better skip this one and find a way much better online money-making alternative!

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Thank you for reading my USANA review. I hope this has helped you decide whether it’s the right program for you or not. If you have comments or you want to share your personal experience, please feel free to drop it below.

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