Is UpCrowdMe a Scam? Don’t Be Fooled With This Recruitment-Based Program!

is upcrowdme a scam

Welcome to My UpCrowdMe Review! 

Perhaps, you’re facing all these make money opportunities online and maybe, you’ve come across UpCrowdMe or UCM Social. You want to know what it’s really about and that’s why you’re probably here. 

UpCrowdMe Review Summary

Name: UpCrowdMe


Founders: Tim Bentley

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Platform

Price: $10 For Every Month + Various Starter Sets

upcrowdme logo

Quick Summary: UpCrowdMe, now called UCM Social is basically an affiliate marketing platform that requires members to recruit people into the program. It was previously a crowdfunding website which is more like a fraudulent cash gifting scheme.

Now, UCM Social is a website that offers free Facebook lead training and other paid services, such as website development, logo creation, content page creation, and more. 

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. 

In this unbiased UpCrowdMe review, we’ll look into the platform to know how it works, what it offers, and whether it’s legit or not. We’re going to cover the most important details, such as the compensation plan, the cost of joining, and more.

What Is UpCrowdMe About? 

UCM Social started as UpCrowdMe, which apparently endured only for 4 months as it was then renamed to UCM Social.  

Apparently, UpCrowdMe was started by Tim Bentley and began as a crowdfunding platform.  

In case you don’t know what a crowdfunding platform is, it is basically a program that will let you send monetary donations to someone and in turn, you’ll receive money from other people as well. It’s almost the same as GoFundMe except that you’re not obliged to send money first. 

Joining UpCrowdMe before will require people to donate a minimum of $5 with various "optional" upgrades offered that will enable people to earn bigger commissions.  

UpCrowdMe started making a buzz in the middle of 2019 when it advertised its training that was supposed to teach people how to get consistent donations from Facebook. Surprisingly, that caused an extraordinary growth of more than 15,000 members in less than four months!

what is upcrowdme about

However, instead of being a legit platform, it works like a cash gifting scheme, which is illegal!  

As of November 2019, they went through major changes in its business model and is now known as UCM Social (UpCrowdMe Social), which is basically more of a recruitment-based program.

upcrowdme website domain

At the time of this writing, the website's domain is for sale. 

Well, according to its landing page when it was still accessible, it is claimed that UCM Social will help you earn thousands of dollars monthly simply by promoting its Facebook lead training.  

It also teaches entrepreneurs and their sales teams to maximize Facebook and make money out of it.  

UpCrowdMe Product Line

They have no retail products or services but what they offer is training that comes with a sophisticated structure. It provides affiliates with different levels of services. Well, more of like selling the membership platform itself.

  • Training Level - Basically this is FREE but you can have the option to upgrade and become an affiliate by paying $10 a month. This basic level has you registering an account for free with UpCrowdMe and enables you to receive your video training at no cost. 
  • Logo Level - This level allows you to get a custom logo created for you and your team.
  • Website Level - This one gives you a website completely done for you. 
  • 2 Socials Level - You get an optimized Facebook and Twitter profile for your team.
  • 4 Socials Level - You have Done-For-You Instagram and LinkedIn Profiles, on top of your Facebook and Twitter Profiles.
  • 6 Socials Level - You can have UpCrowdMe set up your YouTube and Pinterest profiles with the 6 Socials service. Optional services include content creation and multiple posts daily on these social networking sites.

Is UpCrowdMe A Scam?

The services offered by UpCrowdMe appears to be legit.  

If you're looking for a program to help you create a logo, a website, or something that will guide you through creating and optimizing your social media pages, then you can opt to try UCM Social.  

However, as an earning opportunity, I believe there are a couple of red flags that would really not make me recommend you to this program. The services are just so expensive and there's just too much recruitment hype.  

The website domain also appears to be in the sale.  

So, the question is, does it still operate? Well, we don’t know since even their social media platform was not updated anymore.

Is UpCrowdMe A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

The previous business model of UpCrowdMe was more like a pyramid scheme. It utilizes a cash gifting scheme, which is basically illegal. Months after operation, it restructured into another business model but on the drawback, it’s a recruitment-based program.  

There’s just too much recruitment hype. Though it presents with legit products or services, there are still no retail sales. So to put in simply, what they’re truly selling here are the membership platforms and it seems like recruitment is the sole source of income here.  

If you look at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or even other legit sources, there’s a huge chance that UpCrowdMe will be likened to a pyramid scam.

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UpCrowdMe Compensation Plan

Since there are no retailable products, affiliates will earn through a monthly passive income through the fees paid by their downlines or recruits.

  • Training Level - By paying the $10 fee, you’ll become an affiliate and be eligible to enjoy the $5 commission for every affiliate signed up through your link, except the 1st and 3rd member you signed up since they get passed on to your sponsor (the one who recruited you). And as they continue to pay the monthly fee, you’ll also receive your commissions monthly. 
  • Logo Level - $20 to your sponsor + $20 to UCM Social + option to become an affiliate at $10 per month. At this level, you get a $20 commission for referrals who sign up at this level and above. You still have to pay the monthly $10 fee with a $5 recurring commission as long as your referral pays the membership fees.
  • Website Level - $100 to your sponsor + $100 to UCM Social + option to become an affiliate at $10 per month. At this level, you earn $100 per referral who signs up for Logo Level and above. You get your recurring $5 commissions as long as your referral continues to pay the monthly fee.
  • 2 Socials Level - $200 to your sponsor while you’ll get a $30 commission.
  • 4 Socials Level - $500 to your sponsor while you’ll get a $60 commission.
  • 6 Socials Level - $1000 to your sponsor while you’ll get a $75 commission.

To learn more about UpCrowdMe, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join UpCrowdMe?

Basically, subscribing to the Training Level is free but if you want to be an affiliate, you’ll have to pay the $10 monthly fee.

These are also the other different levels of services offered:

  • Logo Level- $20 plus $10/monthly fee and $20 UCM Processing Fee
  • Website Level - $100 plus $10/monthly fee and $100 UCM Processing Fee
  • 2 Socials Level- $200 plus $100/monthly fee and $100 UCM Processing Fee
  • 4 Socials Level -$500 + $150 monthly service fee and $160 to UCM Social 
  • Socials Level- $1000 + $200 monthly service fee and $200 to UCM Social 



They may say that it’s free but to fully enjoy its compensation benefits, you’ll still have to spend money in UpCrowdMe/ UCM Social. So, for me, I don’t think there’s something good about this program. Better skip this platform!


Expensive Fee With Hidden Costs

Making an account may be free but to be an affiliate, you’ll only not pay the $10 monthly fee but also a couple of other fees and some hidden costs on top of the expenses that were advertised.  

Plus the services will cost as high as over $1000. Why pay for something as expensive as a thousand dollars, if you could as well boost your social media manually if you want to.  

Just Another Money-Grabbing Scheme

UCM Social is another “Pay to Play” system -- the more you pay, the more money you could earn. Not only that it’s costly, but you might also end up losing your money.  

Pyramid Scheme

Recruitment is still the name of the game here. There’s just too much recruitment hype! 

And with that, UpCrowdMe/ UCM Social seems to be a Pyramid Scheme because there’s no other way to make money from their program other than to recruit people. They don’t have any physical retail products or services offered, which I believe are listed as red flags of being a pyramid scheme by the Federal Trade Commission.  

Probably, the FTC is already taking action against the program or maybe UCM itself closed as its domain is even for sale. 

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Training Tools/Support

Joining at the training level, you have to register an account for free. This lets you receive training video but by paying the $10 fee, you’ll be then eligible for commissions.  

Also by purchasing other levels, you’ll be provided with other programs to help you create a logo, a website, or something that will guide you through optimizing your social media pages.

Final Opinion/Verdict

While we can’t directly say that UpCrowdme is a scam, it’s obvious that it has several red flags to watch out for. The domain on sale, the expensive fees and hidden costs, the heavy emphasis on recruitment and to make it worse, there’s no update on social media. 

Being a platform that promotes Facebook-related tutorials, isn’t it funny to know that they are not optimizing their social media? 

I don’t know about you but for me, this is definitely not worth my time.

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Thank you for reading my UpCrowdMe/ UCM Social Media review! If you have comments, testimonials, or questions, please don’t hesitate to leave it below.

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