Is Synergy Worldwide A Scam? Where Would This Health MLM Take You?

is synergy worldwide a scam

Welcome to My Synergy Worldwide Review!

Indeed, the health and wellness niche is overcrowded with all sorts of opportunities and perhaps, you may have come across someone introducing you to a multi-level marketing opportunity called Synergy Worldwide.

Synergy Worldwide Review Summary

Name: Synergy Worldwide


Founders: Dan Higginson

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $24.95 For The Membership Fee + $200 For The Product Packs

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Quick Summary: Synergy World is a multi-level marketing company in the health and wellness niche. They manufacture and sell nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and personal care products. Apparently, it was acquired and now under the umbrella of Nature's Sunshine Products (NSP), which is another MLM industry giant.

But just like most MLMs in this niche, Synergy Worldwide product claims and statements are worthless because these have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes.. No

While the business model itself is legit, it’s often involved in various issues, such as overpriced products, recruitment, hype, low-income potential, etc. 

But what about Synergy Worldwide? Is this even legit in the first place? Will this help you earn a substantial income? What are its pros and cons when joining this program? 

Whatever questions you have, I hope that you will find the information you are looking for as we discuss more of Synergy Worldwide in this review!  

So, let's begin!

What Is Synergy Worldwide About?

Synergy Worldwide is multi-level marketing (MLM) in the health and wellness industry primarily operating in the nutritional supplement niche. It is based out of Utah, USA.  

It was in 1999 when Synergy Worldwide was founded by Dan Higginson who primarily focused on marketing Synergy Worldwide in Japan. Dan Higginson’s goal was to build a company that would help people everywhere attain better health, grow more prosperous, and support communities in need. 

synergy worldwide product line (2)

A year after it was launched, Synergy Worldwide was purchased by another MLM industry giant, Nature's Sunshine Products (NSP).  

Apparently, Synergy Worldwide is still spearheaded by Dan Higginson under NSP ownership. 

Synergy Worldwide Product Line 

Synergy Worldwide markets an array of nutritional supplements. They also have a line of cosmetics and personal care products.

synergy worldwide product line (1)

Here are their following product categories:

  • Core Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Heart Health
  • Elemence Body Care
  • Purify
  • Trulum Skin Care
  • Weight Management
  • Pro Argi-9+ 

Well, product-wise, there are claims that their products are working and of course there are also some negative reviews but it’s for you to try out to check if it’s effective.  

But just like other products in most MLM companies in the health and wellness niche, none of their claims and statements has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Is Synergy Worldwide A Scam?

Synergy Worldwide appears to be legit.  

It comes with real products and a real business and opportunity that allows affiliates to earn by selling their products and by recruiting others to join and do the same. It’s also been running since 1999, which makes it already operational for 2 decades. That’s pretty long to be considered a scam.  

And though they are not a Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited company, they do have an A+ rating in BBB. And being under the banner of NSP which is pretty much an MLM giant, makes it indeed a legit and established company throughout the years.

I don't think it’s an opportunity set up to scam people. However, it will still take a while and a lot of hard work to gain a big income in these kinds of platforms. 

Is Synergy Worldwide A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Synergy Worldwide is a legitimate MLM company. It comes with physical products you could earn from as you market and sell them. It also comes with a compensation plan built on an MLM business model, which helps you earn more as you progress into affiliate ranks.  

Though it encourages recruitment, money is never solely made through it, as sales are still a big part of what you’ll have to work with. Thus, Synergy Worldwide is not a Pyramid and Ponzi Scheme. 

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Synergy Worldwide Compensation Plan

Like most MLMs, Synergy Worldwide’s compensation plan pays affiliates to market and sell products to retail customers and by signing up for affiliate autoship and recruiting others who do the same. Thus, earning through retail commissions and recruitment commissions.  

Being an MLM, Synergy Worldwide has Affiliate Ranks:

  • Star 
  • Bronze 
  • Silver
  • Gold 
  • Team Leader 
  • Team Manager
  • Team Director
  • Team Elite 
  • Pearl Executive
  • Emerald Executive 
  • Diamond Executive
  • Presidential Executive
  • Double Presidential Executive 
  • Triple Presidential Executive 

And in Synergy Worldwide’s compensation plan, there are seven ways to generate income as a Team Member:

  1. Retail Commissions - You can earn 30% on each product you sell as a Synergy Worldwide Team Member.
  2. Fast Start Bonus - When someone you sponsor or recruit purchases their initial product order, you will earn a Fast Start Bonus depending on the Commissionable Volume (CV) of the product package that they order. If the product order is at least 150 CV, it activates 1 Tracking Center (TC), and you will earn a $25 Fast Start Bonus. A product order of at least 300 CV activates 3 TCs, with a $50 Fast Start Bonus for you. Finally, if your recruit buys a product worth 500 CV or more, you will earn a $100 Fast Start Bonus.
  3. Elite Rebates - As an active Team Member, you could qualify for the Elite Rebate by placing an order of 150 CV or more each month. Elite Rebates will pay you 25% of all the product sales made by you and your customers over 150 CVs. Say your customer placed an order of $1,000 worth of products above 150 CV; you will earn $250.
  4. Basic Commission - Calculated from the total CV on the left and right leg of your Tracking Centers. You will earn up to 10% of the entire accumulated CV of the weak leg for each month.
  5. Mega-Match Bonus - This is said to be the most powerful feature of Synergy Worldwide's Dual-Linear Mega-Match Compensation Plan. It allows you to earn a 100% matching commission on the Basic Commissions paid to every Team Member you personally sponsor in your organization, up to infinite levels.
  6. Leadership Bonus - The Leadership Bonus allows you to earn up to 4% of your strong leg CV based on weak leg volume.
  7. Global Share Bonus - When you reach 400,000 CV in weak leg volume, you can participate in the Global Share Bonus. This is an additional payout based on 1% of the total company-wide CV each month. 

To learn more about Synergy Worldwide, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Synergy Worldwide?

To be a Synergy Worldwide Team Member, you have to fill in a membership form and pay the membership fee of $24.95. 

Just like most MLMs, how much an affiliate spends on a product when they sign up affects income potential. So, it’s basically spending money to make money. 

Here are the following plans/ options:

  • Leader - Purchase 150 PV worth of product and receive one position in the compensation plan 
  • Executive - Purchase 300 PV or more and receive three positions 
  • Elite - Purchase 500 PV or more and receive three positions  

Note that you’ll have to activate at least one tracking center (TC) with a 150 CV order known as the Leader Option. A Tracking Center is the basic building block of Synergy Worldwide business. You will have to purchase at least one Tracking Center when you join the company. 

For example, you could order the Core Nutrition Elite Pack that costs $202.80 at retail which is good for a 150 CV. 



Products Manufactured In-House

Synergy Worldwide is a legit and established company, as it’s even under the banner of an MLM giant NSP. And it’s good that their products are manufactured in-house at the NSPs' facility. I believe this places them on the edge among others as most MLM companies do not manufacture their own products.  

And also, producing their own products can let them be in control of it and can as well be assured and knowledgeable of its quality or content.  

Helps Support Hungry Children

They have this partnership with Impact Foundation that helps support malnourished children. As they state, “the Impact Foundation will further our cause, and create a community of loyal, like-minded individuals, by increasing awareness of nature’s healing power, creating meaningful service opportunities, and engaging with charitable organizations that align closely with our cause.”


Not FDA Evaluated

As mentioned, none of Synergy Worldwide product claims and statements has been evaluated by the FDA. So these product claims and statements are worthless because they have not been proved. No matter how many people claim that Synergy Worldwide products work wonders on their health, the fact stands that these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Saturated Niche

Yes, the health and wellness niche may be hot but it’s pretty much saturated! The market is jam-packed with businesses offering the same line of products. So with a lot of competitors, it would be a challenge to sell such products taking into consideration the fact that there are a lot of famous companies selling the same line of products.  

Also, considering that many other brands are more successful, reliable, and cheaper, it will be indeed hard selling something you don’t know would work.  

Expensive Membership Fee 

In order to be qualified for commissions, an affiliate should acquire commissionable volumes and they are required to spend on products when they sign up as it affects income potential. So, it’s basically spending money to make money and their products are even costing $200 and up. It’s costly! 

Recruitment Is On

You can’t just register without a sponsor. So, just like most MLM opportunities, there is still an emphasis on recruitment. Yes, you could earn through retail sales but being an MLM, you’ll only advance in ranks and gain bigger profits if you’d recruit people to join the program and build a team of downline who does the same. 


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Training Tools/Support

Joining as a Synergy Worldwide Team Member, one is pretty much equipped with training and support. You’ll not only gain access to Synergy Pulse, which is basically the website where you manage your business, check on real-time volumes, downline reports, order, enrollments, business resources, and many more. 

You are also provided with the necessary tools and materials needed for the business including information about the products and more. They also have social media platforms for easier connection, Synergy eClubs as email communication, and corporate update conference call on the 3rd Wednesday of each month where executives share details on promotions, recognize Team Members, and provide all the latest Synergy information.  

Final Opinion/Verdict

In closing, Synergy Worldwide is legit! Operating for quite a long time, it is not a scam. I also admire their great training and support as well as the quality of their products. 

However, it is still difficult, especially for newbies. The price of the products is higher compared to the ones in the market and also, there’s a challenge putting up with the recruitment. 

You also have to achieve your CVs by purchasing products, and remember, their product packs would cost you $200 and more.  

It’s basically a company that works on a SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY basis. It would cost a lot and still would not ensure your success. Products are not FDA evaluated and it’s a saturated niche, so you’ll definitely have a hard time thriving on this opportunity. 

What's Next?

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If yes, then join my top-recommended program. Not only is this a perfect alternative, but it also comes with the best tools and support you need to make money online: 

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I hope this has helped you decide whether you should join the opportunity or not. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

Thank you for reading my Synergy Worldwide review!

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