Is Dose Of Nature A Scam? Another CBD Company With Tons Of Transparency Issues?!

what is dose of nature about

Welcome to My Dose Of Nature Review! 

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you may have noticed that we’ve reviewed more than a couple of CBD companies in the past, such as Navan Global, BioReigns, and Hemp Herbals

But if this is still something new, let me give you a brief description of what CBD is about. 

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in marijuana and hemp. However, CBD is derived from hemp, which does not produce the same psychoactive effects as cannabis. It’s also known to be used therapeutically. 

 Dose Of Nature Review Summary

Name: Dose Of Nature


Founders: Richard Richardson

Product Type: E-commerce 

Price: Unknown

dose of nature logo re

Quick Summary: Dose Of Nature is an e-commerce company that offers a wide range of CBD-infused products. It appears to be legit; however, what is troubling is the company's vagueness.

There was just a lot of information missing. With the lack of transparency, it is also hard to determine what their exact business model is. Are they just into drop shipping or multi-level marketing? Another thing to be concerned about is the FDA warning issued against their products.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

However, it’s still not yet legalized in most states and that’s most probably why it’s uncommon to see products with this compound openly sold on streets or at your local health food store. And most of the time, you’ll only see these products sold online.   

The CBD market is still currently making a buzz in the market. It’s currently very popular as a lot of companies have already incorporated these CBD infused-products on their line and a couple of CBD companies keep popping out. 

So which company would offer the best? As all are claiming that their products are therapeutic and would even cure several health problems from nausea and seizure, pain to anxiety, name it. They probably got a long list of health benefits.  

And there are indeed a lot of products that came out from these CBDs, one of which is the famous CBD oil and it is as well incorporated in a range of items, including body lotions, bath bombs, beauty products, and more.  

Now, we will be discussing Dose Of Nature which is another company that markets and sells CBD products. Well, how does it differ from those other CBD companies we’ve discussed? Is it better or it’s the other way around? Well, you’ll know more as you go through this Dose Of Nature Review! 

what is dose of nature about

What Is Dose Of Nature About?

Dose Of Nature is a company that offers a wide range of products infused with CBD from gummies to pain relievers and more. Apparently, there was no mentioned founder on their website but third party research would reveal Richard Richardson. 

Richardson’s name was used as the one who registered the website in June of 2013. Also, his name was the one addressed by the FDA when they issued a warning to Dose Of Nature products. 

As for the location, it appears that the company's address is at 512 E. 1860 S. Provo, Utah. 

On their website, the “About” page is pretty fired up with details about its commitment and main goal, which is to “empower people with Nature’s tools” and consequently help them fight life-threatening and chronic illnesses that they may be facing and help people to live again.

dose of nature goals

However, they lack pertinent details such as who runs the company, who makes the products, and what it contains. It’s pretty vague that it’s even hard to distinguish if it’s just an e-commerce website or is it also running an MLM business.  

Other than it sells CBD products, and the technology that they claim to utilize, almost everything else about the company is not disclosed. 

Based on the structure of its website, it appears to be more of an eCommerce business, dropshipping maybe? If it’s an MLM, there was no information about an MLM opportunity stated on their website. There weren't any login or distributor options. Probably, it’s just a shopping site, like Amazon.   

Dose Of Nature Product Line 

Dose Of Nature offers a wide range of CBD-infused products and in addition to their own product line, they also promote an array of CBD products from other partnered companies or brands, as seen below:

dose of nature brand partners

You could choose products by brands or you could shop from their basic categories, such as:

  • NANO Amplified
  • CBD Nectars
  • CBD Oil Tincture
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD water Soluble
  • Other Products
  • CBD gummies – $39.99
  • Freestyle professional-grade pain relief cream 2500mg – $159.95
  • Peach iced tea shooter – $6.99
  • Raspberry Lemonade Shooter- $6.99
  • Strawberry Kiwi Shooter- $6.99
  • Watermelon Punch Shooter- $6.99

Is Dose Of Nature A Scam?

Well, it appears that Dose Of Nature is not a scam. They’ve been around since 2013 and are still operating. However, it’s hard to tell if it offers an MLM opportunity due to the lack of transparency on its website. 

You are not informed if the company is an MLM or just a simple e-commerce business but based on how the website is presented, it is most probably an eCommerce company that sells CBD products. 

Product-wise, it seems legit with all the technologies they present. However, with no information as to how these products work or how they are derived, how much CBD they contain, and whether they are organic in the first place as they claim, it can be a problem.

It would be hard to tell if the products are safe, taking into consideration that CBD content should be well calculated. With no revealed list of contents of the products on their website, you’ll be left wondering how much CBD their products contain and that is dangerous. 

If you're not familiar with CBD yet, below is a video explaining what it's about:

Is Dose Of Nature A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Well, since Dose Of Nature is more of an online CBD shopping site with no mentioned MLM opportunity, we can say that it is not a pyramid scheme nor a Ponzi Scheme.

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Dose Of Nature Compensation Plan

As discussed, the company appears to be more of an eCommerce website. With so much details lacking, we can’t tell if it’s an MLM that offers a compensation plan.  

If it's just simply an e-commerce website, you could probably make money from their products by buying it and selling the products to others at a higher cost, taking into consideration the shipment fees and all.

How Much To Join Dose Of Nature?

Well, it appears that there’s no MLM opportunity and what you can do in Dose Of Nature is simply shop or buy their products and join as a Customer. Payments are done through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.  

It’s most likely only available in the US.



Innovative Products

Dose Of Nature is one of the few companies that creates and sells nano CBD products that emphasize maximum absorption, which can be beneficial if you want to make sure that you are getting the most from their products.  

As placed on their website, the company utilizes the following technology on its products: BioPulse Nano Technology, Liposomes Technology, BioPulse HydroPods, and BioXTrax Technology. 

Variety Of CBD Products

Well, there is a pretty good selection of CBD products as they have as well incorporated different brands. They’re more of a CBD Amazon. They have indeed a variety of CBD products including pain relief creams, immune system treatments, and eye treatments which is a good thing because you can have a lot of choices. 


Vagueness And Transparency Issues

There is just too much-undisclosed information with Dose Of Nature, may it be an MLM opportunity or not, this matter is already alarming.  

Yes, they may have started their mission or goal and the technology that they utilize with their products but other vital details, such as CBD contents or how the CBD is derived are not stipulated. 

It’s been established in 2013 but until now, we can’t confirm who the owner is, what type of business it really is, and everything else. 

The information on the products is vital because, for a company that sells health and wellness products, they must provide any form of assurance to the public that its products are safe to use.   

People appreciate being informed and a company’s website makes a good first impression on a potential client and if they can’t find the information they need about a product, making that all-important sale can be difficult. You’ll probably lose more clients than gain one. I suggest they could have been more transparent and informative. 

FDA Issued A Warning

In 2016, an FDA warning was issued to Richard Richardson regarding some of the products that were listed on the Dose Of Nature website as dietary supplements. Apparently, they claim that their essentials were “intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.” 

With no explanation of what their products are really about, it’s crazy how they can come up with such claims. 

CBD Legalities

Though CBD may have shown some wondrous claims, still more is yet to be proven and much is still up for debate. And since the legality of CBD usage in most states is still not allowed, you should also take into consideration this matter upon selling and using any CBD based products.  

Safety Issues

As mentioned, there’s no information on the acquisition and content of this CBD based products Dose Of Nature offers plus the thought that FDA issued a warning to them with regards to the products, so you can’t be sure if their essentials are safe to consume. They also fail to provide any laboratory results and studies that support their claims.

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Training Tools/Support

Apparently, there is a Contact us/ Connect with us option on their website if you have clarifications or questions. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Yes, Dose Of Nature may not be a scam but I do understand why people would assume it is because there is barely any information about the company. The transparency issue is already an alarming matter because as a business that provides “health supplements,” you have to be transparent as you can so your consumers know what they are going to take. 

We don’t even know how it works, if it’s an ecommerce business alone or if it offers an MLM program. But by the looks of it or how the website is presented, it’s more of just an ecommerce website. 

Product-wise, I can’t also recommend it because there is just no vital information with regards to its product’s CBD content. So, you can’t be sure if it’s safe.  

The CBD niche is quite a challenging space because it is still a developing market. There are several strict regulations with advertising CBD products due to legalities.  

Finally, why buy a product that has issues with its legality and safety? Regardless of being an ecommerce business or an MLM opportunity, I won’t recommend you to this!

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Thank you for reading my Dose Of Nature Review! I hope this has enlightened you and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to drop it down below.

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