Is First Fitness Nutrition A Scam? Another Health And Wellness MLM With CBD Incorporated Unveiled!

is first fitness nutrition a scam

Welcome to My First Fitness Nutrition Review! 

As we know, health and wellness is the most prevalent product line not only in the MLM business but also in most local stores. And in that niche, you could see products from supplements to weight loss and many more.  

The niche is saturated most probably because people are more concerned with their health nowadays, finding what they need rather than what they want. 

First Fitness Nutrition Review Summary

Name: First Fitness Nutrition


Founders: Lee Causey and Nigel Branson

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $29 For The Membership Fee + $149 To $1095 For The Value Paks

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Quick Summary: First Fitness Nutrition is another multi-level marketing (MLM) company that is crowding over the health and wellness niche. They have a wide variety of products that includes the controversial component -- CBD.

Being an MLM, you may gain income from the sales you make as an Independent Team Member in their affiliate program but of course, the bigger income and bonus comes by building a team. That being said, it requires constant recruitment just like typical networking programs.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: Yes/No

Now, we will be discussing one of the few companies that are leading the way in this niche -- First Fitness Nutrition.  

Apparently, it’s been on the run for a long time but would this make them on the edge over other multi-level marketing (MLM)? There are tons of networking companies in the world and on our site alone, you can see more than a dozen companies, including Auvoria Prime, HealX, and DXN

Find out everything you need to know in this honest First Fitness Nutrition review.

what is first fitness nutrition about

What Is First Fitness Nutrition About?

First Fitness Nutrition (FFN) is an MLM company in the health and wellness niche. They offer a variety of products, such as supplements, detox, weight loss, skin and body care, and CBD oils.  

The company lets its affiliates earn through their MLM platform, but they would refer to it as a social marketing business model. Basically, these people will sell their products and also recruit people to join the program, and their downlines will do the same.  

You know, how typical MLMs work. 

For every product sold, FFN gives them a percentage of the revenue generated, simply means that sales volume is the biggest key to success with the company.  

First Fitness Nutrition was founded by Lee Causey and Nigel Branson way back in 1989. It's pretty established with 3 decades of service. It is based in Frisco, Texas USA.  

first fitness nutrition founders lee causey and nigel branson

With regards to the founder, Causey and Branson appear to be great leaders and they don’t have any negative record from a legal standpoint nor are there any open complaints or cases against the company. 3 decades is a pretty good record and the leadership team has been stable over that time frame.  

Lee Causey created the world’s first diet “milkshake” and has formulated over 300 cleansing, weight loss, and wellness products. With a deep conviction for helping people achieve lasting weight loss success and optimal health, Lee has left his mark on millions of people, which has created the spirit and culture at FirstFitness Nutrition - “We really care about YOU!” 

Meanwhile, Nigel Branson is adept in network marketing with over 30 years of direct sales experience. Along with Lee Causey, he helped launch the company with its flagship product, Reneú, the first all-in-one inner body and colon cleanse. As President, Nigel oversees the company’s operations, ensuring it is continuously innovative in product development, technology, marketing, and Team Member growth. 

First Fitness Nutrition Product Line

FirstFitness Nutrition’s product line covers a wide range of health and wellness products categorized as follows:

  • Cleanse & Detox
  • Weight Loss- which includes a Suddenly Slim Weight Loss Program 
    • Boost (Weight Loss Program) - $91.95
    • Accelerate (Weight Loss Program Tropical Creme) - $129.95
    • Accelerate (Weight Loss Program Chocolate Paradise) - $129.95
    • Transformation (Weight Loss Program) - $199.95
    • XanoLean Supreme (Maximum strength Weight Loss, 90 capsules) - $59.95
    • Body FX (Meal Replacement Protein Shake, Tropical Creme, 14 servings) - $39.95
    • Body FX (Meal Replacement Protein Shake, Chocolate Paradise, 14 servings) - $39.95
    • Reneu (Inner Body & Colon Cleanse, 100 capsules) - $34.95
    • Trimbolic (Fat & Cellulite Fighter, 30 servings) - $39.95
  • CBD-Hemp Oil-($99.95) 
  • Wellness
    • Zavita (Whole Body Wellness, 32 servings) - $49.95
    • Biomega (Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, 21 servings) - $41.95
    • First Essentials (Multivitamin for Women, 90 caplets) - $36.95
    • First Essentials (Multivitamin for Men, 90 caplets) - $36.95
    • 8Rx (Optimal Wellness Protection, 60 capsules) - $41.95
    • Vital Green (Green Superfood, 180 capsules) - $45.95
    • LifeGest (Digestive Enzymes, 90 tablets) - $23.95
    • Cardio 1st (Heart Smart, 180 caplets) - $39.95
    • RejuvaCel (Maximum Join Protection, 60 caplets) - $37.95
  • Energy & Fitness 
  • Skin Care 
first fitness nutrition product line

Is First Fitness Nutrition A Scam?

First Fitness Nutrition has been in the business since 1989, with 3 decades of operation, it’s basically a long-standing established company, so it’s definitely not a scam. It comes with a legitimate business opportunity with a wide variety of health and wellness products and a compensation plan. 

Though not accredited by the Better Bureau Business (BBB), it’s good to know that it has an A+ rating.

Is First Fitness Nutrition A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

First Fitness Nutrition comes with retailable products. Sales volume is the biggest key to success with the company in which recruitment paves the way. Yes, you will be encouraged to recruit to gain bigger commissions and bigger bonuses but recruitment is not the only way to earn income here. 

This is one thing I like about the brand since its opportunity is less like a pyramid scheme but more like a real business opportunity.

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First Fitness Nutrition Compensation Plan

The FirstFitness Nutrition (FFN) Compensation Plan is designed to maximize retail sales to

Customers through FFN Independent Team Members. Their generous Compensation Plan pays a high percentage of product revenue to Team Members in the form of:

  • Retail Profit • Immediate Income

Earn 20% - 40% of the Retail Price from direct sales to Customers.

  • Wholesale Profit • Paid Monthly

Earn up to 20% of the product sales volume by Team Members in your Personal Group. It is the difference between what you pay for the product (your discount level) and what Team Members in your Personal Group pay for the product (their discount level).

  • Fast Start Bonuses • Paid Weekly

Earn $25 - $200 in Fast Start Bonuses on each Product Value Pak purchase.

  • Team Bonuses • Paid Weekly

Earn $400 - $3,200 per week in Team Bonuses when you achieve $3,000 of new product sales volume generated by Product Value Pak purchases in your organization.

  • Royalty Bonuses • Paid Monthly

Royalty Qualified Directors can earn up to 6% in Royalty Bonuses on the product sales volume, up to five levels of Directors.

  • Leadership Bonuses • Paid Monthly

Presidential, Diamond, Crown, and Triple Crown Presidentials can earn an extra 1% to 2.25% per month in Leadership Bonuses. 

Being an MLM, they have the following affiliate ranks.  

Other Bonuses/ Incentives:

  • Car Bonus - Mercedes Benz paid for by First Fitness Nutrition.

  • Dream Vacation Incentives - Every six months, FFN rewards an eligible member with a 5-Star Dream Vacation for their hard work and commitment to building a business. They’ve already rewarded trips to Australia, Hawaii, London, Paris, South Africa, Caribbean, and Mediterranean.

How Much To Join First Fitness Nutrition?

First Fitness Nutrition (FFN) offers an affiliate program and calls them Independent Team Members. When you join FirstFitness Nutrition as an Independent Team Member, you must purchase a Team Member Kit - $29, which is good for a year of membership in FFN but note that there is no product included here.  

However, there is no purchase required to become a Team Member but if you want to maximize earnings in their compensation plan, you the choice to purchase the following product value packs: 

  • Value Pak $149- 20% retail profit, 20% Discount Level, $190 value of products, $41 Value Free 
  • Value Pak $279- 25% Retail Profit, 5% Wholesale Profit, 25% Discount Level, $375 value of products, $96 Value Free
  • Value Pak $549-30% Retail Profit,10% Wholesale Profit, 30% Discount Level, $690 value of products, $141 Value Free
  • Value Pak $1,095- 40% Retail Profit, 20% Wholesale Profit, 40% Discount Level, $1,400 value of products, $305 Value Free and Earn Royalty Bonuses\

To learn more about First Fitness Nutrition's compensation plan, you can watch the video below:



Established Company

First Fitness Nutrition is an established company that has been around for 3 decades with no negative records of legalities or any open complaints or cases. It’s also been led by an amazing leadership team that has been stable throughout the years. Thus, it really has a pretty good standing. 

Has A Medical Advisory Board

First Fitness Nutrition has a medical advisory board that tests products to ensure they are safe and effective. And it's good because as a health and wellness MLM, they should ensure products would work and are safe. 

Supports A Charity

As you can see on their website, FFN offers beneficiaries for certain causes such as The Children’s Hunger Fund and The Special Olympics. They are dedicated to being a positive impact on the communities. They support, supply resources, and volunteer for these foundations. Now, that’s something heartwarming! 


Required $100 Monthly Sales

Though First Fitness Nutrition doesn’t require product purchase upon registration, it requires at least $100 PV and $150 for Wholesale Commissions in their compensation plan and no ranks are exempted from this rule. Well, perhaps $100 as Personal Sales Value doesn’t appear that big for those who are financially capable but for some people, it is already too much. 


Not only that some of the products are expensive but joining their opportunity will even cost you up to a thousand dollars purchasing product packs. With a lot of competition in the health and wellness market with companies selling also the same products, it will be a challenge. 

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Training Tools/Support

Joining as an Independent Team Member and purchasing the starter kit in First Fitness Nutrition will enable you access to their back office (Office2Office) and provide you with an FFN Team Member website and sample of marketing materials.

Final Opinion/Verdict

First Fitness Nutrition is a well-established MLM company and it is not a scam. But just like most MLM opportunities, success will be hard. It would definitely require hard work and skills. Therefore, for those who are new to this kind of business, this opportunity may not be the best for you.  

It will also be a challenge selling their products, aside from the fact that there are many competitions in this kind of niche, it’s also really costly to join this MLM.  

It’s good to know that they still have a good reputation despite being in the MLM industry for a long time. Also, their main focus is making sales rather than recruitment so compared to other networking brands, this is a good one. 

Nonetheless, it’s a competitive industry and unless you’re up for the challenge, it’s best to look for a better alternative.

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my First Fitness Nutrition review. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

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