Auvoria Prime A Scam? Reboot Of Another Forex MLM

is auvoria prime a scam

Welcome to my Auvoria Prime Review!

The foreign exchange or what is better known as forex is a global marketplace for exchanging national currencies against one another. As MLM opportunities evolve, it’s not new that MLM opportunities in this niche also pop up. 

Auvoria Prime Review Summary

Name: Auvoria Prime


Founders: Sal Leto

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: :$267 For The Trading Packages + $189 For The Monthly Fee

auvoria prime logo

Quick Summary: Auvoria Prime is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company in the forex niche. They provide products such as "automated returns" and trading signals, as well as forex education and apps.

And just like most MLMs, you’ll earn through selling their products and by taking part in their affiliate program, where you earn more through recruiting people to also join the platform.

However, everything about this company seems bad, so don’t be fooled because delving deeper you’ll figure out that it’s indeed a Ponzi scheme!

Overall Rating: 2/10 

Recommended: No

Most comes with a promise to make your life better with the promise of automated returns. There may be legit ones but of course, it’s important to investigate if it’s legitimate or just another fraudulent scam. 

Today we will be discussing a company called Auvoria Prime in the said niche that was just launched this year. Apparently, it’s the third attempt to sell the use of non-profitable trading bots to victims easily fooled to believe that they can benefit from this. 

Yes, it’s a rehash of previously forex fraud MLMs! And so this new MLM comes with a lot of setbacks. 

Why? See more as you go through this honest review and as we discuss more Auvoria Prime!

What is Auvoria Prime About?

Auvoria Prime is a multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company in the forex niche. As in their website, Auvoria PrimeTM is a digital innovation company that equips and empowers people all over the world with the education and tools they need to maximize their QOL (Quality of Life).

Auvoria Prime may have been launched just this year (2020) but as mentioned it was a rehash of previous forex MLM frauds, that started as Silverstar Live around 2019.

Apparently it was a short-lived MLM as it ended in a $75,000 CFTC fraud settlement. Silverstar Live offered unregistered securities under the guise of automated forex bot trading. 

At some point, it was renamed AI Global and then to AI Expert Advisor. When it collapsed, co-owners Hassan Mahmoud and Candace Ross-Mahmoud then relaunched it to the name of Eaconomy after a few months Silverstar Live was shut down. But eventually, just March of this year (2020) Eaconomy also collapsed, and shortly Auvoria Prime surfaced into the scene. 

Auvoria Prime founder Hassan Mahmoud

However, Auvoria Prime was founded by Sal Leto who had a controversial background and is even coined as a serial MLM scammer.

Auvoria may come as a "brand new" company but it’s actually derived from past MLM's I’ve mentioned above and what’s worse is that they all had bad records and they have collapsed.

The background alone is already a major indicator to back out of this opportunity already! And as new as it is, Auvoria Prime has already a lawsuit filed against them by Eaconomy.

Auvoria Prime Product Line

Auvoria Prime markets and sells access to automated returns and trading signals. They also offer forex education and apps. It’s almost the same as Mirror Trading and Tradera.

Auvoria Prime product line

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is offered by Auvoria Prime is a software to let you have the power to control your forex tradings. It's all supposed to help you by providing foreign exchange signals.

  • AIRIS - Created as an add-on component for Alexander and Ainstein. It uses AI and pattern recognition to alert users when potential market breakouts may be forming. Includes:  

Popular and easy to use alerts 

Start trading without hours of research 

15-50 Alerts, daily, Monday – Friday 

Access to Live trade sessions and coaching

  • Alexander - An advanced forex EA (expert advisor) that sends users manual trade alerts. Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to potentially identify and take advantage of market trends. 

Adjust Alexander’s settings to receive real-time trade alerts based on your specifications; desired levels of risk and strategy management. This product has been created within the legal parameters of compliance with the CFTC for availability in the US.

  • AINSTEIN - The international counterpart of Alexander allows the user to apply his or her desired settings without the need to manually “approve” trade entries as they are identified by the software. Users still have full control over every aspect of their trading experience. Apparently, this is not for sales in the US!

They also offer an affiliate package and a gift card for miscellaneous. 

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam?

Being descended from a long line of scams, Auvoria Prime also appears to be fraudulent. It may appear with quite a decent line of products you could earn from if you sell but what you really promote in these kinds of schemes is the membership itself. 

Auvoria Prime is also not registered properly. With no proper registration among regulatory bodies, it is indeed operating illegally. So definitely, Auvoria Prime is a SCAM!

To learn more about Auvoria Prime, you can watch the video below:

Is Auvoria Prime a Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Yes, Auvoria Prime appears to be a Ponzi Scheme.


As I mentioned, you could earn from selling the products but again in these kinds of schemes, the compensation plan is geared more towards recruitment. And so people would most likely ignore retail sales and just look for more people to bring into the program and not into Forex itself because it’s in recruiting that they’re gonna make more money.

So, Auvoria Prime's revenue is deemed to be coming from affiliates and not from retail sales.

Ponzi schemes can happen when a company is deceiving people about an investment opportunity and the source of their income which is happening in Auvoria Prime. 

They may claim to provide a passive investment opportunity from automated returns and forex trading but the truth of the matter is that the sole pool of revenue will come from the affiliates investment funds. 

They may have these trading bots and whatsoever but with no registration, they don't have proof and evidence to validate that they have an algorithm that can do this. The true source of income in Ponzi Schemes is new investments that’s why there’s too much hype with recruitment. They motivate people by recruitment incentives and that’s why they make new affiliates buy from one of their trading packages.

Auvoria Prime Compensation Plan 

Basically as an MLM, you will earn through sales commissions as you sell Auvoria Prime products and through recruitment commissions as you recruit people to also join the program. 

Sales Commission

  • Sales of an Ainstein or Alexander package = $40 commission
  • Sales of Airis - Don’t generate a commission

Commission Qualification: Affiliates must maintain their own Ainstein or Alexander package subscription and sell 3 packages to retail customers or recruited affiliates (3 active packages must be maintained).

Residual Commissions - Auvoria Prime pays weekly residual commissions based on rank. They utilize a unilevel compensation structure.

These are the 11 ranks in Auvoria Prime along with their respective qualification criteria:

  • Active Affiliate – Generate and maintain 140 GV a month 
  • Visionary – Generate and maintain 560 PV a month
  • Visionary 600 – Recruit and maintain 4 affiliates and generate 13 Qualifying Group Points (QGP) (min 4 points in four unilevel team legs)
  • Visionary 1500 – Maintain four personally recruited affiliates and generate 35 QGP
  • Icon 3000 – Recruit and maintain five affiliates and generate 90 QGP
  • Icon 5000 – Recruit and maintain six affiliates and generate 250 QGP
  • Icon 10,000 – Maintain six personally recruited affiliates and generate 500 QGP
  • Auvorian 25K – Recruit and maintain seven affiliates and generate 1250 QGP
  • Auvorian 50K – Recruit and maintain eight affiliates and generate 2500 QGP
  • Auvorian 100K – Recruit and maintain nine affiliates and generate 5000 QGP
  • Auvorian Legend – Recruit and maintain ten affiliates and generate QGP

They officially call their compensation plan the “Auvoria Prime Rewards Plan”.

Rewards And Bonuses

  • Three for Free - The “3 for FREE” program is available for those who are only Customers, not affiliates. Refer 3 Customers for a free subscription.
  • Direct Sales Bonus- The Direct Sales Bonus is paid on the first order of a Direct Sales Bonus Qualified product to the referring Affiliate.
  • Momentum Builder Bonus - This is a bonus created to reward Affiliates who have personally referred a minimum of 3 people who have purchased at least 420 PV.
  • Legacy Commissions - Legacy Commissions are the stabilizers of the Rewards Plan, created to recognize people who grow stable organizations.

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How Much to Join Auvoria Prime 

To join Auvoria Prime’s affiliate program, they should purchase one from the Ainstein and Alexander trading packages and on top of that pay the monthly subscription fees.

  • Ainstein Package - $267 then $189 monthly
  • Alexander Package - $267 then $189 monthly
  • Airis- $39 sign-up fee, $110 monthly (comes as an Add-on)

And also, avail of the Affiliate Package which is at $10/monthly.



From its background history to everything it is right now, there’s really nothing to like about Auvoria Prime and what it offers. It’s a SCAM! Why like a SCAM?!


Bad Background

As discussed, Auvoria Prime came from a line of MLM frauds as it was a rehash of MLM scams such as Silverstar Live and Eaconomy which all eventually collapsed. 

And also, one thing that’s bad about its background is about its owner, Sal Leto which was even labeled as a serial MLM scammer. These major red flags alone are enough reason to avoid this opportunity. The likens of being SCAMMED is certain!

Not Properly Registered

Apparently, as a passive investment opportunity, Auvoria Prime is not registered properly. Registration is essential as it shows legitimacy. 

When you register your business, you’ll provide proof of revenue and other vital information but Auvoria Prime doesn't do this probably because it shows they're lying about their source of revenue. 

So if not registered properly, it goes to show that they are illegally operating and that’s why it’s probably banned in most areas. 


As mentioned, it’s not properly registered and that’s why it’s banned in some areas especially in the US. As you can see, the Ainstein product is not even made available in the US. As an affiliate, you're not allowed to promote Auvoria Prime in the US. As it is banned, you can be charged with securities fraud. 

Potential Scam

Auvoria Prime is a pyramid scheme. This opportunity comes with a lot of baggage that would definitely take you nowhere but end you up getting scammed big time! Yes just like the long line of MLM scams where it was descended from, Auvoria Prime is also a scam!


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Training Tools/Support

Being an affiliate and purchasing packages from Auvoria Prime allows you to access various tools and educational resources you’ll need especially if you are a forex enthusiast. 

They also have this affiliate package which includes access to Advanced CAMP (Customer Account Management Platform), Access to Auvoria Prime Marketing Platform, and Access to AIVA Mobile App.

Final Opinion/Verdict

All the details definitely point out that Auvoria Prime is a scam. The major red flags alone are great indicators to really flee from this opportunity. 

It’s a Pyramid Scheme which simply means that it’s gonna be unsustainable and you’ll most likely predict it collapsing pretty soon. So, definitely not going to recommend such scams to you. So what are you waiting for? Avert such dubious schemes!

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I hope this Auvoria Prime review has helped you and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to drop it down below.

Thank you!

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