Is AdFeedz A Scam? Ad Credit And Website Traffic MLM Debunked!

is adfeedz a scam

Welcome to My AdFeedz review!

Because there is so much hype with job or business opportunities online, perhaps you have come across someone trying to sell this opportunity to you or has been boggling you all over social media. 

AdFeedz Review Summary

Name: AdFeedz


Founders: Not Disclosed

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $29 For The Initial Investment

adfeedz logo

Quick Summary: AdFeedz appears to be a multi-level marketing opportunity wherein you can earn cash while you get website traffic and also earn 120% "cashback" on all of your ad spends. However, it’s not actually a cashback.

Basically, you’ll earn through the investments you have made and through recruitment commissions but apparently it appears to be a Ponzi Scheme!

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

And that’s why you’re here trying to inquire of this opportunity and it might be AdFeedz that you’re skeptical about. 

Well, you’re in the right place as we will now be discussing this company in this review. 

Below you’ll find everything you’ll have to know about this company including product line, compensation plan if it’s a scam or not, and many more important details. 

It may be enticing as it comes with the promise where you get more of your money back without doing something but don’t be fooled for it’s another Ponzi Scheme we will debunk in this review!

What Is AdFeedz About?

What AdFeedz offers are ads that you can purchase and earn money from with the compensation plan, which is built on multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. 

AdFeedz claims that they can get you more traffic and sales with the advertising they offer. They also claim that it’s a professional promotion system designed to increase your sales, get more leads and sign-ups, and provide you with additional income streams.

Apparently, AdFeedz is an MLM opportunity in the ad credit and website traffic niche. 

With regards to the owner or founder, there was no information about it even on the website. 

what is adfeedz about

The company domain “” was registered on November 2, 2018, and since it was registered in private there was no additional information found within the domain name lookup. And also, if you go to the company website now, you won’t be able to access it anymore.

Perhaps they’ve been closed for good. I saw a post on Facebook dated May of this year (2020) and it seems like members are ranting out complaints as they can’t get a hold of AdFeedz. I saw in the comment someone defending that the owner’s wife has COVID and whatsoever but it still wouldn’t make sense. 

As others implied on the site, they should have informed the members. 

Well, the company website is still inaccessible in the moment of this writing (September) and it’s not a good sign.

As I mentioned, there were no mentioned owners but they said, on the website (when it was accessible), there was a Skype name mentioned by the name of Merry Makowski who also was the one who started promoting AdFeedz on November 8. 

The company didn't launch immediately, not until November 16. Well, there’s no validation but perhaps she might be the person behind AdFeedz. Merry Makowski seems to reside in Ontario, Canada and as in her LinkedIn page, she’s the “owner” of MMM Global, which is one of the worst recent Ponzi schemes. 

adfeedz compensation plan

AdFeedz Product Line

Well, apparently there are no retail products or services in AdFeedz’ opportunity, which is odd for an MLM but what it offers is an advertising platform service where you can promote your link on their website. It’s almost similar to FutureNet Club.

However, you can’t just go on their website and purchase any advertising service. 

To get the advertising that the company offers, you will need to purchase a profit contract first which costs $29. The profit contracts come bundled inclusive of advertising hits or Ad credits which can be used to advertise on AdFeedz.

Is AdFeedz A Scam?

There’s no proof that AdFeedz is legit. 

It’s not even accredited with the Better Bureau Business (BBB) Accredited. As mentioned, the website domain is now even inaccessible and it looks like members are looking for them. 

Apparently, the company is in hiding because they probably have already scammed people. It also appears to be a Ponzi scheme because of how it works, and it implies that it is illegal. 

There are just so many red flags that would pave the way to a definite conclusion that AdFeedz is a scam!

Is AdFeedz A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

AdFeedz is both a Pyramid and Ponzi Scheme! Since there are no retail products or services, the revenue is taken from the new investments made by the affiliates and it’s what they use to pay out existing members which they admit they do. See, that’s already a major red flag!

It’s specifically an adcredit Ponzi scheme, which is determined to be illegal by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Again, in schemes like this, recruitment is incentivized to attract more people to join in the program. 

But in the end, most people will definitely lose their money in these kinds of schemes as it is deemed to collapse, which perhaps is already taking place in this company. As mentioned, the website’s already inaccessible and probably in hiding as of the moment.

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AdFeedz Compensation Plan

Ways to earn commissions in AdFeedz:

  • ROI Commissions - To get started with AdFeedz you to invest in one of the adpacks they offer for $29 apiece. Purchasing one of the adpacks will offer a 50 day 120% ROI with a return of $35.80. 

This is the “promise” that the company offers in return for investing with them.

  • Referral Commissions - AdFeedz also offers residual commissions that are paid out using the unilevel MLM compensation plan structure.This pays out a percentage when your team members repurchase the adpacks after the initial first purchase. 

AdFeedz pays out these commissions differently than the traditional way of how the unilevel compensation plan works.

The way that AdFeedz pays out these residual commissions is they take 20% of the total investments made through 10 levels and put it in a team pool. 

That being said, instead of actually getting paid directly from your team members you are actually participating in a commissions pool with all the other affiliate members that qualify and share the commissions. Thus, a team pool- share commission structure. 

You’ll earn more shares in this pool by having more overall team members in your total team is the way I understand it. Also, these commissions are only shared with your team members that fall into your unilevel pay plan.

  • Commissions Pools

  1. Group Pool - The way to participate in this commission pool is by having a 4-month subscription for $599 or an 8-month subscription for $999 and lastly a 12-month subscription for $1299. By joining one of these membership packages you will be a designated group manager. When you purchase one of these optional subscriptions you will qualify for an additional 5% of the commissions from your total team residual pool.

  2. Global Bonus Pool - The company global bonus pool is the company-wide investment revenue that is shared for those that qualify for these commissions. The company will set aside 20% of these company earnings and divide those commissions to every affiliate member that qualifies.

Learn more about AdFeedz’ compensation plan by watching the video below:

How Much To Join AdFeedz?

Joining AdFeedz appears to be free but to avail full privileges of the affiliate membership, go on their website and purchase any advertising service and full access to the compensation plan, one should purchase a profit contract that costs $29.

Yes, it’s a $29 investment every 50 days, if you’d like to earn on the ROI being advertised.



There is indeed nothing to like about what AdFeedz can offer. Just the whole of it is absolutely a trap you shouldn’t get caught up with. It comes with deceptive claims that may lure you into a scam. Why like something that can be so risky and dangerous? Better skip this platform!


Major Red Flags

This biggest red flag is that AdFeedz takes new investment and uses it to pay out existing members and they openly admit that And also, they don’t mention who owns or who founded the company which is something to be already suspicious of. 

Not Registered With SEC

Being registered with the SEC is mandatory if you're offering a passive income opportunity but apparently, AdFeedz doesn’t which simply implies they are committing securities fraud. Why jump in a program that is operating illegally?

Ponzi Scheme-Like Program

With all the major red flags that point it to be a Pyramid and Ponzi scheme, AdFeedz is a scam. So what’s good in a scam? Definitely, nothing! It will just collapse and so is your effort in recruiting and the money you’ve invested in you’ve joined this opportunity. 

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Training Tools/Support

Since I can’t access the website, it’s hard to tell what it offers as training and support to its affiliates. But probably just like most MLMs, they’ll have an account as access to the back office and as well as some needed resources.

Final Opinion/Verdict

From being not transparent to its fraudulent schemes, everything about AdFeedz suggest that it’s a scam.

The major red flags alone are enough indicators to flee from this fraudulent opportunity. Yes, it comes with an enticing promise of ROIs but in reality it would end up eating all of your money. 

And because it works similar to a pyramid scheme, it’s bound to collapse and that’s probably already happening with AdFeedz because it’s now inaccessible and probably in hiding. So don't waste your time, money, and effort for nothing.  

What's Next?

Looks like AdFeedz is definitely not the right opportunity but the good news is we’ve debunked this Ponzi Scheme MLM and that I have a better alternative for you.

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Thank you for reading my AdFeedz review! I hope it has answered your questions and filled in everything you need to know about this company. If you have additional inquiries, comments, and suggestions, I would appreciate it if you could take a moment and place it in the comment box below. 

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