Is Royaltie Gem A Scam? [Brutally Honest 2021 Review] Why Was It Rebranded To Royalty AI

is royaltie gem a scam

Welcome to My Royaltie Gem Review! 

With all the online marketing gimmicks, choosing the right opportunity is a hard step to make. The good news is that you can find some online marketing assistance for your business. The best part is that some companies even offer an earning opportunity along with it.

Royaltie Gem Review Summary

Name: Royaltie Gem ( Royaltie Al, now: Nowsite Marketing)


Founders: Justin Belobaba

Product Type: Online Marketing Platform

Price: $87 To $327 For The Marketing Suite Subscription

royaltie gem logo

Quick Summary: Royaltie Gem was previously offering Bluetooth devices for marketing purposes. It was then rebooted to Royalite AI, which offers a first all-in-one marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence.

But just recently, it was again revamped to Nowsite Marketing, which still offers business marketing services. 

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

In this post, we will discuss an online marketing platform that utilizes artificial intelligence. Originally called Royaltie Gem, the brand has rebranded a couple of times from Royaltie AI and now, Nowsite Marketing.  

Let’s find out more of this opportunity in this honest Royaltie Gem review.

What Is Royaltie Gem About?

The previous Bluetooth selling company rebooted to a marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence, which explains why Royaltie Gem is then called Royaltie Al. 

Royaltie was founded by Justin Belobaba, though it was not disclosed on its website third-party research would suggest that he is the owner and founder. The company is still based in Ontario, Canada. 

Royaltie was initially launched in 2014 and was known as a “mobile app rewards program.”  

This Royaltie mobile reward program allows its users to earn 10% rewards on all their health, fitness, and beauty purchases using the platform.  

However, since 2017, Royaltie didn’t focus on that program anymore and it was replaced with the “gem” product.  

Royaltie is the first company to provide a tiny “Bluetooth” wireless device that can broadcast your message to every nearby Android smartphone, from realtors to restaurants, contractors to cleaners, and more.  

The company refers to these Bluetooth devices as “gems,” hence the name Royaltie Gem. It can broadcast messages that let affiliates decide what promotional message and link they can transmit to another Android device that is within 100 meters.  

The goal is to advertise and help you generate leads in the business. 

And just by the end of 2019, Royaltie has bid goodbye to their “gem” Bluetooth spam devices as the COVID Pandemic rose and probably made it hard for Bluetooth connections.  

Around March 19, 2020, Royaltie introduced the "pay what you can'' pricing to support small business owners worldwide, making it easier for them to transition their business to marketing online. 

Working remotely, Royaltie Gem was rebooted into an artificial intelligence (AI) powered marketing platform.  

royaltie gem products

As their Founder & CEO, Justin Belobaba said, "We are adapting our existing GEM program. There are simply too many people that need help right now, so we are renaming GEM from "Grant. Education. Marketing" to "Get. Everyone.Marketing.”  

However, if you’d now check their landing page, the domain “” redirects to Nowsite.Marketing. Does this mean another rebrand? 

Further, research revealed that Royaltie did revamp again to Nowsite Marketing and one reason I’ve known is that it took them hard to spell Royaltie with an “ie”. See more about this in the video below. 

Royaltie Gem Product Line 

Basically, what Royaltie Gem offered was a Bluetooth device but later on, Royaltie Al provided a marketing platform instead.  

Their website suggests that their marketing services cover website hosting, SEO, online advertising, social media, blogging, email, lead management, and analytics. But apparently it's not a retail product but a product that affiliates subscribe to and make use of. 

It’s almost the same as Emailconomy, List Leverage, and TrafficWave

These are Royaltie’s AI marketing suite and their respective costs: 

royaltie gem product line

  • Entrepreneur – $87/ month, can only run 3 “AI marketing campaigns”. 
  • Small Business – $167/ a month, can run 5 “AI marketing campaigns”.
  • Marketing Agency – $327/ a month, can run 10 “AI marketing campaigns” 

Apparently, it’s the same marketing suites offered in NowsiteMarketing as it’s basically Royaltie AI with a different name.  

The main difference between the 3 price-points is the increased quotas within the marketing suite.  

Royaltie also sells advertising impressions such as follows:

  • $30 for 5000 impressions
  • $50 for 10,000 impressions (restricted to Small Business and Marketing Agency only)
  • $112.50 per 25,000 impressions (restricted to Marketing Agency)
  • $200 per $50,000 impressions (restricted to Marketing Agency)

Is Royaltie Gem A Scam?

The roots of the company dated back to when it began as a mobile app rewards program back in 2014.  

It is still running today with a different purpose, which is about online marketing. We can’t say that it’s a scam and we can’t as well totally validate if it’s legit as no evidence would lead to it. 

It doesn’t have a record with the Better Business Bureau but it does come with products or services that you could use and make money from.

However, the numerous times it was rebooted creates confusion to people as there is no consistency and this alone can be troubling. So for me, I would not recommend this one to you.

Is Royaltie Gem A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

If we go by the definition of a pyramid scheme, Royaltie can be considered one. 

Yes, it’s an opportunity that comes with real products or services and an affiliate program you could earn from. However, there are no retail products and if they enforce affiliates to purchase the service to qualify for commissions, they set themselves up to operate as a pyramid scheme. 

If the majority of marketing suite subscriptions are held by the affiliates, that means the majority of company-wide sales revenue is from affiliates. 

If that’s the case, it’s most likely that recruitment is the sole source of income here. 

To learn more about what kind of programs to avoid, you can click this link.

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Royaltie Gem Compensation Plan

Royaltie has failed to provide a copy of their current compensation plan on its website. However, here’s a breakdown of its compensation plan based on what we’ve found in further research.

Royaltie also has affiliate ranks. Here are its Affiliate ranks along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • Bronze – Generate $250 in monthly sales volume across levels 1 and 2Silver – generate $1000 in 
  • Gold – Generate $2500 in monthly sales volume across levels 1 and 2
  • Platinum – Generate $5000 in monthly sales volume across levels 1 and 2
  • Jade – Generate $75000 in monthly sales volume across levels 1 and 2
  • Pearl – Generate $10,000 in monthly sales volume across levels 1 and 2
  • Sapphire – Generate $15,000 in monthly sales volume across levels 1 and 2
  • Ruby – Generate $25,000 in monthly sales volume across levels 1 and 2
  • Diamond – Generate $40,000 in monthly sales volume across levels 1 and 2
  • Black Diamond – Generate $60,000+ in monthly sales volume across levels 1 and 2

Levels 1 and 2 refers to levels 1 and 2 of a Royaltie affiliate’s unilevel team 

Commission Qualification - You must have three active Level 1s and an active Affiliate account (Royaltie subscription & commission portal access) to earn commissions. An “active” Royaltie affiliate account is one that has purchased a monthly marketing suite subscription. So, to qualify for commissions a Royaltie affiliate must purchase a marketing suite subscription; and recruit and maintain 3 affiliates who do the same.

Residual Commissions - The company pays residual commissions via a unilevel compensation structure. It caps payable unilevel commissions at eight. A flat commission is paid based on rank for the sales volume generated across levels 1 and 2. Residual commissions across levels 3 to 8 are paid out as a percentage of generated sales volume.

Leadership Bonus- This is paid out on personally recruited affiliates:

  • Bronze ranked affiliates are paid a $50 Leadership Bonus
  • Silver ranked affiliates are paid a $75 Leadership Bonus
  • Gold-ranked affiliates are paid a $100 Leadership Bonus
  • Platinum ranked affiliates are paid a $150 Leadership Bonus
  • Jade ranked affiliates are paid a $200 Leadership Bonus
  • Pearl ranked affiliates are paid a $250 Leadership Bonus
  • Sapphire ranked affiliates are paid a $300 Leadership Bonus
  • Ruby ranked affiliates are paid a $400 Leadership Bonus
  • Diamond ranked affiliates are paid a $500 Leadership Bonus
  • Black Diamond ranked affiliates are paid a $600 Leadership Bonus

To receive a Leadership Bonus, your rank must be the same or greater than the Level 1 Affiliate from whom the bonus is earned.

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How Much To Join Royaltie Gem?

As per commission qualification criteria, joining as an affiliate in Royaltie, each is required to purchase a marketing suite subscription as discussed above:

  • Entrepreneur – $87/ month
  • Small Business – $167/ a month
  • Marketing Agency – $327/ a month



Well, it’s good that there’s a platform that could help you market your business and have an earning opportunity becoming an affiliate of the opportunity itself but other than that I couldn’t see anything to like about this opportunity.  


Lacks Transparency

There’s just too much vital information that Royaltie is not transparent about, from its founder information, compensation plan, and many more. As always, if an opportunity is not openly disclosing pertinent details about the company or who runs or owns it, think twice before joining. 

Too Much Revamping

I was confused with what Royaltie is, from the numerous renaming and changing of business strategy, it was hard figuring out what Royaltie's true business is really about. Well, it was good that they were innovative but too much inconsistency can be disengaging and confusing to people. 

May Be A Pyramid Scheme

Royaltie has a telltale of a pyramid scheme as it enforces affiliates to purchase the service to qualify for commissions and if the majority of the subscriptions are held by the affiliates, that means the majority of the sales revenue is from recruitment.


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Training Tools/Support

I haven’t seen much information with regards to Royaltie’s training and support as they are not that transparent online as to what I’ve mentioned above. But apparently, by joining as an affiliate and purchasing a marketing suite, you’ll have access to the services that are included in the marketing suite of choice. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, I can’t totally claim that Royaltie is a scam. However, if it’s like a pyramid scheme, then something you have to watch out for.  

It’s good that this opportunity can give online marketing assistance for your business and you could have an earning opportunity to become an affiliate but it still boils down to recruitment to fully enjoy its compensation benefits.   

opportunity becoming an affiliate but it still boils down to recruitment to fully enjoy its compensation benefits.  

Other than the cons discussed, this is also one thing why I wouldn’t recommend this opportunity to you. Who would want all this recruitment hassle? Well, not me. So, if I were you better skip this platform.

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Thank you for reading my Royaltie Review! 

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